May 19, 2014–Silly facebook and so many others.

May 19, 2014

As many of you know my Facebook account at has once again been closed because I will not be politically correct by not posting information as to other people. All of these so-so sites that require you to give your name, address, phone number, as well as friends or family that can verify who you are just in case someone gets into your account. I have been preaching for many years that any information you place upon the Internet is open game for people like me and let me tell you there are millions of us that do nothing of pass the time to see what their friends, family or enemies are doing. It’s so simple that if everybody knew how to do it, they would understand why not to use your correct or real name, address or anything personal whatsoever on the Internet. Once you have stated, either verbally or using your keyboard. It’s their for a lifetime of this Internet system. Anything whatsoever can be found with enough digging and that means a few friends, family members that may limit the same household or may not even limit the same household, but brothers and sisters, moms and dads divorced, unmarried bankruptcies criminal pasts all of that is on the Internet. Yes, you can also pay into some sites in which they would do the digging for you for anywhere is from USD20 a month all the way into the hundreds. But you do not need to pay for information that you can obtain for free if you know someone related in some way.

Take for example the my above Facebook page that people that in your search for for the webpage at Facebook you will come up with the following:Sorry, this page isn’t available The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Exactly for how long or unit with permanent I have no idea. That is why it’s difficult to find any information on me only because I mislead everyone as to my location, age, as well as people I know and family members. I have been kicked off every so-so page that has ever run on the Internet and all because other people being outraged to see their criminal records, bankruptcies jail time drunk driving drunk in public and so on. People in my own family, were outraged that I can trace every place they have ever lived by as much as 10,20,30 years ago. They were surprised that I could bring up how much money they made in a certain year, and even different places say used to work. All this information. If I can come up with it. It is because you have given it to someone else or you yourself placed it on the Internet without knowledge by filling out an application of employment. That’s correct those employment applications may state they are between you and that Corporation, but in reality they are not because anything that’s on the Internet is open game for everyone to gain access to. Yes, that also means Social Security numbers your bank account numbers your ATM account numbers and even your passwords or on the Internet for anyone to access if they know how.

I have not one person that dislikes my activities of searching into their pasts as well. As into their future because I do not believe in this politically correct BS. I tell what I see as I see I do not hide anything. Even if it causes harm in some way. I do not believe in being dishonest with people if they ask any type of question. That goes for my own family and probably the reason they avoid me because I will not agree with them on certain subjects that they believe in and I do not. They say blood is thicker and Blood should remain together no matter if right or wrong. I disagree. If blood is wrong that I’m going to say so and take the other side against my own. After all wrong is wrong and right is right and there is no question as to what’s in the middle. I will continue to search out people from time to time and still plays up not just on Facebook but I also have a dozen other accounts were all this information is also placed. These other places can be found by using lewis1946, John lewis1946, the smoke and many other names, and the main sites that I use are: Facebook, twitter, blogger, links tumbler, were world press, wordpress, delicious, FriendFeed, MySpace, and hundreds of others. So with Facebook restricting my access it matters not at all and information as already gone around the world. As soon as you see it. In fact I am going to show you a very quick and simple way to see all your information and if I have placed it up, it will it will show up under many just different settings and it matters not what search engine you use. I used many different search engines as I never know if I’m going to be communicating in the USA or another part of the country. I normally will use a no one search engine so people will not know what country I am in. Once in a while I could care less because I am only seeking out information to back up the Fox news that United States wishes people to know. It’s so simple and easy to use the computer as a third grader can whiz through one with no problems. Computers are nothing more than zero and ones. In short, it takes so many zeros and so many wants to create a letter of the alphabet or the numbers or anything whatsoever. Now let’s say I want to look up a story I wrote years ago I would go to a search engine place in my handle or name that I use, which is lewis1946 or many others. If I do not find what am searching for. After putting in lewis1946 I would either place a, or space for the next word, which would be Bentonville Sheriff, Arkansas Rogers winn. I would stress that you only use first lewis1946, if you don’t see what you want, then I would use lewis1946 Bentonville, and I will continue to until I found what I was looking for with as many words as needed to find the subject matter.
If anyone has problems or would like for me to do a search for them. Matters not want. As I never keep nothing on my home computer everything I have is on the Internet in many different countries as well as many different states and towns, including all the photos that I wish to locate. It’s never good to keep any information whatsoever on your home computer because people can access it or even steal it then what will you do? All I need to do is go to a local library users for free or friends house or by another cheap computer and check around the world for the information I want.
You can contact me by email or or even call me at 479-899-6256, will not promise if I will answer or not but if bored then I probably will. Have a great day and by the way my name is John W. Lewis Sr. located in Olivehurst, California, 95961. Local number is 530-763-2922, and never answer as like to waste people’s money that can’t afford to call long distance. Oh yea, I am also an old ass-hole at times as well.

Have a great day sheep!Image


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