November 29, 2013-Old man’s views on World affairs and USA Debt is growing bigger. You will pay it!

November 29, 2013
Old Man’s views on the world affairs.
Iran sees implementation of nuclear deal starting by early January.
In the first ten months, China’s purchases from Iran were down 3.4 percent at 409,976 bpd.
Asia’s Iran oil imports fall, may rise after nuclear deal.
An earthquake measuring 5.6 magnitude struck Iran. The tremors struck Gulf coast near Iran`s sole nuclear power plant killed 7 and injured 30, emergency response chief Hassan Qadami told state media.
Following a few media reports and the Iranian government`s website claims, speculations have arrived on whether the country`s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons.
India will shortly send a delegation to Iran to discuss oil payment mechanism after the historic accord between western super powers and the Persian Gulf state made it easier to import crude oil.
Israeli ;
  Responding to possible Israeli participation in talks between Iran, world powers over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions, Islamic republic’s FM Zarif says ‘We will not attend meeting in which occupying regime participates.
Iran does not recognize Israel and supports militant anti- Israeli groups like Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah.
After the nuclear deal was signed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deal was a “historic mistake.”
Washington Post journalist says US president asked Netanyahu to stop complaining !

Nissim Hadad, 43, from Tel Aviv took his girlfriend’s 1.5-year-old son to the gym where he proceeded to sexually attack innocent child. ‘Hospital images inspire horror, shock’ says judge.
According to the indictment, Hadad took the baby – who was the son of the woman he was dating – with him to the gym of the residential building where they were residing in at the time.

Hadad, 46, returned to the apartment and met with the mother who noticed that her son was wounded. As a result of the injuries, the baby was hospitalized and anesthetized for over six days.
“The defendant fired numerous excuses, theories and explanations, but none managed to inspire a doubt in our hearts regarding the horrendous act he did to the baby,” the court said.
Hadad, a businessman, attempted to fight the allegations and maintains his innocence. He does not deny he was with the child at the time, but claimed that he was not with him long enough to perform the act he was accused of.
“I sent a healthy boy, and received a seriously wounded one in return,” the mother said. “Where did this come from? Who did this? How did this happen.”
According to attorney Lior Shani of the Noga Center for Rights of Crime Victims, who has been accompanying the family of the victim, “the conviction of the defendant is the only plausible conclusion that could have been reached. It is one of the most horrific sexual assaults that the State of Israel has ever seen, and the consequences of the offense exceed the specific victim.”
The attorney added that “this is one of the most severe indictments in the field of sexual assaults of minors that have ever been filed with an Israeli court. It is a case that is difficult to grasp. We are not familiar with a case that is similar in its severity and thus we will most probably ask the court to impose a long imprisonment on the defendant.”
Hadad’s lawyer Yoram Sheftel said that he rejects the verdict and will not contest during sentencing, an argument that supports the assessment that Hadad will appeal the conviction with the Supreme Court.
U.S.A. Debt;
The federal debt jumped $409 billion in October, according to the U.S. Treasury. As CNS News’ Terence Jeffrey points out, that’s around $3,567 for each household in the United States –  the second-largest one month jump in debt in the nation’s history.


After the first money of fiscal year 2014, the debt stands at $17,108,378,000,000. Turns out raising the debt ceiling does mean we’re adding more debt; another legalistic falsehood from the president.

“Now, this debt ceiling — I just want to remind people in case you haven’t been keeping up — raising the debt ceiling, which has been done over a hundred times, does not increase our debt; it does not somehow promote profligacy.  All it does is it says you got to pay the bills that you’ve already racked up, Congress.  It’s a basic function of making sure that the full faith and credit of the United States is preserved.”

Furthermore, the president said before the Congress kicked the debt ceiling can down the road to February 7th, that the confrontation was “not about spending, but about paying America’s bills.”

Another $409 billion in debt means “America” isn’t paying its bills. Its bills just got a whole lot bigger.


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