The government (mafia) is no different.

January 20, 2014




The government (correctly known as the “mafia”) is nothing more than a puffer fish. A puffer fish is small, tiny, and an easy meal for large predators such as whales or sharks. However,  the puffer fish has a unique natural ability to suck water into its body, expanding its size ten fold in an instant. This act is usually enough to scare off a would-be predator, as would any of us would be. Could you imagine talking to someone who then suddenly grew 25 feet tall?! You would probably run away screaming. But, after the predator runs away, the scary looking puffer fish goes back to it’s tiny, weak form, relieved that the enemy fell for his deception.


The government (mafia) is no different. They are a group of men, making up less than 1% of the population, whom exclaim to the rest of society that they can provide services, protection, equality, and they will even let you get to vote on who gets to be in the “mafia.” Voting is getting to choose who your robber will be. Oh Democracy! Your violence is so obvious.

It all sounds great, until someone says, “Well, what if we don’t want your services?” Then the mafia (government) says, ”If you refuse our offer, we will send our enforcers (whom also make up less than 1% of the population), to kidnap you. We will call it “tax evasion.”

Upon hearing this, the rest of society becomes afraid, and decides to comply………but why? The rest of society far outnumbers the mafia, so why fear them? Why vote for new mafia members every few years? Why ask the mafia to stop wars? What ask them to stop taking your money? Why should the public ask these men for anything, when we as human beings, whom have like minded philosophies can simply do the things we want and we can organize voluntarily. If someone wanted society to have free-health care, then doctors who felt this way could organize and develop such a model, without imposing it on others. If a person wants protection, could he not hire his neighbor to protect his land while he is away? And what of reputations? Even without a mafia, reputations are still important, without a good reputation no one will buy your products and you will become an outcast of society.

The reasoning is simple. The 0.5% (the mafia), has convinced the 99.5% of people that they are “necessary” for their existence to continue. They have convinced the masses that they (the mafia) are more powerful than them. Even if every person in America decided that they no longer wanted to pay taxes, only one in a thousand would actually be willing to not pay and accept the battle that may come with it. The people see no alternative. People have been living this way for so long, their minds cannot imagine anything else. The abuse has become “the norm.” However, people once called the idea of “airplanes”  a “fantasy,” yet the Wright brothers proved society wrong.

We all agree that services and goods should not be offered on compulsory terms. No man would take a salesman seriously whom forced his customers to “buy” at gun point. So why do we give the government (mafia) so much lee-way? Once people can break free, and begin to create competing services, that can match or surpass government services, the people will begin to see the shift, and begin to hear the moral arguments.

Evidence of this has already been showed. UPS, Fed Ex, and E-mail are making government post offices obsolete. 3-D printers are making gun permits and the 2nd amendment “permissions” offered by the state laughable. Public Education is a joke compared to the free-reign we have to information on the Internet. Once the awakening happens, people will begin to realize that the size and strength of government is just an illusion. Once the “ants” figure out that we outnumber the government and without our “taxes,” they are essentially peons whom wouldnt last a minute without us.

Through logic, philosophy, and technology, the mafia WILL be rendered obsolete.

You are In the Matrix, you always have been…………….

(We are being farmed like animals, and we are exploited for our labor.)

The Matrix was a Hollywood filmed released in 1999 by the Wachowski brothers. Known for it’s martial arts choreography and sci-fi backdrop, the movie in and of itself is more of a documentary rather than a form of entertainment. Most people who watched the movie were dazzled by the “bullet time” panoramic camera views, but completely missed the overall point that the movie was trying to make.

We are slaves. We are farmed, groomed, and used as fuel to keep the machine created by the elite running at optimal levels. We are fed, entertained, and lulled into a state of cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance, because life is just easier that way, and the elite know, and we know it, whether or not we want to admit it. We are not free to move, work, speak, or earn a living without someone having us first monitored, licensed, and/or given the proper permissions.

If you watch the above video, pay attention to when Neo first awakes from the “dream-world.” He wakes up in a chamber, where he is hooked up to wires that feed him, feed him propaganda, and images of the matrix. Upon waking up from his coma, he looks around to see millions of others asleep in their chambers, hooked up to machines. He then sees electric currents being emitted from the bodies. He then realizes that human beings have been farmed as “batteries” to keep the machines (matrix) going, and the victims are none the wiser.

In a sense, this can be viewed as taxation. The government alone collected trillions of dollars in taxes. And what happens if you do not pay taxes? You are beaten, threatened, and locked in a cage. And those taxes were used to kill, assassinate, and loot people in third world countries. What happens if you try to build your own road or start your own police agency, or try to compete with the electric company? The mafia comes in and tells you that you aren’t allowed. What if you want to start a business? Well, you must obtain a special license. What if you want to own a gun or start a protest? You must have a special permit for that too. What if you want to collect rain water, sell lemonade, grow certain plants, get married to someone you love……….well you need special permissions from the government to do all of those things too.  What if you decide to not wear your seatbelt? Well, the government will arrest you, extort you of your money, even though there is no immediate victim, and tell you, “we are doing this for your own good because someone “might” get hurt in the future.”

While the government’s little brother is the media. The media will tell you that violence is “cool,” being slutty is the new “classy,” and having a bad attitude makes you “hip.”

In reality, the government in conjunction with the entertainment media outlets literally ARE the matrix. The matrix is just a fancy word for a monopolized, pacified, farmed, and controlled society. And the worst part is that, the very people whom receive this message will try to kill me, taunt me, or call me crazy, because they are so dependent, utterly reliant, comfortable, and in-love with the system, that they will defend it to their last breath, especially those who benefit from it the most (police, politicians, military, investors, welfare recipients, lobbyists etc…).

So, I challenge you all. Watch The Matrix again, and this time, look for the metaphors. Watch it from the perspective of how the government and mainstream entertainment has essentially, contracted, branded, brainwashed, and lulled us into a form of “willful” peonage.

The Declaration of Independence says that government gets their powers from the consent of the governed, yet in reality, we not given the option to opt-out or refused consent. Jefferson himself once said, “If men cannot be trusted to govern themselves, how can they be trusted to govern others?”

It is my hope, that through logic, philosophy, technology and through the supply and demand of the free-market,  that human beings can find peaceful voluntary ways to function in a society free of monopolized coercion that can/will render the government obsolete.



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