God said homosexuality is punishable by DEATH! What about the other sins that YOU DO?

‎Thursday, ‎26 ‎December, ‎2013
4:51:41 AM
lewis1946@cox.net ( I love your comments!)

At my age there is no such thing as fear!
December 26, 2013-Day after Christmas-Here I come after being silent one (1) day! Called letting shep grqaze for the future slaughter.
Before I gt into my other old man feelings, Let me assure you I know when sites like Face Book and those others that reject6 what I say as majority of you sheep would object to. I also post in these sites exactly word for word as you read here. Copy them as many stories you miss because of the CLOWNS seem to have power to scare them into rejecting the TRUTH!
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Wow! How annoying is it to hear someone justify murder, discrimination, or hatred, for someone (because of what they do behind closed door- no one’s business) and use the bible to do so.

“God said homosexuality is punishable by DEATH!”

I’m all about freedom of speech, but …
It’s real easy to quote the book, there people, especially when it pertains to something that you DON”T do. Real easy to point the finger and feel all self righteous about “What God wants.” Well, what about the other sins that YOU DO, that God says is also punishable by DEATH?

When was the last time you ate: ham, bacon, sausage, hot dog, corn dog, pork chop, catfish, shrimp, or any other non-kosher foods. What about that shopping trip on a Saturday? (Hebrew Sabbath) God’ll kill a punk for picking up sticks on his day, a shopping trip isn’t any different. How about mixing threads in your garments? You got any on like that? Adultery? Do you travel to the Middle East at the appointed times, or even keep his holy feast?

“But that was nailed to the cross.”

New testament Jesus declared that the law will never pass.

Matthew 5:17- “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.”
Matthew 24:35 – “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

… and this is where apologetic s attempt to tweak the word ‘fulfill,’ to mean what they want it to. Son of man said it ain’t gonna happen and I would think his word would be clear enough for the religious sheep to understand. So when you go quoting the book, attempting to justify inhumane actions toward another human … think about it hypocrites … you commit sins that are worthy of DEATH as well. Twist it, bend it, whatever you think works … if you TRULY believed in an all powerful deity, who knows everything … you would be scared shirtless to try and fool him. You might fool the unlearned, but could you really fool a god? I could post a thousand verses here, but what would it really matter? The majority of you would just skip over it or apologize it away so you won’t have to step outside of your comfort zone. Try this on for size, it’s not that difficult either …

Don’t be a hypocrite!
Don’t force your beliefs on others!
Don’t tell them they should be set on fire and killed for not believing as you do!
Don’t be a blind follower and viciously quote a book you do not understand!
Don’t be so quick to judge someone else.
Don’t hate another man just because he doesn’t look like what YOU see in the mirror!

Choose humanity! Peace.


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