News letter from the old man-November 6, 2013 – Family fun fun fun!


Can you tell which one is the drug dealer as well as the user?

November 6, 2013

                       November 6, 2013 Old Man’s News Update in Family

Talk about all the changes that seem to never end in Northwest Arkansas. First, I noticed I was kicked off a web page, not one of any interest after all been kicked off the best over the years and for some strange reason I am always added back. Wonder if there’s some unseen powers to be that just wish to track all that I say as well as do?
Shelbi An Hershel Johnson Now this one many know except for the Shelbi as still can never remember her last name. Know her from her mother being called by her daughter all the time to call the Bentonville Sheriff’s department something about dope and drugs and whatever else goes on in her nutty head. Been told she is unstable as well as a creepy freak and is a druggie big time. Took awhile, but did find where all these meth lab calls were coming from at lease and hear she is still making them. Oh well, whatever is all I can say. Meth lab of all things, sure as hell would have a lot of things done if could afford it. But, don’t see where all that meth money laying around to get the work I needed done completed. She is a sickie from hell and that is for sure!
The above link will surprise many of you as they are photos taken from where? Everyone will see you as when. Memories is the best way to say it. Take a look even my favorite friends are in here that family dislike. They will say hate, but I can’t stand that word “hate” but it’s just an uneducated word for those with no schooling is the best way to put it. maybe when people learn that, they will avoid the word. Maybe!
Now, also hear one of my kid’s that went to a lot of work to change his name to another as the Lewis name was just to harsh and now am told that his wife as well as him are seperated. Surprise and from what? Told that he was seen with another girl or something to that effect. Oh well, now when I get the information it’s normally been there and here and every where before the story gets to me. I did wonder why the majority of the photos were missing from the face book page, but like most women they do miss a couple here and there. So, I sit back and wait to see what happens.
Now, another close family member soon to be released, and this nutty gal of my family that seems to connect with another grandson tries to feel me out as to if I am going to allow another family member back here into the house. Had to tell this busy body grandson that it is no different if his wife asked the same question he knows the answer and I have no reason to say what is going to be what. Beginning to wonder if this grand kid likes this nut case, but told him NO she is not coming here as it is a sicko and up to her stupid old man to decide. just because I know she;’s a sick freak is not my concern to tell anyone in my family who they sleep with or marry. They already know how I feel by me discussing it with them openly with them. Still polite to them and it’s hard especially when she is a druggie and has a four kids from four different guys and this pone guy is so damn dumb he is willing to claim them as his own. So, nuts runs in that side of the family. Brother rejects one whore and here comes the next brother and the next brother and before you know it the whores are already trading off brothers. guess to get different sizes or something. This gal is having another one to pop in December, just said call 9-11 as not related no matter how much of a fool the kid is to say it’s his and it’s some other guys. A druggie as well.

Image  Image 



  Who am I talking about? This way you’ll be able to figure it out. All except the one druggie is not a Johnson, what her last name is drug dealer is all I know. Had her kids taken because drugs are more important than the kids is what I am told. This one due in December if arrives safe and not drugged up then may also be taken.
Have so many people asking for her because of her stealing and selling things that don’t belong to her as well as setting others up for her crimes even. Yup, my family just doesn’t seem to get it and yes I agree things will be back at the same old crap again soon. But, this time I am tired of the bullshit as well as the Bentonville sheriff and there going to come and speak or take whoever they wish this next trip. This is to let that one druggie to know that she is open season if the family member wants you here. Already have other members saying No she’s sick and already telling lie’s to everyone. Lie’s whoopee so what, she is sick and crazy and really dope brain dead anyways. If Hershel wants then he will answer for it. Same as anyone else needing a roof over their heads. They will answer to whatever as I am not going to enforce my rights to protect anyone else. After all I am fed up with criminals and especially druggie ones!
Take a look at the above link for others in this family that I mention. As for summons for the one, well answer the charges you dumb ass! Restraining order, then leave people alone that don’t want to have anything to do with you/. Lonely find another whore there’s plenty out there that need a place so your dick can get a piece. probably with all the germs as well!
Oh wow just seen another fight on Scenic dr. wife calls in on hubby for rape. He wanted and got some and she didn’t. Oh well that is how it goes. Seen him take off in jeep so guess he said fuck you bitch. Oh well, all this and here I am typing it out for others to enjoy the stories that keep happening daily. For someone that can’t get around as well I sure get the messages and asked for the advice as to what should I/we do. Then tell em and they still don’t listen and run away and hide or end back in jail/prison. What dumb asses!
Until next news letter of family goings on, I need to take some calm me down pills and high blood pressure pills and a few heart pills. Don’t understand why, but can see what doc. means that I am at the limit of two already and should do something with this gang of crappie people that say they are family!
Then maybe I just love the abuse or seeing how far I can go until these pills stop working. Went and spent money that I said I wasn’t going to do because some idiots were hungry again. Oh well, can’t let people stave even if I say I will. But, for sure in December people I am not helping no one for the whole month of December. Merry Christmas and may the New Years be as good to you as this year has been to me from most of you!




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