December 31,2013-Last newsletter for this year! Happy 2014 New Years family & friends!

‎Tuesday, ‎31 ‎December, ‎2013
03:25:06 AM
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First of the month for the SSI or lazy people I call them and Yes, I know some are deserving, especially

one brother that has lived here RENT FREE for years. But, still can’t get on even though he does have

a mental problem. He’s a druggie mental case and SSI won’t allow druggie mental on even if they

no longer do drugs. What is he to do then? Be a homeless until this old man dies and he really learns

what life is all about. You either get free crap or work!
  Image Image
In fact told the complaining asshole that if he felt two hundred a month was to much to pay for a

room with a bath even then move his ass! I get tired come the first of the month and only expect

two hundred, when my own son lived there for years and paid four hundred. Not to mention these

freaks of nature even got last month for FREE. So, yes, when I did get the two hundred I went and

got some real fast food for my self A foot long Tuna toasted on Wheat from Casey’s Store.
Went to McDonald’s first on Walton Ave. in rogers and figured it’s 24 hours so didn’t care if breakfast or lunch.

This old man is not very lucky nor are the people that followed him in. Speaker box, sorry we won’t be

open for forty-five minutes.What? Anything I don’t care even a damn ice tea. Sorry come back

in forty-five minutes, OK so Casey had all I wanted and cheaper not to mention they even make their

own donuts. Yup, first time I learned this as was watching the guy make them. Had to get them as well.
Sitting here now watching people come and go off and on line. Damn Corey even went off at 3:40:53.

Oh New Years so probably no work?
I’m not the only one up early, but sure is nice to eat a real tuna sandwich. Wow, Legends bar just went off/on live.

Here comes the cheap two hundred criers again waiting to see what I am telling family and anyone else that knows them.

All I need to do for family to understand what I am talking about is post a picture as I will here.

Those that don’t know them won’t clearly understand, but most will. Most would say hell I’ll take that for

two hundred a month and ot complain even. But, their two does not cover the expenses alone and one day

I hope they learn the hard and have to pay real rent some place. They get everything for free.
Free means Cable television as well as internet from Cox cable. Runs me more than a hundred a month.

Other bill’s like anyone else I pay out of that. Now since Rogers is not like normal area’s you

get a separate electric, gas and water bills from different places. Electric maybe 4-5 a month. Water 50-150.

This month 66. Hell they all had to come to me for food and with hearing bullshit two hundred for turning

off Internet for a while. All I can say is MOVE! Please MOVE!
Told the complainer that I was going to let family and friends see what (I have to put up with.)

Really don’t have to as my son said yesterday and seen first time in maybe a month.

Always calls and tells me he’ll be over in a day or two, but normally a week or two. lol

Kid asked why do I put up with it. I think of how hard it is for everyone and then jobs are

getting to use people less and less. I pay house as well as auto insurance even. But,

told my son that their own parents can’t even stand them after a period of time.

In fact the brothers fight so damn much that last time they were going to get a place of

there own and one went though the window as soon as they paid the rent. Mom & Dad also

in their 60’s like I am but live  in a small two person place and the kids would get them thrown out even.

So, one brother pays nothing what so ever and really needs something, but what I just don’t know

as all the talking to social security is there being told what they can and can not accept.

So, druggies even past and clean now means no help when you fried your brain cells!
Why can I take it? I lived with it all my life and after seeing or doing really worst things in

life you ever could it’s their life and not mine and if I meet them then feel sorry or even

like em and hope that maybe one day things will get back to normal. But, so far no luck.

As my son stated the day I die this place will be locked up till he has time to clean all the stuff out of here.

Don’t blame him a bit as he is starting a new life with a new family as well as a new grand son for me even.

Now he’s forty plus and add  what is it 26 years of care from this new Obama thing is not

going to be easy and he already raised a family of girls and one son which use to be my youngest grand son.

He’s like me in every way and wants to work and work. Goes though what we all did job lay offs and

cut backs and gets behind in bills and even took in someone as well for two hundred a month and learned

it’s not worth it. But, still does it as I said where can you live for two hundred a month with everything paid?

He would take his one friend in that is here, but he has her which is find until he complains.

But, my grandson won’t take two people in for two a month. I would not either if I didn’t know he w

as my grandsons friend.

He is lucky as hell and best learn it very soon or else!?
My grandson-04:11:31 AM- Popped back in. This Skype is a tattle tail when you connect to other social

pages every uses and knows your not there, But I know they are. lol
I may as well answer family questions here, so that way can see if they read this or not. Jessica,

no the checks that your brother had were fakes from what I can tell. I sent copies here as that is

what he also told me to bail him out when all his money gets here. Money? Yea, right.

I sent copies to him in Bentonville so he knows that he didn’t catch me by now.
 04:17:53 AM Image-Went off line. What’s bad is sometimes I want to talk to someone then lose

train of thought with this program to keep knowing who is coming and going. But, figured since the

bentonville sheriff or all police gangs as well as other corporations use this spy, why not me as well.

Why I decided to follow calls given out by dispatch as I place up every so often. But, a lot of people

going and coming all night long. So, be careful as I let out another secret many of you don’t know.

There’s many others as well. Never think I don’t know who you are when blocking your number even.

No such thing as secrets any more people. But, you get just so much from me and later on in

the months and years I see them coming from others.
Image    4:25:21 AM  Image


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