Troops in Afghanistan to Get Only Two Hot Meals a Day

Monday, June 9, 2014
Troops in Afghanistan to Get Only Two Hot Meals a Day
How I read that is TWO hot meals instead of three or four as many troops feed midnight shifts and those coming off patrol and breakfast was either take or sleep in.
I know that when I was in Viet Nam, we didn’t have things like fresh milk or real eggs which I as well as many others missed. But, we did survive and when your back in the United States, you really understand what it is to have such things and not just your freedoms!
We agreed to move troops out and that also means cooks need to move as well as you won’t need as many for less power or groups to feed. Wish to feed that extra meal then raise taxes, better still cut these social programs and make people work for their needs. We have been playing police in the world long enough and we just discovered that were not going to live as good in the future if we don’t start minding our own business and protect just the United States as should!
World domination just isn’t going to work when you have other countries as big as us not wanting the United States as the leader of the world. Soon we will have to take on the world powers like us then we’re see where this all ends.
All US combat troops are to be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014.
In an email to The World, a Pentagon spokesman said “The change is part of our transition to a more expeditionary posture, and is necessary to ensure US forces and DoD agencies make the best use of the resources available in the time remaining and while meeting retrograde requirements. By adding operational rations to the meal cycle, we will significantly reduce contractor and supply chain requirements.”
In other words, it will save money and reduce the American footprint in Afghanistan by cutting the number of contractors.
The troops won’t go hungry; they’ll still have MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), and packaged food available.
Did you know many jails don’t have any hot meals daily let alone two meals a day! The Bentonville Sheriff’s Jail never has had hot meals ever! They get pig slop and for lunch normally a sandwich, cookie, watered down milk if you call it that and maybe old fruit. Our troops eat better than most families do. Their soldiers and there well taken care of until there released back into the public to search for jobs as well as support any families they have developed. In fact if I were them I would make the military a career until we get a real President and get rid of this King that we now have.

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