Grand old Love affairs what fun it must be to be blind, dumb or stupid? Join the circus of clowns…

Thursday, December 19, 2013             Image

3:55 AM
  Isn’t love grand? Here we go with another one sided love or is that just an affair for the one sided person. This guy was set up by his true love affair after he went and traveled all the way for what he felt was his real true love and best woman for him for life. Tracee that traveled all the way to California with him to start a new life. Yes, a new life it is for sure. That new life coshed this guy the mother of his daughter as well as son that really praised his dad even to today from what I am told. Darrell was willing to give up on his own son as well as daughter not to mention the only woman in his life for over eleven years all for what? Another woman that seeks a restraining order against him in Arkansas when she was with him in California. How did she pull this off, really easy as the clowns of bentonville are just that a circus of clowns. Tracee only had to lie or is that called mislead the clowns into thinking that she was being threaten by him going to what use to be his employment called Smokin Joe’s BBQ in Bentonville.
This is how Tracee and Darrell met while working at the same job as he was a cook and she was a waitress and still is. She was able to tell stories to all that she worked with as well as Darrell was back in California waiting for her to return to their love nest in Yuba City, California. Tracee wanted to visit her son that she was never interested in from what again I am told so Darrell said sure and come back after making the visit. Well, then mother of Tracee said that she would pay for the ticket back to California and instead when her daughter arrived sa9id no your not going to go back to that guy that has two of his own kids. Well guess what Tracee decides that mom was right and received her job back at the BBQ place in Bentonville.
Darrill meanwhile is calling daily if not many times a day aga9in from what I am told and mommy did not like it, so had he phone number changed so then Darrell started to call Tracee at work as he knew her shifts after all they worked together. This is how the terrorist threa6ts as well other silly stuff charges are made up to bury someone that came into what he felt was his real true love.
Darrell arrives back from California to Arkansas three days ago now. Conned his own grandmother as well as me into buying the trip for him thinking he was broke and he was always in contact with his so true love that they were in contact with each other on the trip just about every hour on the hour. Dear clowns at Bentonville county sheriff’s tent of all types of fraud or is that false information received by certain people that won’t explain the truth as I do on this face book social chat. What’s my gain out of all this so Tracee asks when she forwards the calls from her phone to mine to let me know that his plans are to rent a motel room so Tracee and her can have one another for the night. Or two or whatever money he was getting from cons from other family members in California.
Trace or searching phone records are so easy to see how this was all set up by his true love Tracee to get him here in order to get false reporting against her dismissed. Maybe it was more than I really know, as information is coming in bits and pieces to me. So, much and it’s hard to figu5re out exactly what is fact and truth. In fact I was called from a family member in California telling me that Darrell was in Bentonville sheriff’s clown training circus. Yes, I was told at 8am that morn9ing and how did they know. Well, Tracee called his mom and step dad to say that they were raided. Raided? Being there as well as signing for the room under someone Else’s name. The motel I know was close to where Tracee worked as when she got off work she was going to go directly to that motel. Since I did not or would not give him a ride to or from any place. Darrell was able to give five bucks for gas to someone he felt would do almost anything for gas money as he’s also has that strange love affair as a nut case as well. Who also will not be trustful or is that faithful if and when they end up in jail by them making false accusations to get someone into jail/prison in order to keep those men cocks coming for them when the main one is locked away so they can have some strange stuff. Yea, woman are no different than men as they want it just as men do. Hell, why do I get it whenever I want even at my age. Truth hurts so get use to it.
I started to post on Tracee and Darill the day and night that Tracee went to Smokin Joe’s to work and Darrell conned his friends girl into renting the room for the both of them. After all no one else had ID’s to rent the room. Well, all went well until mother seen that I was talking about her daughter and she was not happy about it. So, I told her how she could avoid seeing what I post and she finally did block me but maintains action to read what I say. Tracee’s mother as she stated to me on face book said that Tracee needs were her own business and not mine so shut my dirty fucken mouth as she put it. I stated that as long as it is truth then she will see me talking about it on face book. Besides (I love the re actions that I get especially when circus clowns on patrol come out to shut me down a peg or two by saying when will you move. Then after no re action they shoot my family dog when sneaking around as well as then even pulls an AK on another residence for coming to false reports made by one of these tow women that say their in love and he is the only one for me. The clowns of course know it’s one or the other women making these false calls but since I call them everything but police officers or deputies as one clown tried to train into me by even taking me to jail and saying I will learn to say deputy or wish I had. Wish I had? Hmm, never did get that far. As last I heard is that I could be shot by mistake just as easy as my dog was and since the clowns in five cars a month ago came out said they had no idea who was dancing around this property in the evening and a residence came out with a knife in his hand and the clown told him he was almost shot. Wow, over what? False calls as that is all they ever are here and have been for over ten (10) years. Hard to believe isn’t it all these years and I won’t stop preaching my distrust of the Bentonville circus or for that matter any police gang in Any state.
Never think I don’t think before I say something about anyone as they use these clowns for their use as mother used daughter and since daughter did not come straight home as promised made a call as soon as she could think of a good story. Did Tracee get arrested with weed or pot or whatever in this motel? Nope, after all she was setting the whole thing up in order to get some cock and then told to go home and what did Darrell get from paying for all this. Oh I suppose some pussy as well and hopefully will last him a while until he gets out of whatever charges they stick on him as you can see already started.
Twice for weed or pot or whatever they call that crap today and she was there and let go because? But, as more is determined as many people know that this clown department does not do a job that won’t make them some money or drugs so the cases go in the cold file until people take those cold cases themselves and open then with finding their own evidence. But, that is another story and many know who follow this rag face book know what I am speaking of.
Just a reminded that I will not be able to post the truth here once we go into Marshall Law. I get my computer attacked all the time and does take time to clean up these attacks but we all know clowns are to be funny. So, I laugh as well when they come in person or even over the cable or that eye in the sky. But, tired now and just wa6tch for the fun to start again and it will.
Yes, I read as much e-mail as possible but if there is rude comments or nasty verbs or even nouns then I delete as not worth my time. When you get as old as I am you will figure that out. My age 67 and I love to use words to fight with while the clowns use threats and guns and kill innocent family animals or make bad arrests because they don’t like you living here. I know it’s hard to believe that. Look at past stories over the years easily found in any web search under which you can sent comments or more information as I did get a lot from a worker at Smokin BBQ place and I thank you!

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