Rainbow PUSH Coalition, has demanded meetings with A&E and with Cracker Barrel

‎Friday, ‎27 ‎December, ‎2013
08:54:19 AM
                         Jesse Jackson: Duck Dynasty Worse Than Segregation
If there’s anyone who makes the world a better place, it’s Jesse Jackson. The moment Jesse Jackson shows up in the vicinity of a problem, it somehow becomes astronomically worse.
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And now Jesse Jackson has belatedly decided to jump into the Duck Dynasty mess to get his five percent in sensitivity training and a job for his criminal son.

Jesse Jackson Sr. has jumped into the controversy surrounding comments by Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s backwoods reality TV show, “Duck Dynasty.”
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In an announcement sent out Tuesday, Jackson Sr. compared Robertson’s recent comments about African-Americans, gay people and women to comments made by the driver of Rosa Parks’ bus.

That might be a bigger deal if Jesse Jackson didn’t compare absolutely everything to the bus that Rosa Parks rode in on. Every time someone cuts in front of Jesse Jackson’s limo on the way to a presidential dinner, he begins screaming about Rosa Parks and doesn’t stop until he passes out.
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“At least the bus driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law,” he said in the release. “Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was ‘white privilege.’”

So the bus driver who tried to force a woman out of her seat on account of her race… is better than a man who expressed his opinions in a magazine.
This is Jesse Jackson’s racial logic at work. He actually thinks that segregation is better than free speech.

Jackson’s human rights group, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, has demanded meetings with A&E and with Cracker Barrel regarding the two companies’ treatment of Robertson, who stars in the show as the head of a Louisiana family that makes duck calls.

Jesse must have been kicking himself when he failed to jump on this right away. Now the Emperor of Black People is demanding that someone pay attention to him or his son will steal some more money.

“It is unacceptable that a personality who has been given such a large platform would benefit from racist and anti-gay comments,” the group leaders state in the release.

Resist this much we must.

This statement doesn’t make any sense. So it was probably written by Jesse Jackson. Jesse probably meant, “It is unacceptable that a personality who has made racist and anti-gay comments would benefit from such a large platform ”

Unfortunately Jesse Jackson is also illiterate. And the statement would apply to him considering that Jesse Jackson has a history of racist comments and has benefited from a large platform.

And speaking of Jesse Jackson and homophobia…

A former employee of the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. at the Rainbow Push Coalition has filed a bombshell wrongful termination and discrimination complaint against the civil rights leader with the City of Chicago’s Commission on Human Rights.

The complaint, filed sometime last year by Tommy R. Bennett, a regular on the Tom Joyner Radio show and member of Barack Obama’s LGBT Leadership Council, includes shocking allegations about Jackson’s behavior toward the openly gay staffer including an allegation that the civil rights leader propositioned him.

Bennett, 55, claims Jackson ridiculed him in front of other employees and required him to perform “humiliating tasks” like escorting women to Jackson’s various hotel rooms, cleaning up after alleged trysts and packing his clothing.  It also includes an allegation that Jackson asked for oral sex, according to the claim.

I blame Jesse Jackson’s white privilege.


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