Uncle Sam’s spendthrift ways could end up hurting us all.


‎Saturday, ‎June ‎27, ‎2015
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation banks failed to 2015

he national debt surpassed $18 trillion. That’s $124,000 for each American household or $56,378 per individual. It took the country 205 years to accumulate its first trillion dollars of debt in 1981, but has only taken us 403 days to accumulate our most recent trillion. It’s hard to even think about numbers that big; if you were to count to a million it would take one week; if you wanted to count to a trillion it would take 31 thousand years.

Like with our personal debt, there may actually be some advantages to taking on debt. The flatscreen TV and Christmas presents we purchase with debt likely increase our standard of living and wellbeing. But this short term gain is often paid for with long term pain. And the currency of this pain is interest.

Interest is the price of debt. So, when we buy a TV on a payment plan, we are actually buying two things: the TV and the debt that goes with it. While a few extra dollars spent on interest each month may be worth it to see our favorite football players in HD, too much of our income spent interest can seriously reduce our quality of life because we must forgo other purchases to pay for it.

This is the point that the country has reached with its interest on the national debt.

Last year, the U.S. spent $430 billion on interest payments alone. This means that every year, tax payers are spending $3,500 just on interest payments. This is money that isn’t going to pay for roads, bridges, education, medical research or defense.

It gets scarier. National debt interest rates are historically low at the moment – around 2.5 percent. When they rise, interest payments will rise exponentially thanks to the wonders of compounding rates. Say interest rates rise to 5 percent – still low by historical standards. That means we will owe nearly $1 trillion a year in interest alone. That’s about two-thirds of what the federal government brings in each year in total income tax revenue!

Fewer services and higher taxes – Uncle Sam’s spendthrift ways could end up hurting us all.
The simplest answer I can think of is to impeach Obama and the whole of Congress. Then stop all spending on all fronts, overseas assistance programs, military, social welfare, gov’t employees, and all the “special” research programs to. In other words bring spending to its minimum (if not to zero spending) for at least 6 years, then the debt can start to be repaid.

What this will equate to in the real world is a lot of hardship for the general population as they have to adjust to a life without government handouts. We will have to defend ourselves during this time as the military personnel and government employees will stop doing what they do, due to not being paid anymore. If Americans really wanted to see a real change then those that despise the now corrupt system of government would take up arms (weapons) and assault the Federal Government and physically bring these cowards and liars to their end.

However, this does not seem like it will happen as most are happy and sleeping in a fantasy world. A world of lies, kept in a never ending state of confusion, fueled by the mainstream media system and enforced by a police state. It’s no wonder America is going down in flames and won’t stop until we wake up as full blown slaves, (we already are) owned by individuals who aren’t American citizens.
This debt is the biggest “bubble” this country will ever face. Once it bursts, the party is over. Obama, the great lover of America, has one over-arching agenda and that is to destroy this country financially and then oversee its demise. And THEN to become a puppet leader like Putin.

It is a complicated process, but everything is in place to pull the pin and light the fuse. The “terms” were agreed to during Obama’s last trip to China and Asia. The trigger will be the total restructuring of the global financial markets. And don’t worry, folks, they don’t care what you think. What we will see very, very, very soon is the US losing its status of the World’s Reserve Currency. What will be created is a “basket of currencies” who’s status will be based on a nation’s level of debt. If that is confusing, you need to do some research….because this is more than frightening, because the country with the least amount of debt will be situated to control and manipulate the global basket of currencies.

China wants it badly, but they have some very, very old debt that they have tried to disavow, but they can’t. They owe money on pre-Mao bonds that need to be settled first. They also have got to find a way to get more money out of China into owning global resources. Example? They shut the gambling operations in Macau because the Chinese were swamping the place with Chinese gamblers losing money.

China has VERY tight rules that monitor how much Chinese money can leave the country. On one hand they want to control their money with an iron grip, then, again, they need to make their currency available to back bonds that can be sold globally, especially in the US….which, because of the old bond debt, they can’t do currently in the US.

So, what will be next? Well, they will settle the debt as part of the global currency re-structuring. And then THEY will be doing well, very well. And we, with Obama’s HUGE debt weighing us down, will lose our “leadership” position. It is going to get nasty and ugly.

Bottom line is that the dollar will be “blended” with all the currencies of communist countries, totalitarian regimes and socialist governments. The end result will be ugly for Americans because our resources will be gradually “blended” away until we look like Greece and France. Sure, China will put money in the pockets of America when they satisfy the old bond debt, but it will be a drop in the bucket to what China will gain if it takes over as “guardian of the basket of currencies”.

This is one reason banks and big companies are holding on to their cash and making loans tough to get (tried getting a home loan lately? It can be tough for upper, upper-middle, and middle class Americans). Everyone wants to be sitting on cash when the time comes for liquidity purposes.

There are solutions, but none will take place while Obama sits in the White House. Don’t forget Obama dreams nightly of bringing about the demise of America. And if Hilary and Bill Clinton are pushed back into the White House, pack your bags. All you need to do is dig into the sweet-heart deals that they have arranged with the Chinese to see a blistering, nasty future…..built on global communism.

Obama has two years to accomplish this and he is out-of-the gate quickly after the mid-term losses with his illegal Executive Amnesty and his HUGE push to dial up the race-card and disintegration of race relations to fire up anarchy here at home.

Bottom line is Obama is pure evil. He is NOT “about” caring for America and Americans. He uses ALL of us…black, white, brown and red to fulfill his diabolical agenda.

America, please, please, please wake up. Take your heads out of your phones, take the earphones off, drop the Google glasses and the artificial realities……and wake up. Please….the clock is ticking. We can still protect the American Way, the American Dream American futures….and American Leadership in the world, where we inspire freedom for all and a free Republic as an example of inspiration and aspiration to people everywhere.

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