Remember when 20 deputies an a sheriff were arrested? Drugs are big business for police.

November 14, 2013 This is a true story on the police gangs
Drugs are big business for police.

First, without “drugs” we’d need a whole lot less cops – and judges, ADAs and prisons too.

Second, police get promoted based on how much cash they can seize and how many DEA-rewarded drug busts (i.e. a joint in a car) they can make.

Third, no small number of cops flat out are in the drug business. They provide security for drug shipments, bust competing gangs on behalf of criminal associates, re-sell drugs seized in arrests and in the case of Kingston, NY steal “drug bust” money.

It’s quite a circus and it’s relatively rare to see a whole police department go down at once.
The sad thing is that this is FAR from a isolated practice in the United States law enforcement community. From there it spills into the willing prosecutors criminal claws KNOWING reports are false, and ignoring exculpatory evidence so they can destroy innocent lives, and the lives of there families. WAKE UP AMERICA, every pig is a criminal because EVERY pig has witnessed another swine lying or tampering and if they ignore it & allow it, THERE CRIMINALS & Where is the GANG ENHANCEMENT charges???

This should go VIRAL ! Bring’s a new meaning to just one Bad APPLE don’t you think ! If Sheriff and 20 Deputies are Arrested in one place should make you think just how many more are they like this all over the world ! And yes there are Good Cop’s and sad ,sometimes hard to find !


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