Sorry NO REFUND COREY..Sorry Shelbi, but Billy will be out first! Sorry clowns doesn’t work with me!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
6:57:15 AM
    OK, I have exchanged phones with the house and taken over the phone that seems to be calling Hershel’s girl friends at all times of the day and night.  Just dare you to say I am doing it. Notice: I am using this number as my own 479-372-5147 for the rest of this week. then I will change the number to some place else and start my life all over again.
  Now the house number will be 479-899-6256 for Rick, Uncle John, James as well as Shelby if it pays the $200.00 fee for the 1st or not. Must have your own transportation as well as feed and clothe yourself. I don’t even do that for my own grand kids. But, I am sure you understand that.
  How did Uncle John get to work? Well, since Hershel said to keep the car and leave it in the drive way until he gets out then hell, why shouldn’t I make that $10.00 a day. Think I really would drive him that early in the morning. Hell no, I let James drive my van and I get the ten bucks. LOL
  No biggie to me, after all when I drive I want to ram everyone in Arkansas after all stopping in the left lane behind others to allow some idiot to get in the road is the dumbest law I have seen up here. Wish the majority of you show that courtesy in California and see what happens. If not rammed, you would be shot for being stupid. everyone carry’s a gun now in California after all were tired of idiots. Why have them around after all they never learn so send them on to the second life just to rid the world of idiots. Hell bomb Arkansas first and the corruption will probably cease. Hell do the whole south and the world would be better off. Let me know when it’s going to happen as after all I was sent here to show how corrupt this area really is. It’s been shown so I should get to go back home. But, No, I have to stay here till the job is done. Done? Your crazy it can’t be cleaned up, needs to have a lot more pest control people than there is here now. There worst than cockroaches here just in Bentonville, Rogers, Pea Ridge, Little Flock. That Little Flock is cute. Hell, when the cop’s own kid robbed the whittle fuck police department of all the guns. Now if that wasn’t something. Then there still looking for Pea Ridge woman officer that wasn’t liked by the rest of the so called gang members on the force. Still not found her. Those pea Ridge gangsters are really good at hiding bodies. Almost as good as some people I know.
Then Rogers, those cops when I first came here were so damn funny, I had to say this area has to be a joke, I am being played with, no way there given police cars and go out and earn money on the side. Shit, that I could not believe even, I even made a call to my employer and said your kidding me. No joke that area is worst than the deep south as they do it in the open and collect from the business areas even running slot machines even.
  I watched cops tell Mexicans that they pulled over the fine for speeding is two hundred dolla5rs. Damn if that idiot didn’t pay that cop two hundred bucks. Could not believe it! The following week the Mexican again late for work, pulled over again and this time didn’t have the money but assured the cop that he’ll pay by tomorrow. Cop said OK, I’ll let you go, same time tomorrow. Cop was on another call, and damn if that Mexican wasn’t so scared he took time off work and went to the station to pay officer dick head, and he was not in of course. So, Mexican asked if he could leave the fine with the clerk. Say what said this clerk. yes, I just pay my fines like the other workers so we don’t lose time off work to the officer. But, I can’t afford to take time off work so give officer Dick head the fine and he was held from going to work and officer Dick head with a few others were finally caught.
  Then the murders galore were so bad at lease one a month and always because these badge wearing clowns were thinking it was an armed felon and damn if they didn’t kill innocent half brain Arkansas people just taking a walk and enjoying the day. Of course those were called accidents or resisting as well as other things so came out legal murder for badge wearers. How many so far, I gave up with the killer from Bella Vista that is a one man show in another Arkansas town and hear he has hired another person to hand out citations in order to make is living as well as for the so called justice of the peace. I am sure there raking in the money, but not my area. Just hearing news about it and will post it one day when I wish to write another silly sadi story of badge wearers.
  How do you get away by telling this on them and they don’t do anything, I am asked. Oh, they tell me to stop and say you were warned and then take steps to shut me up, but have you ever tried to shut and old man up that could care less and already seen so much death in his life time that what he see’s now is plain silly idiots wearing badges, Hell, I even tell them to their little pea brains that they a bad cop if I know or they have shown that they are. Not afraid to call someone what they act like. never have been, never will be. They have killed a chained dog while trying to sneak in on a sleeping household residence as well as a dog. The dog jumped and headed for this sneaking piece of badge wearer with his gun already out of the holster even as if he had his mind made up. Killed the family dog, then of course had the nerve it can happen to you next.  Then 9-11 calls galore are always the excuse here as someone makes them from all places here. Well after so many then I had to figure out it had to be an inside job. Caught Hershel’s girlfriend doing it, and she would call mommy to send the sheriff here for whatever reason. here they come and here we go again. When they plant someone and then you have an idiot that has that puppy love or is it just a damn hard on at the time and it’s love. Well, that brings us close to the continuing story that started like ten years ago, So many players and so many different people it;s been fun here. Hell Yuba and Marysville were not this much fun. Hell half those I went to school with as well even drank with a judge and reporters at a bar. But, those were the good old days and now it’s just to clean up as many corruption areas as possible. besides a deal was made  to save a grandson to move from the state and that judge since passed away so what has his life been like. Criminal minded and will amount to the same as his own family. Nothing. Also seems all of us Lewis’ seem to hit and leave and do for everyone else but ourselves.
  I could make a best seller if ever started when I was hired by the friends that said do this and we will be sure thing will all be good. Well, good yea have to admit I have had a plenty good life. Many ups and downs a s many. But, still I have to ask if worth it or not at times.
  Just like my one grandson thinks he is getting a couple thousand dollars back from the IRS, and can say sorry kid, but the IRS is going to tell you that you owe them a  thousand dollars to start off to see how you react. Then if grandpa don’t stop then it will be going on year after year and so on. IRS is separate from the FBI as well as every department has it’s own department and make extra anyway they can. But, if you read this then you will know that your in that kettle of black tar. if not then someone will probably tell you about it. Oh and the state also made a mistake, but they will let you know after the interest gets a bit higher. Thanks for the tea and donuts and milk. Your down to $58,00.00 now. Yea I take hundred off when your so nice and get grandpa a snack. lol
 Don know if I should even tell this one after all, feelings will be hurt by doing so. Billy will be getting out long before Hershel will hmm wonder if that means Hershel’s or Billy’s ex will have another taste of Billy before her loving Hershel gets out. Wait, Billy is with a nurse now as well as she’s also with I don’t know how many of the cops around here even. Oh well, that’s a later story for when all this takes place. Trying to plant on my property. Silly badge wearer’s really, With twenty plus years in the medical field and federally insured even as well as drug tested so many times and even hated aspirin when I was younger and using people like that to hide dope in here. Silly rabbits as I like to say.
  Anyone that still keeps up with what goes on here, all I can say is stand by as a lot of things going to happen this year 2014. Van Stone the biggest ass of all going to Walmart. Did you know he’s now a million dollar man? Yup, that is what he was bought for. Must not have cared for his career after all. Right. Van Stone is the creep that pushes for Obstruction for anything on anyone that he hates. Glad to see him go personally. How will Smith do, not much on this guy as he has been there working under Stone for seven years. Hopefully he will clean up the mess and throw out a lot of these cases that go year after year and year. How many are there? hundreds of innocnt people waiting to be dropped and some going on for over five years now. Judges always say best have evidence next hearing months away. Then the judges think it’s all new and continue again and again. A lot of you people that never delt with the courts, I assure you one day you will. Then you’ll see how the system works. Innocent? Well I can tell you that the courts never want any one plea innocent even if they are. There will be deals to plea guilty even if your not just to get on with life. Be innocent and your in the system for many years. many years! That alone is also another story. After all who would plead guilty if they were innocent? Ask a lot of people and they will tell you to just get it over with I decided to plea guilty because it was a fine I could afford and probation I can do and at lease get on with my life. Life pleading innocent when your not guilty. How many of you do that even with traffic tickets. I always took a guilty plead as the fine was quicker than fighting a bad justice system that is set up to fleece you of your hard earnings.  Why am I not picked for jury duty? Even if guilty and she is a good looking gal, then guess what I will convince that jury room to say NOT GUILTY or even GUILTY depending on feelings and not the case. Law to tell the truth so help me God.  First I never swear to God, Second it’s the Almighty to me and not a God I pledge my soul to.
  My word is my bond and oath. If I give MY WORD and I think I have done that maybe twice in my life time. Then the full truth will be given on anything. But, as I said twice my whole life have I given my word. Once because I believed in the oath to my military legion I took and too because I knew someone wanted a position of power and killed a dear friend of mine. Only two times in my life have I ever given MY WORD. Any person that gives their word I will trust until the day that trust is broken. Very few people like me in this world!
Story to continue as the drama goes on. Think enough here to make everyone think. How do I know that!
phone: 479-372-5147-Will change to California next week!
House hone will be 479-899-6256 for all the rest. After all had to dstop these brainless cop calling idiots!
Stop sending this to people in legal positions they see it before you do, you foolish idiots!


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