December 26, 2013-Day after-Oh the humanity. Horrid commercialized pagan-Jude o Christian B.S.

                  Fifth straight year without celebrating this horrid commercialized pagan-Jude o Christian corporatized Holiday.

Thank GOD!

No giving.

No receiving.

No Merry Christmas accolades or introductions and no receptive reciprocal hocus pocus give and take bartering poppycock.

Oh the humanity.

All the idolatry, the hidden paganism along with false worship. . .

Oh yeah, don’t forget the deceptive lying regarding the red suited character. So stupid. The children eventually figure out the greatest lie ever told and they ultimately become adults never forgiving or forgetting. The crime only gets paid forward and another generation is misled and falsely led to believe a fictitious societal falsehood.

How could you?

Americans love to be lied to.

We’re always sheep. Always was, always will be. Kool-Aid Trendies and the ignorant sheep…follow your herders, morons.

The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. We’ve been set on a course of slavery anyway. You wanted it. Fools.

When will you ever learn?

And let us not forget the shallow neon-conservative propaganda and subtle innuendo pretending to love one another and peace on earth crap. Tell that to the millions of suffering children distraught because of our industrialized “for profit” corporatized military who love to destroy the lives of other indigenous peoples throughout the Middle East and south Asia.

Oh and let us not forget the Chinese communist traders who’ve helped abetted and conspired against the murican idiocy while your neighboring one percenter’s in Waltonville “sell” you out at your expense all the time laughing at you when taking their billions to the bank.

Go to eternal Hell, those of you who celebrate your own demise.

You deserve the damnation you’re about to get. May I suggest a crash course in Hanyu? Get this; why don’t you invest in learning Mandarin or Cantonese? You’ll need it.

And better learn where to hide your good book.

Along with the guns and ammo, the bible is next to become confiscated and ridded.

Idiots.                                         Image



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