My predictions as I always like to say each year. Here they are! My 25 for 2014.

‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎21, ‎2014

10:07:35 AM
                                  Predicting the future, of course, is impossible.Image
But, you can get very close by watching as well as reading and listening to others as to what will happen in the near or far future. From what I gather from other information sources, as well as other countries this is what I see for 2014. If look back over the years of what I did say would happen, you would be surprise. As I started way back in 2008 with housing fall as many realtors also seen coming. But, not only that I did catch Countrywide stealing and made a complaint. But, that was the past, now for the rest of 2014.
1. The stock market is in for a shock and not just the bottom falling out later this month into February. Did you know a lot of the stocks now gaining fame are fakes? Yes, fakes, so what does that mean? Well, ever try to pass a fifty dollar bill? You lose $50.00. How big a lost will take place? How many fakes stocks are there? If you know which and how many are fake then you can see what a loss is going to be. But, will be worst than 2008.
2. All humans are psychic (aware of it, or not); really many more will be awaken by defending themselves against badge wearers that feel they are the last to say what is going to happen. No longer will this be taken as far as many feel the only law is in themselves. Be careful on both sides as life is cheaper than you think!
3. There will be escalation of the Syria conflict, meaning that there will be an attack on Israel or is that Iran? Which ever strikes will turn it into a world event for sure. Which side will the USA take? None! But, Russia is not going to allow any attack to go without also defending their oil from Iran.
4. How many know this is the last pope in history. Do you know why?
5. There will be chemical attacks in the usa as well and many of them.
6. Empire state building is next to fall?
7. Water is going to be in short supply, not only because of comated water either.
8. Another civil war, not seeing it as USA just now, but going to be something very close and it will affect us all as Americans.
9. Many fires will continue because of the hot weather. Not only in California but a big quake will also take place very soon.
10. The events taking place in Europe are a deception. Russia will be the scourge for all nations, because it was not converted. Russia attacks the West, and China invades in Asia.
11. I saw massive amount of all kinds of ships and airplanes. They were coming from up above Norway,out of this inlet. They headed down between the United States and Europe. They covered the Atlantic between the U.S. and Europe. Then I wanted to see what was happening to the United States. I looked over on the globe at the United
States. I saw coming out of the United States these radio communication towers. I saw the jagged lines like they draw to show that communications are coming out. They were in our territorial waters! Then I saw missiles come out of them! They hit eastern and western costal cities of the United States.
12. Yevgeny Plushenko will be Russia’s lone singles figure skater at the Sochi Olympics.
13. In the face of concerns about possible attacks by militants during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, U.S. military and intelligence officials have been studying contingency plans for evacuating Americans from the Games in case of a crisis.
14. Deadly Flu and cold season: already we are seeing a strange flu bug that could mutate into a deadly virus. Jan. 3, 2014 – reports are increasing nationwide of people sickened by the H1N1 influenza and already a large number of deaths have been reported in the U.S. and Canada.
15. I  see continued shootings in public places. People who are mentally ill–and young men who want to become famous. We’ll continue to see these people take innocent lives with military-style guns that can be easily purchased anywhere. I believe that when these people watch  t television shows of violence and death over and over they become desensitized by death.
16. It’s going to get harder and harder for seniors to survive on their savings, social security and medicare. Many people will struggle this year to survive and cover bills as unemployment insurance ends for millions thanks again to Congress. I don’t see the unemployment benefits being renewed for these people.    
17. The young and very impetuous leader Kim Jong-un is capable of anything and wants to show the world how powerful he really is, We could see a missile fired at South Korea if this loose cannon  dictator isn’t stopped. Dec. 2013 it was reported he murdered his own uncle. China and other countries are worried about his next move.
18. l though there is a cover-up by the U.S. and Japan on continued release of radiation, we will continue to see more sea creatures dying from radiation throughout the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. West Coast.
19. some kind of altercation between China and Japan which could lead to missiles launched.
20. Also watch for more train disasters, bridge disasters and sink holes swallowing homes, cars and people in some cases.
21. Constitutional Rights continue to disappear with laws secretly passed. Dark agendas afoot for the masses, but we can thwart their dark plans if we unite en masses for a common good.
22. Watch as Oklahoma continues with small earthquakes, some increasing to 5.0. This is from the continued oil fracking throughout the region. 
23. further division will be seen between the haves and have-nots, as the middle class disappears.. College students will find it harder to get good paying jobs and pay for large government loans.The shift will continue to have college students moving back with their parents in order to survive.
24. Due to an increase in sexual assaults in the military this year, men and women will eventually be segregated once again.
25. civil war breaking out in Sudan by April, drawing the U.S military into the conflict.
Of course all the above are what I write on all year long. But, things in the news tells me what to watch for. Many mother things like food stamps and others were just going to far. After all I think unemployment insurance is bad enough to tell you the rest that is going to happen. Why can’t you see all this as clear as I do? Prices are not going to stop climbing. Be prepared.. Think before you act even in self defense. More on that in time. Need to be careful as words used can now be considered terrorist threats. First amendment will be destroyed as well if control of the internet is not taken over by our government as most everything has been now. Think all you foolish sheep!


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