When we create an experience within life for someone else –


‎Monday, ‎June ‎29, ‎2015
I am a Believer in Karma. This is how it works for me!
Remember, everyone has freewill to decide their own thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, beliefs, etc. This means that we are not responsible for others’ actions – those others who have freewill. We are all responsible for our own steps we take on our path. This means we are all responsible for our own thoughts, our own feelings, our own behaviors and more.
To try to explain Karma would be daunting, but this much I’ll offer. When we throw a pebble into a lake, the ripples go out in all directions. As the ripples go out, some ripples then also return back to the thrower of the pebble. In effect, we have created the ripple that returns back to ourselves.

When we create an experience within life for someone else – for that person to go through – we are also creating the same experience for ourselves – and as hard as this is to fathom – we are creating this experience for all life in all existences – even for God, Himself, to experience. The same ripple must then also return home.

Part of the experience we have as human beings is that when we receive back the experiences of life, we don’t remember throwing the pebble – creating the experience. We blame others for what we experience or we (most of the time) erroneously blame the person we are today for what we experience. As humans, our memories tend not to include soul memories of past lives and past experiences. Many times this is a merciful thing for us, helping us to start over without remembering the person we were back then.

The soul or the Higher Consciousness of each human being remembers, however. In time, we will come to understand how each experience we have in life is an experience which we helped to create for ourselves and others. In addition, what experiences we create in the lives of others now – experiences which even God is touched by – will be what our path will include further down the way. This includes whether we, of our own freewill, choose to attack with bitterness and vengeance, or to heal with understanding, mercy, and compassion.

What this means of Karma is that there is no judgement with karma. There is no censure or condemnation. There is no punishment with Karma. Karma is simply the pebble’s ripple which has arrived back to where it started.
The purpose of Karma is to raise vibrations to the level of God Consciousness – Love. With this done, Karma is absorbed into the experience of understanding and awareness. This is why prayer can help change human experiences. This is also why mercy, kindness, cooperation, etc, can help change human experiences.
I may be kind as well as loan money or food or even a roof over someone’s head. I help anyone at anytime until they have proven fully to me that they just have no feelings or cares or are just plain cold hearten. Then and only then does my Karma that I casted out will come back to those that abused my help for whatever their real intentions were. For that money, food roof or anything that I have given of my own freewill. I can bless my Karman to do as I wish with as much as 1% to 100% of hurt or payback. To date and at my age I have never gone any higher than maybe close to 10%.
After all anything above 10% is already close to a life or death area or at lease my beliefs which has been for over sixty plus years to date.
I have now allowed my inner Karma to take whatever actions needed to make things right and to restore order in my life as well as the others. That can be anything from lost of my help, friendship even money and food and those that abused even disappear in time. Just a firm belief which many never agree with or just say yea right and it’s a matter of time before such takes place. After all it is called Karma and my Karma decides what and when to act as I am to soft, but my Karma is not when it’s time to let’s say make amends. Be careful!

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