We listen to experts and take their advice.” Experts? LMFAO!

Thursday, ‎January ‎23, ‎2014
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                                                        Hear Say?  Set up? What’s missing in this story?
  After all everyone has reported me a 67 year old guy of doing this and that for years. In fact just last week again. But, doesn’t matter as you will notice bail will keep him silent long enough to deal with the corrupt jail system. But, ever notice how these stories go because you get mad because certain things did not go right for you in court? Hell, who doesn’t know Judge Scott, the guy that allows real criminals go. Look up last story.
  Been there and it’s not fun so why I am extra careful with these county,. city and state gangs that are above all of you citizens, I mean sheep. Your all afraid to speak out. Why? Maybe because you own property and just as long as the wearers of badges leave you alone then all is fine. Yup, you foolish sheep and not complaining about the high property taxes even. Hell, it’s amazing what goes on in this circus arena of Northwest Arkansas. Really amazes me.
  One day I can see the story on me, and not a thing I can do about it after all even my property not worth the amount of bail today or for that matter the taxes I even pay on it! But, so many people seem to think there going to take it with them I suppose. Sure,  I watch every family member railroaded over the years and as I said even home pet of over ten years leased even in the house when a crook of a BCSD wanted to sneak in an open door. I seen a BCSD with an AK and threaten a family member because he held a butter knife in his hand as he had no idea what was going on outside his room. Hell, I have seen so many of these clowns called badge wearers even sell drugs from their patrol cars, steal money from their own kitty accounts and evidence room and drunk drivers? So many of the cops are normally high all the time! Just look at the stories all over the USA and see if these jerks are for Protect & Serve. Maybe they are for themselves, but not for you the citizen.
  Be careful if you don’t like a judge, attorney a cop then you may be turned in for saying that ass should be ??????. Use any words that can be a terrorist threat you like. Don’t know the words then look them up! What are terrorist words? Oh hell I should say it as I use it all the time. The word THUG is also a terrorist threat, bad idea for me to tell the clowns that as now they know the meaning. Just to show how easy your able to be arrested, so keep your words to yourself. But, hell won’t matter as someone can say they heard you say this or that or seen you do it, but won’t go to court over it. But, meanwhile your locked up to prove you didn’t say or do anything.
Formal charges were filed this week against a Bella Vista man accused of threatening the life of a Benton County judge.
The Benton County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges on three criminal counts against Ricky Lee Witcher, 54. Those charges include one count of threatening a judicial officer, a Class-B felony punishable by five to 20 years in prison, and two counts of terroristic threatening, a Class-D felony that carries a penalty of zero to six years in prison, said Van Stone, Benton County prosecutor.
Witcher was arrested Jan. 10, and remains in the Benton County Jail on $253,500 bond, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office. His next court date is scheduled for Feb. 18.
A process server was serving court papers to Witcher earlier this month, when the suspect became angry and started pacing around outside his place of work at Kozy Heat in Bella Vista, according to a probable cause report filed in Benton County Circuit Court.
The process server was serving the court order from Circuit Judge John Scott. Witcher then started insulting Scott before saying he would like to “put a bullet in his (expletive) head and kill the (expletive),” according to the probable cause affidavit.
Witcher then told the process server he would not go back to Scott’s courtroom and that Scott and two others in Benton County “needed to be killed,” the affidavit states. The two others are identified in the affidavit as Greg Clark and Seth Becket. Clark is a criminal lawyer in Benton County. Seth Bickett, spelled differently than “Becket”, is an attorney in Bentonville, according to public directories.
Deputy Keshia Guyll with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office said Witcher’s words showed intent of following through with his threats of killing the judge and others.
“This was very direct, and it was very directed at particular people,” Guyll said. “He explained how he was going to do it and what he wanted to do.”
The suspect was later located and arrested by Benton County Sheriff’s deputies, according to the affidavit.
The judge told 5NEWS he has handled Witcher’s divorce and custody cases in his courtroom.
“I felt like it was an emotional reaction to my orders,” Scott said, adding that security consultants have advised him on how to protect himself. “There’s things we do, that my family does and my office staff does to improve our safety. We listen to experts and take their advice.” Experts? LMFAO!

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