Second half: December 22, 2013 of my life and watch for much more as time goes on!


  December 22, 2013- Now, this is just a very small taste of my life as there is still a lot of things happening even as I type this. But, as you can see when I am already on a task then the clowns have no choice but to wait until I make time. That is how you stand up for yourself as well as your rights and beliefs. It’s your ;life to deal with no matter how many of those feel they demand that you answer now. Never sign any agreement to do as told. I don’t think I have signed anything in years my self. Can’t rtemember the last thing I did sign. Need to drell on that a while as I really don’t give anyone the time of day or what I am doing until I myself decide to do it. In short I am in control of my own life! No one else is and so many of you turn yourself over as slaves to the state. Why is that? I should how is that even done? Oh stealing beating up or killing someone/. Ok, then why did you end up as a slave? Plans never worked as planned. Some stuff you will see, no one has ever seen until now even. Oh and yes, I did have a membership list of over three thousand people. But, of course that went up in smoke over many moons ago. Other secrets are not secrets as majority of the listed are dead or moved on to other lives as we all do if you have control of your life.

  I wanted to move on a few years ago, but no one tells me I will or else No one even gets away with murdering my family best friend and gets away with it. As I stated many times, I am older and slower so my planning is really down to the main point ot subject and again thought out even before it’s carried out by ME. No one else, no partners and even my best friends are just that friends. trust? No One has had any trust for anything that I do. It’s all me and I need no credit after all like the social government I release after forty, thirty twenty years when I myself feel it’s safe to do so. Once you give an oath to the Constitution then you keep it until there is no long a reason for a secret to be kept and only YOU can make that decision. Many cops or police or rats really, but real clowns have no oath what so ever as they never keep it. I always have even when I was accused not doing so. Never proven but scrap goading is for real as I learned in my life time. Innocent people railroaded daily in this free country. Never give your word unless you are sure that you can keep it. Can’t be truthful about a question then side step it or refuse to answer. But. always be honest as the TRUTH can always be remembered and those white lie’s even can not be remembered because it was not the truth!

                    Merry Christmas and prepare for even worst times ahead as the media is not being honest!


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