January 26,2014-Bentonville Sheriff’s Office inmate intake as well The SUPERBOWL. WOW!

‎Sunday, ‎January ‎26, ‎2014
03:20:02 AM
This old man has many stories and it’s only Sunday. Even one about the BCSO circus was in town, and I was busy in my dreams or nightmares of coming attractions. So, what I am saying after taking a hand full of my stay alive pills. You will want to read all about the Bentonville Circus coming here and I was in my dream world of fiction. Then again is it fiction? But, the main attraction was here as always at 8:00pm and I missed the show, but I have the facts. Only the facts as they say, but first my pill induced and hopefully is fiction before the truth on the circus.
Last night at 8PM there was an attraction going on and I was in my self inducted nightmare not in war, but at the SUPERBOWL!
Superbowl 2014
As in all Super Bowls, there are interesting accidents and disclosures.
Janet Jackson. Beyoncé.
But be careful about calling everything a conspiracy, what is only smoke and mirrors.
However, this Super Bowl will be different.
Do you see the picture I am giving you?
Helicopters flying overhead.
Panic in the bleachers.
A mysterious fog released into the air.
On such a cold night!
Now do you see the explosions?
Look at the date of the game: 2/2/14. But, I am sure it’s 2/16/2014?
The vans parked outside. Vans clearly and many were white as well as new even!
Mass hysteria.
Men in backpacks, as in the Boston bombings. If recall all those back packs on such a warm day?
The same players.
The Dark Knight.
The explosion of something–a missile?–entering the stadium from above, through the dome.
Many will die. From above.He-lo of all things?
For a time the location of the president will be unknown. Then who cares?
These things I have shown you so that you might know that the time is getting short.
The day of the Almighty is at hand.
Destruction and chaos resound.
There is mayhem in the marketplace. I see these all over the world .(Farmers market?)
But always remember that those who call upon the name of the ALMIGHTY shall be saved.

(End of dream/nightmare)

While this was going on I also heard as well as seen in the back ground of the Bentonville Circus in and I said in my house, standing by my bedroom door and another clown outside the back door. That air so cold flowing into the bottom of my door. Damn you clowns, please close that damn outside door. Finally, guess the outsider was a bit nervous as I was also thinking of my splatter gun, as when you have a dream/nightmare and it gets so cold and you see actions that sound so true in with a Superbowl game, you say wow. Great pills did I over doze.
  No wasn’t over doze, as just then I heard a police scanner, and it wasn’t mine as I gave thta away years ago. Only because I can scan anything I wish on computer so why use a scanned when your able to tune in live whatever you wish any time as well as any place.
  The scanner was saying wanted for outstanding failure to appear. Who? Did not catch it, but then a voice game though my bedroom door. It was James saying they took Hershel’s girlfriend in handcuffs. Leave me along, shut off those lights damn it! Lights went off, and I went back to sleep. Nothing until I had to make a nature call at 2:45am then I was recalling everything up to this minute. 03:39:43 AM!
  I checked the out going reports in this area and surprise here is what I seen.
Then I went to Bentonville Sheriff’s Office inmate intake and looked for arrests and what was Hershel’s girlfriends name. Oh yea, Shelbi. Placed in that name and came up with this.

Now everyone you can see when you get at lease over sixty years of age your going to find that life is really a lot different. After all all you need to do is read all my stories and I mean for ten years back even. They have hit the spot all the time. Look up any thing that I have ever talked about an ad that to your search with lewis1946 then space what ever you remember I talked about For example lewis1946 Dana Winn then just click. Why did I do this as it is one that happened just yesterday. Now when your able to see everything coming and before it happens, that is what’s so great at being over sixty years of age. Of course, you have the option to make changes as I have when needed to. But, only those over sixty at this time will know what I am saying. Hope you love these stories even before many happen. As I really look forward to them and WOW. I need to live at lease another hundred years as this is too much as my grand kids would say!


Never fear getting old, as if you lived your life with a lot of action and without fear and always knew at any minute you could be dead then you have a lot to look forward to when you get older. Sure things break down as everything does that is called being human, bu6t life ends when you say it does or the Almighty tells you and there’s many ways that the Almighty will tell you by sickness, accidents and even murder. But, take those last days that are given you for whatever reason as a reason to be YOU and live till that time the Almighty is done with you! As I do, I don’t like many things and it’s bad crooked cops or any badge wearer that doesn’t keep their oath and there in my sights daily as I am in theirs. But, stand your ground and fight! You have one life, live it!


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