Accused of causing havoc in this area of Rogers, Arkansas! Move out now! Yea right?

Accused of causing havoc in this area of Rogers, Arkansas! Move out now! Yea right?

November 4, 2013- Now, this is a new one for me. I am a trouble maker and everyone dislikes me as well as hates me because I live here in this neighborhood. Never in my life have I heard such a thing. Been called every name in the book. But, scare tactics and murders as well as even petitions drawn up to force me out of the area. Hell, I said ten years ago I am willing to sell to anyone for $150,000.00. Everyone figured I was a rental and were surprised that I paid cash in full for all that I have. But, still here. Now, tactics of threats and concussion hand bombs as well as ransacking and stealing money from my safe in the amount of $60,000.00 didn’t do you creeps any good. Do you really think that phone calls and five car loads of storm troopers will really make me pack up and leave and accusing me of being a meth lab even is really a good one. That one I loved and was all I could do not to laugh in your faces. Waiting for a search warrant for three hours and one never comes after all you already went into the house to search for people as you stated to protect yourself until the search warrant arrives. So, we all sat outside and you all sat there looking dumber than dumb! We all knew or at lease I did that their would be no search warrant as you had no evidence even after falsely entering the house under force. Now, this new tactic I am to blame for the below calls. Wonder how I can get these calls? Just as easy as I know each bad cop in that department that still exist, but won’t if the harassment doesn’t cease soon or that buy me out doesn’t come though by all you so called rich property owners that plan to pool that money together and buy me out. Hell I will even pay for the closing costs even to assist, but this offer expires on 11/30/2013.


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