Black on white crime? Knock-Out Game? No, it’s just a BLACK MOB!

‎Tuesday, ‎March ‎25, ‎2014
2:18:38 PM
                           Time for the media to wake up and start warning people as to BLACK MOBS!

I am tired of the bull shit I listen to on the media and now is time to inform you people, WHITE people that these so called knock out games are nothing more than punk ass black mobs. Every city has them and there growing. Don’t worry there also here and your going to see things really get warm this summer.
The latest example is a “disturbing” video of a group of black people laughing and dancing as they talk about how they are going wait for an “old lady” to leave a convenience story, then smash her in the face with a snow ball. And a fist.

Which they did.
I can tell you I have never seen a group of white kids running around causing problems. Have not seen a group of Hispanic kids running around causing problems. That goes for Chinese, Korean, or every other race out there. You want to make it a race thing so I am going to call it like I see it.
“This issue revolves completely around our young black youth. Getting in large groups and running the sidewalks jumping around acting immature is not what the plaza needs or wants as real shoppers are trying to enjoy a night out.
“I don’t blame anyone for avoiding the Plaza when this happens, it is not a safe environment when hundreds of out of control children are running around.”
Said another visitor to the same site:
“I had to cross the Plaza last summer going home from babysitting, and while sitting at a stoplight I was shouted at, called names, and had my car beaten on by these hooligans. They were ALL black. These are the type of situations that worsen the already tense race relations in this city. The problems on the Plaza are with BLACK teenagers. Call it what you will – since there are no white teens causing the problems. This is a problem for anyone who enjoys the Plaza – so we all get to suffer because of the lack of parenting of these black delinquents.
I seriously just witnessed a man get beat (almost) to death on Broadway right by 4th street live,” she wrote at the WAVE-TV News site. “He was jumped by AT LEAST 30 kids!! There was blood everywhere. . . . This is the craziest s— I’ve ever seen in my life! I’m shaking. . . . I wanna cry.


Later, via email, Craven described the attackers as black and added, “As we drove away, we noticed the group still walking laughing and carrying on a few blocks down.”

WHAS-TV News described one of the assaults as a “fight.” But it was hardly that.

“It was a group of black teens,

                              Image      Image
there were at least 20 incidents where white people were assaulted by a gang of blacks numbering anywhere from 5 to 15,
Many of the victims were severely beaten, some left for dead and others left with life-long, career-ending injuries. All the incidents involved black-on-white crime, every single one. Yet we were ordered, if asked, to tell reporters and the media there was no evidence to indicate these crimes were racially motivated. I personally witnessed commanding officers being far less than truthful with the media regarding these incidents.
The incidents to which I refer are just the tip of the iceberg,” said the former police officer.
This weekend the angry kids returned. So did the black mob violence the curfew was supposed to stop.

By now, locals know black mob violence at Country Club Plaza is a Kansas City tradition. Or even a rite of passage: Hundreds of black people go to the plaza and fight, destroy property, invade surrounding businesses, stop traffic, defy police, threaten tourists, get pepper sprayed, stay out past curfew, hurt people, blame it on the cops, then go home. And next week, or the week after, do it again.

For five years it has been a “perennial problem.” The latest episode was not much different than the others. About 150 black people left a nearby movie theater, and soon after started fighting and creating a “ruckus.
The black teenagers told Fox they did not like being targeted. Did not like being told what to do. And they needed more places to have parties. The city actually tried that too. But unfortunately, said KCTV: “That has met with limited success.”

So the riots continue.

                                 Image            Image

Few lawbreakers are arrested or ticketed. Last weekend, three people received citations. The chief said that is going to increase, and he does not care what color the lawbreakers are.

Most of the news stories about black mob violence at the Country Club Plaza refer to the rioters as “teens.” But last year, when a city councilman objected to the fact that only black people were receiving tickets for curfew violations, he opened up local media for a rare admission:

“The fact that a lot of the teens that congregate here on the Plaza just to hang out are black teenagers has largely been an implied or unmentioned fact,” said Michael Mahoney, a local TV reporter with Channel 9 news. “The big deal on this is the issue of black teenagers down here on the plaza and a year round curfew is something that has been hinted at. Implied. Whispered about.”

Just when the Knockout Game is declared dead, a week of heightened bloodshed proves reports of its demise to be greatly exaggerated.
Just in the last 10 days, there have been several reports, but many in the media still refuse to connect the dots and report the central organizing feature of the Knockout Game: The perpetrators are black. The victims are not.
This time the victim was disabled. He was at a service station, supporting himself with a cane and filling his car with gas when Kevin Kejuan Johnson allegedly punched him in the face. Police arrested Johnson this week after identifying him from video and getting a “search warrant for his phone, which they say reveals multiple videos of juveniles walking up to unsuspecting individuals and punching them.

                                           Image                            Image

The victim said Johnson was one of several black people at the attack.

The Knockout Game is pretty simple: Gather a group of black people. Find a white person. An Asian will do. Older is better. Then punch him or her in the face until he or she is knocked out, your arms are tired or the person dies. The game is often spontaneous, but never random.

Hundreds of examples of the Knockout Game are documented in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”



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