Warning—What America news channels not telling you!

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June 17, 2015  What your not being told in the media about Russia and the USA…

Watch the above video to learn what is going on America!
China, India, Russia, BRICS, AIIB, G77+, etc… have no net debts and plenty of gold, while the “Corporate” Western G7 led US/Nato/Israel machines are “Bankrupt”. No, literally, the Whole Network (Corp Cabal, Federal Reserve, Euro/IMF they are all BANKRUPT !!! and deep in ‘Derivative Paper $ Debt’ so have to resort to insanity ideas like ‘wars’ & ‘bail ins’ from people savings if they can’t steal more of someone else #Gold or #Resources soon. Meanwhile the Monopoly War Games of the rich continues, but #Earth #Justice is around the corner with funding of the #NewRepublic and #NaturalLaw Tribunals (#ITNJ) readying to prosecute these psychopathic bankers/dictators as #WarCriminals guilty for #Terrorizing #Humanity IMO. Make your own decisions, ref: New Republic info today http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2015/06/public-notice-from-republic.html

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