Old man’s rant on Internet, people are sheep!

‎Saturday, ‎May ‎10, ‎2014
                                                                           you should have the right to:
Choose and change how your computer does its computing.
– Let others change how your computer does its computing.
– Share your changes so that other people can benefit from them.
– See exactly how our software works. We won’t ask you to trust us blindly, you can read our source code and see for yourself!

“I see software patents as a very sad anomaly, especially the way they are being used in this day and age. I’m not saying that I disagree with patents entirely, or that I won’t ever use them. I’m saying that I wish the whole situation was different… More focused on really encouraging innovation instead of stifling it in the name of profit. I think that patents can be a useful tool, however they should not be allowed to exist for 20 years. That’s not in the best interest of innovation, that’s in the best interest of maximum profit for corporations. I also find it rather disturbing that our legal system allows one person to sue another person simply for acting on some thoughts that they genuinely had on their own, wrote down in code, and implemented.”
Here are some examples of situations that can be avoided by using freedom respecting software and keeping your data private:
Don’t give so much true information on any social sites. If it’s there then I have that right to publish it to anyone in the world without your permission!
Once you have complainted about people knowing things that you felt were for that sites information only, true name, phone number, illness, ssi, work place. Be warned if you told anyone anything what so ever on this internet then I can find it, as well as desclose it to the world wide web! Once you complain, I will BLOCK your ass and still continue to tell the world about your personal life.
Someone prints an object that looks like drug paraphernalia, the authorities are alerted carry out a drug raid on their home.
– Someone in Russia prints an object that resembles a sex toy and is accused of being a homosexual.
– Someone prints a bunch of flags for their war figurines and is accused of being associated with a terrorist group.
-I print your photo with the crimes your charged with being false or true matters not, your already placed your self in that position of guilt or innocent. After all because of bad cops I also was innocent, but still made public for years until courts of law decided I was right and the cop was a pussy bitch ass cunt liar!
-In short I will not also publish your faces as to life styles for anyone on face book. After all Face book I have shown allows anything to be printed if don’t believe it then go to my page and read how to cook a human, See heads rolling when chopped off, best parts of the human body to eat? Hell, anything and everything over the years is talked about here when I am thinking of it or in a rotten or good mood matters as to what I am going to say! Wish the truth then your going to hear it on any subject! Have subjects your interested in and want me to research the truth for you? Send them and if I am interested I will do just that as well as send you a private copy to your e-mail address.
http://www.facebook.com/lewis1946 My facebook page by the way. Different than what you may see when entering face book. Never know as I change as well as try to be open on all. After all everything you write or even place up then decide to take back is never taken back as you think. Once on the internet it’s there for LIFE!
You wouldn’t allow any entity to put a camera in your work shop so they could keep track of everything you make, right? We deserve to have the same privacy when internetting or 3D printing in our homes. But, if I have a camera hidden and it’s my home, guess what? If not my home and taking photos in public then guess what? Your going to be on the internet.
Been blocked and want back on then send a letter as well as a statement you understand all the above. Believe it or not I have hundreds of people blocked and sent that list out a couple months ago here on face book. Believe it or not, people even missed being on the page and asked to place me back. Some even went as far as asking my grand son to ask me to put them on again. Now that is what I call crazy after wanting to get people mad for telling their hidden secrets and they want to come back for more punishment? Weird, but whatever.
“Technology has immense effects on “free societies”. I feel that in the same way the paper printer, the personal computer, and the internet have brought liberty to people that were once drowned out by the printing press and TV, so can 3D printing liberate our material lives from the mass production assembly lines. Many debate the validity of such an idea, I say it is as valid as we are creative.”
Yes, now you can see what I am doing now as well. Almost as if when I told someone that I no longer use a keyboard to print messages, but verbally speak my letters and same with my cell phone to send messages even. Wow is what I get and these people you wonder what cave they live in?
John Lewis
mailto:johnlewis1946@gmail.com My e-mail address, Yes home also on page as well as phone numbers!
http://www.facebook.com/lewis1946 My facebook page by the way. Different than what you.

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