Couple were having marital problems, police chief said today, murder-suicide happened

‎Friday, ‎January ‎17, ‎2014
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Police officer, 34, shoots dead his wife, 2 children and mother-in-law before committing suicide
Bodies of Joshua Boren, 34, Kelly Boren, 32, Joshua Boren, 7, Haley Boren, 5, and Marie King, 55, discovered at home in Spanish Fork, Utah
Couple were having marital problems, police chief said today
Officer Boren showed no signs of distress prior to the killings and appeared to have left no suicide note
Murder-suicide comes 2 days after another tragedy in Utah where a mother shot dead her daughters, aged 13 and 7, before turning the gun on herself

The bodies of Joshua Boren, 34, Kelly Boren, 32, Joshua Boren, 7, five-year-old Haley Boren and Marie King, 55 (not pictured) were found dead in a murder suicide in Utah on Thursday
Police who looked through the window saw blood on the carpet and shell casings in the front room of the two-story home, police said.
After officers entered the home, they discovered ‘a large quantity of blood on the stairway leading to the second floor of the residence,’ police told KSL.
When they went inside, they found Boren’s 55-year-old mother-in-law Marie King dead in a bedroom, and Joshua Boren and his immediate family dead in the bedroom next door.
Police refused to share further details about the crime scene.
The couple were believed to be having marital problems, authorities said on Friday after speaking to people who knew them.
Mrs Boren posted this picture of her children on social media on Thursday. The family were found shot dead by her husband later that day
Joshua Boren, 34, and his seven-year-old son Joshua were found dead at their home in Spanish Fork late on Thursday night
However co-workers say Boren appeared upbeat and didn’t show signs of distress before the killings.
No suicide note was found at the scene.
Lindon Police Chief Cody Cullimore told the Salt Lake Tribune that the Boren family had gone to Disneyland over the winter vacation.
He added that Officer Boren adored his children and that they were often at the police station visiting their father.
An emotional Spanish Fork Police Chief Steven Adams said today: ‘There were no warning signs. This was a total shock to everyone.’
He said that many of his officers who had been at the scene were having a hard time dealing with the tragedy.
The police department responds quickly when an officer does not show up for an assigned shift as often something can be amiss.
Chief Adams said there had been no police call-outs to the home in the past.
He was also unaware if Officer Boren was suffering from mental health issues.
A timeframe of the shootings has yet to be established but it is known that Officer Boren made a phone to an unknown person at 4.30pm.
Neighbors said that they heard no gunshots at the home.
The police chief expected to have preliminary autopsy results late on Friday.
Mr Boren was a police officer in Lindon and had worked at the Utah County Sheriff’s Office in the past.
Lindon City Police officer Joshua Boren. Colleagues said he showed no signs of being distressed before he shot dead his wife, two children and mother-in-law
Officials at the Lindon Police Department said Boren worked for the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for more than seven years before he was hired in October from a pool of more than 70 applicants.
‘His conduct, behavior and professionalism were exemplary,’ Lindon Police Chief Cody Cullimore said in a statement.
‘We are working closely with the Spanish Fork Police Department to investigate and hopefully come to an understanding of this tragic occurrence.’
The five deaths come just days after another Utah murder-suicide that left three people dead.
Kyler Ramsdell-Oliva, 32, fatally shot her two daughters, 13-year-old Kenadee Oliva and 7-year-old Isabella Oliva, on Tuesday evening before killing herself at their home in Syracuse, police said.
The murder-suicide happened a day after the Ramsdell-Oliva’s fiance packed up to move out of the house, authorities said.


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