Family dog that was over ten years old also murdered by these clowns!

December 1, 2013
Video’s of interest.
Raw: NM Officer Fires at Minivan in Traffic Stop;,0,3091608.htmlstory?freewheel=90921&sitesection=dash&VID=25368947

Wall-Mart protest at North Side store,,0,3091608.htmlstory?freewheel=90921&sitesection=dash&VID=25403137

 Shoplifting incident results in officer dragged, driver shot;,0,3091608.htmlstory?freewheel=90921&sitesection=dash&VID=25402358
Israelis pretending to be the “Good Guys” is just a psychological trick I call inversion. They invert the truth by switching people’s perceptions of who is the victim and who is the attacker by promoting disinformation in the Jewish-controlled media.

Israel wages war by “clever deception” so naturally they seek to create and maintain a false victimhood narrative to pretend they were unjustly persecuted for no reason and trick people into blindly defending Jews against criticisms and accusations out of the sympathy and compassion people normally have for real victims of injustice. In other words, they used inversion to swap the perception of attacker and victim to demonize their real victims as “attackers” and gain the undeserved sympathy and defense of others as “victims” even though they were the real attackers. They also use this undeserved sympathy to dupe Americans into being their cat’s paw because they think it is clever to trick one group (the cat’s paw) into attacking another so Israel can accomplish it’s military goals.

Remember their mottos, which embody the Jewish philosophy of waging war by “clever deception” against all non-Jews:

“By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”
–Israel’s Mossad (from By Way of Deception).

“For by clever deception thou shalt wage war.”
–Israel’s Duvdevan Unit Motto.
You will like this as the war continues. Watch out!
Arkansas State Police Harass me after launch of a page launched to draw attention to illegal law enforcement tinting.
Published on Sep 29, 2013
On April 4th, 2013, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed HB1700 into law where it became Act 746. This act contained numerous corrections to Arkansas law regarding carrying of a weapon. The most significant change was to the section that defines the “offense of carrying a weapon”. Prior to this Act becoming law, a person carrying a handgun for self-defense was criminalized by the statute. Lawmakers made a correction to the language that now specifies that the person must have a purpose to attempt to unlawfully employ the weapon before they can be charged.

Prior to August 16, 2013, Arkansas Code 5-73-120 (Section 2, part a) read,

“A person commits the offense of carrying a weapon if he or she possesses a handgun, knife, or club on or about his or her person, in a vehicle occupied by him or her, or otherwise readily available for use with a purpose to employ the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person.”

This was the statute that prior to August 16, 2013 criminalized an otherwise law abiding citizen who carried a weapon for self-defense purposes.

Arkansas Act 746 of 2013 changes this Arkansas Code 5-73-120 section to read,

“A person commits the offense of carrying a weapon if he or she possesses a handgun, knife, or club on or about his or her person, in a vehicle occupied by him or her, or otherwise readily available for use with a purpose to attempt to ****unlawfully employ**** the handgun, knife, or club as a weapon against a person.” (asterisks added for emphasis of change)

Carrying for LAWFUL reasons such as for self-defense or because a person has the right to carry under the second amendment of the constitution, are no longer criminalized under this statute.

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel offered his opinion (Opinion number 2013-047) in regards to Act 746. AG McDaniel’s opinion, as he explains, is that the journey law change does not allow open carry. The opinion was misleading because it focused on the “Journey” exception which allows persons to carry outside the county in which they live while traveling. It is important to understand, that if you read the entire statute, the Journey is actually an EXCEPTION to prosecution fo the offense of “carrying a weapon”, whose definition has been updated. Since “carrying a weapon” now requires the proof of burden of unlawful intent, this journey exception is not even applicable in most situations since carrying for lawful purposes is now excluded from the offense of “carrying a weapon”. (See an additional explanation of this by two prosecuting attorney’s at the end of this text)

Numerous counties and cities throughout the state have interpreted the law correctly, as I explain it above. If one reads the entire statute, the intent of the change is clear. The lawmakers that wrote HB1700 have stated that the intent of the change was to legalize open carry of a weapon.

Bill sponsor Nate Bell posted the following statement July 16th: “It was the intent of the sponsors of Act 746 to decriminalize the open carry of a firearm by persons not prohibited from legally possessing the firearm. It’s my belief that the language contained in 5-73-120 (a) will effectively do so when the new law takes effect on August 16.”

Be aware, however, that some law enforcement agencies such as the ASP, City of Springdale, and a few others, have recklessly misinterpreted this updated law based on the Ag’s erroneous opinion. These agencies have stated that if a person open carries in their primary jurisdiction, an arrest will be made. Others, who have interpreted the statute correctly, have made statements to the contrary. Sheriff Cradduck of Benton County has asserted, “I will not allow my deputies to make an arrest under this law.” Similarly, sheriffs, prosecutors and police chiefs in many counties have not only interpreted the law correctly, but have committed to help organize open carry walks within their communities.

The law is clear, but the AG has confused the situation within the law enforcement community. Ultimately, somebody will carry in an “unfriendly” town, and the law will become settled in court. At this time, talk to your local law enforcement and carry at your own risk. A good question to ask your local authorities is, “What will I be charged with if I open carry?” If their answer points to “the offense of carrying a weapon” as defined above, present the updated definition. It quickly becomes clear to most law enforcement and prosecutors that a charge would not stand, and would result in an unlawful arrest suit.

Act 746:…

Voting history:…

AG Dustin McDaniel’s opinion:…

Representative Nate Bell’s full post:

Copyright photos used with permission.
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Police in Florida fatally shot an innocent man over the weekend after they mistook him for an attempted murder suspect.
this cop got a murder charge erased from his record, complete bullshit
Arkansas cops are shitheads. Always, Another year so another video shows up, After all these cops wish to play then I will continue as well.
The above videos were taken off when this took place, the trouble is that I have many copies as well as many other people have copies and there never going away. Well, never is not a good word in this day and age with freedoms being taken daily. I also had my family dog that was over ten years old also murdered by these clowns from the Bentonville Sheriff’s Office. I have been told to move or else. threats never get no where after all as old as I am and already seen action in the early 60’s compared to these clowns there a joke. This is the first Sheriff’s department in the USA that has been recorded being dishonest and video taped from my home into the jail itself.  That’s what I call the place a circus of clowns. Never a year has gone by without having one of the clowns having to come in here and do something illegal. Until they stop, then I will stop, but not until they stop, and they have said they never will. There careful at times but sloppy at other times. So, just wait and see what happens next.


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