December 29, 2013- This is how I beg for money. Want to send me any? Come on , you know you do!

‎                    Sunday, ‎December ‎29, ‎2013

                    Information? Phone number, address check, Social Security Information check, If I can get it, You’ll have it for? $$’s 

  $1.00 to Whatever your heart desires. Rather see how to make money starting today? Easy as all heck. I am selling information. Yes, information!
You will need to copy my E-mail address then hit the PAYPAL connect and transfer as much as you wish. Send from your bank directly or any of those cards like Green dot or Money cards.
Have spare cash and just want to get rid of it before those police gangs get their hands on it? By all mean’s send it to my PayPal account:  and hitting this link below.

Is this a scam? No, it’s like a beggar holding up Will work for $$. When you hand that money to whoever. You never know what there doing with it. Now, think about it. Do you really?
Since I hide nothing what so ever from anyone and only because with the help of the BENTON-VILLE Sheriff’s Department, all my information was given to anyone and everyone just to fight back at me for taking down one of their veteran officers of eleven years for being as many are dirty rotten scum bag’s of their oath of Protect & Serve. In fact I still do it from time to time when ever they wish to play games.
These police gangs as many know already killed our family dog of ten years and said you may be next. Of course no proof on this, but the dog is dead. More to that story can be located on the internet or I will gladly send it to you for a donation of $5.00 or what ever you feel it’s worth to you.

Remember sending to

Then fill in your information. I will send the story as well as any other rumors or stories you wish to know. Feel it’s worth a buck then send a buck. After all I trust your judgement that after reading whatever information I send that you will send a little more after reading the information. (

Wish to make a blog in your own name and put out a sign/message like this without having to stand out in the cold/heat. Don’t know how to make one, and need one for your own use? Great, I will make one for you. Just like this or a shorter version of your own words for just $10.00. But, send what you feel it’s worth after seeing it!
Need I say this as you can see is not a scam, as I know what scams are. In fact I have thousands in checks that were sent to me as well as posted them over the years. There still up here in the wide world of the internet even. If I really made all that money as those checks come out to, I would not be begging for a buck. Remember it’s best to send a bit more as your also charged by PayPal.
So the more the merrier I become. Want someone told off and wish for me to say exactly what you want to them? Sure, I will also use my own phone number and state this message is from whoever you wish. Want me to call them at a certain hour of the day? No problem, let’s say a penny a word including your name if wish or no name.
If you can’t find the information that you seek, then ask. I will say I can or can not! Ask after all there’s all sorts of things that you wish you could do, and afraid to do so and want to. I could care less as it’s a business for me. (

Besides sure as hell beats standing out in the cold/heat while able to sit on my fat ass and make myself  a few $$’s.
Yes, is my real e-mail address also ( I love getting nasty and nice scum mail even.
Happy 2014 all……Let’s make 2014….A great money maker for me… Pretty Please, I am begging and doing whatever you think you want done for your money! Within reason of course.

Happy New Years to all and make it especially Happy for me with your money! Show me how rich you are? I dare you, No, I double dare you!


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