Two Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputies have resigned

‎Tuesday, ‎January ‎07, ‎2014
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Following video, self explained! These cowards should NEVER be allowed to have a badge again.  What a disgrace to all the good cops in our state.

Some have concerns that the police won’t show up fast enough, or in some cases – at all. Others worry that if they call the police someone will go to jail. What most people don’t think of is something that’s happening more and more each day.
According to the Daily Caller:
Two North Carolina parents are in shock after local police shot and killed their 18-year-old son in their own home, while they watched helplessly.
The family called police because they were worried about their son, Keith Vidal, who is schizophrenic and suffers from depression, according to local news. Vidal, armed with a small screwdriver, was apparently having a psychotic episode. Mark Wilsey, Vidal’s father, called the authorities to help deal with the situation.
An officer from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office and another from the Boiling Spring Lakes police department showed up to the house soon after. Eventually, a third officer from the Southport police department entered the home as well, and ordered the use of tasers to subdue Vidal. According to Wilsey, Vidal was pinned on the ground by two of the officers when a third said, “we don’t have time for this,” and shot Vidal, killing him.
Vidal had just turned 18, and weighed a mere 90 pounds. He couldn’t have hurt anyone with the screwdriver, and had no history of violence according to family and friends.
“There was no reason to shoot this kid,” said Wilsey in a statement. “They killed my son in cold blood. We called for help and they killed my son.”

That’s right, three police arrived to a call for help and ended up killing an 18-year old man, who weighed 90 lbs. They didn’t show up and ask the parents how they could assist them in calming their son. They didn’t attempt to talk Vidal down or seek a nonviolent solution. They merely resorted to what they know best, absolute force. Providing yet another example – something I’m sure this family didn’t think could (or would) happen – of why you should NEVER call the police.
Hernando Sheriff’s Deputies Arrested For Theft In Separate Cases
Two Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputies have resigned and have been arrested for thefts in separate cases.  Deputy Michael Glatfelter is alleged to have stolen over $14,000 from the Fraternal Order of Police while he was the treasurer of the organization.  He also is accused of stealing over $1,000 from the memorial fund of a Captain who was killed in a car accident.  Sgt Joseph Reid is accused of taking at least $2,784 from a vice and narcotics fund.
The Legal System’s Role in the Disintegration of America

When I was a boy, about 67 years ago, maxims about the legal system were commonly known. As children we were taught that it was better that guilty persons should go free than the innocent be convicted. Children were also taught that it was wrong to take the law into their own hands. These were lofty principles that have somehow tumbled from their high perches.

Today, those associated with the Innocence Project have proven conclusively that the innocent are routinely convicted, and stand your ground laws have made taking the law into your own hands legal whenever the miscreant can plead that s/he feared for her/his life. Of course, no one can ever disprove that claim.

How can a claim of I was afraid be disproved? Insects make some people fear for their lives. Even police can make that claim successfully. In Arkansas a SWAT team, more heavily armed that the troops that landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, killed a 107 year old man it was called upon to help.
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