January 2, 2013-Those that wanted the story on when my dog was murdered by the B.C.S.D.

A man known for run ins with Benton County Deputies is in their crosshairs once again. Both sides are now trying to sort out this situation.
Sunday night John Lewis says he heard a commotion outside his home near Rogers. Lewis posted a Youtube video from his surveillance cameras.
According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, it all started when a deputy went to investigate a 911 hangup call in the area. “You just do not know what these circumstances present,” said Benton County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Gay.
Dispatchers did not have a specific location, just the general location of the cell phone the call came from. According to the Benton County Sheriff’s office, the deputy knocked on a couple of doors before heading to John Lewis’ property.
On his property a couple guest houses. So the deputy walked up to one with an open door which was covered by a flag. “He heard some moaning coming from inside, so he opens the flag.. knocks on the door and announces himself,” said Benton County Deputy Doug Gay.
That’s when __ according to the deputy __ a pit bull charged from inside. “He was instantly bit on the leg and boot area. Then the dog bit him on the knee. And continued his attack until he ultimately bit him on the arm,” said Gay.
The Sheriff’s Office says the deputy then shot the dog. “There was a male that came out of the house, partially clothed. And he asked if the deputy had shot his dog.”
That man, Rick Niebuhr says the dog was scared. Homeowner John Lewis says the dog was on a chain and the deputy should have heeded the warning signs posted all over the yard.
“The officer had no right to go up in there. None whatsoever. He had no right to be on the property in the first place,” said Lewis.
“Whether it is a child playing on a phone or an actual emergency. We are going to respond to those,” said Gay. This isn’t the first run_in the county has had with Lewis. In 2010, Lewis recorded a deputy arresting him for refusing to answer questions and posted that video online, too.
Deputies say _ in both instances _ they were just doing their jobs. “Had Mr. Lewis needed medical attention, the paramedics and first responders would have gone to that residence and perhaps also been attacked by the animal,” said Gay.
Deputies are forwarding all this information to the prosecutor so he can decide whether to file charges against Lewis for having an unsecured vicious animal.
What the real truth is that same officer was out here just two weeks earlier looking for someone that was already in jail. Also with him were three bails bonds persons that also looking for the same person. They were all told that person was not here, but continued to walk around the yard and looked in the windows even after they were told.
Someone from the bail bonds team asked if he could come into the house and check it. I said your now calling me a liar and we have nothing more to say.
The deputy came up to the back door of the house where I also have a camera along with a speaker two way. I asked what he wanted and he said that he would like me to come to the door, so that he could ask a few questions. I said go ahead and ask away. He just turned around and they all held a pow wow out at the middle of my driveway.
Once departed there was no more problems as I said I did tell the deputy to check the Washing county jail here in Arkansas and that next time he should do this instead of coming out to bother people for no reason.
Well low and behold here I learned this is the same deputy that was here two weeks ago and he knew about our dog but he also came when the dog was locked up as well as the other person in their room for the night. This evening this officer seen one of the outside bedroom doors open and instead of coming to the back door or even the front door of the house. He went to the room where the dog sleeps because it was a cool evening and the door was open for fresh air this evening. The dog also was asleep as well and this deputy continued on to the room and lifted the flag hanging over the door to keep the sunlight out of the dogs eyes. Well, that was a big mistake! The officer stated that he seen the other person at the end of the room and tried to get his attention in hope not to awaken the door that was in front of the door. By the way with his chain still on as well. Aas when he needed to go out he was always chained up and never allowed lose at all. The officer was chased out of a room that he didn’t belong and he also knew it.
The 911 call that is stated came from a dead cell phone in the area of my house as well as over a dozen other homes in this area. If the dog as well as the other person were not awake, then why in the world did this clown wish to continue to try to get the attention of someone that had to be seen as not needing any help. No help until after he was bit in the boot area and then in the arm after pulling his weapon and falling on his ass backwards trying to get back to his cruiser. Once the owner her the shot he yelled for Riley (dogs name) back into the room and shut the door. Where Riley fell over dead. The officer was back in his car calling for backup as well as an ambulance service for his wounds. Once everyone from the Bentonville Sheriff’s Department was located out here. They asked all sorts of stupid questions. Why wasn’t the dog restrained. He was and always has been. The officer went into some place that he knew he should not have, but because the door was open, felt an easy entrance I suppose. Why didn’t he come to the main house as they all normally do or my bedroom window as a few discovered where my room is now located and ask question though the window if the window is open.
In short maybe a 9-11 call takes priority over someone privacy. But, the deputy also parked behind the signs of NO TRESPASSING and BEWARE OF DOG SIGNS and walked quietly maybe fifty plus feet to the open door. If he would have drove up to the driveway as they normally do, then people as well as the dog would have shown themselves as in the past and known to lock the door where Riley lives, and has for over ten years.
No there was another reason why this clown did this and it backfired on him as it has been doing ever since 2010, when they tried to convict me of obstruction of whatever and other stupid things and I went to jail for the very first time because of this clown in 2010 over not getting his questions answered, as well as threatened that every officer will come here daily and there will be nothing at all that I can do about it. Ok, if this is how they are going to do it, then America we are all in trouble by these government thugs!
Yes, I need a lawyer this time that really wants to teach these clowns a lesson and not to come here unless they are called. They are called also believe it or not as one grand son has no respect for people and hits on them. So, he is hauled off every so often for something stupid. But, I am now sixty-six years of age and all I want to do is enjoy the peaceful beautiful area in which I live. But, that seems to be a no for now. Maybe after the election of a new sheriff in November, things may clean up of the thugs and real well trained officers will do as they are suppose to do. Serve & Protect the public and those that can not help themselves. But, from what I have seen even those people have been getting tasted as well as killed or beaten to death.
Maybe these Protect & Serve thugs can charge you with battery or assault on a peace officer if you defend yourself. But, everyone you need to fight back and defend yourself or your going to be killed, Maybe have to go to jail, but in time you’ll get out and can hopefully take the clowns that are thugs down with there own system. As always welcome for all e-mails and comments!
John Lewis- lewis1946@cox.net – (479) 372-5147 No, Not afraid to take calls. They are recorded! Just remember that.
Wish to say something to the clowns at the Bentonville County Sheriff’s Dept?
Sheriff office Head Clown
1300 SW 14th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
(479) 271-1008 or (479) 273-5532 Fax number is: (479) 273-0036


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