One sided Love story continues between Darrill Christy & Tracce Marr’s–October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013
Darrell Christy, No I have not avoided your calls and this is the message I get when I do call you.

Now, here it is now 15:55 (3:55pm) for all you non servers of America. Darrell Christy, I see your calling, well that was a lot of yelling and screaming for nothing from a big CRY BABY! Then hanging up because your not able to get on facebook? Your a nut case, oh wait that is proven, after all Mental health just released you. Ah must be someone in the family there in Marysville that is concerned to notifies the police that your jumping off the deep end.
Anytime someone threatens to do harm to others, or wait you did not do that yet. That would be a terrorist threat and prison even in California. Slitting your own wrists…Now that is just harming yourself over what? Oh yea a woman called Tracee Marrs who states she has chosen her son over you and even for a few weeks there running a picture of her and her son as proof on Facebook.
Oh wait your telling me that there is more to this story. Really, sure go ahead and I’ll be happy to tell it. Jail for telling a story. Tell the story after all the food is not at all that bad in Bentonville jail, after all I hear it’s a great place to start a real true diet from all the stupid complaints I read from people that were there for either crimes or false arrests as that is why they have this Obstruction of justice bullshit. People need to learn to fight and stop being scared of these crooks with badges. Especially these patrol officers as that is why there patrol officers. Don’t you know that until a crime is done there is nothing that these badge wearers can do.
There Darrell Christy that should show you that I am not afraid of these clowns even with the threats of killing my dog and stating you could be next. Then coming over with an AK even and pulling it on a roomer and telling him he was close to getting shot. Hell, if I would have been out there, probably been another murder by these jack booted thugs.
There goes my cell phone again and bet it’s you. Didn’t copy the other number that I use to contact people well that is what happens when big Babies cry over one sided love affairs.
Not going to answer any calls on that number from now on. If don’t have my private local number even there in Marysville, then ask your mother or even dad to give it to you as they have it! If don’t know how to search for it on your cell then get someone smarter than you like one of your own kids to show you how it works. You do remember your kids don’t you? You know that other gal, that you promised to marry that gave you two beautiful kids. Even though I was at the hospital for only Dylan. But, he really looked up to you and was so proud until when? Oh yea that weed then went to heavy crap and then after all the school money that your first gal tried to complete, but no had to give all the money to you instead. Oh because no longer wanted to work.
Rest of story as stated already told in this system on the world internet as nothing is ever taken or deleted off the World Wide Net. After all the Bentonville sheriff’s department maybe was able to delete the bad cop video but it’s still listed in hundreds of my pages and I still get calls to send it to others every so often. Once on here it’s here forever. Just like this news story that I am following up on.
Once a newsman always one I suppose, just not for the money any longer and no reason to sell t-shirts or buttons or whatever after all people know my address as well as e-mail and send me enough to get an ice tea from Mc Donalds every so often. Hell with the completion of this story and any follows up that may take place will make me follow up as the people thta watch this site which ever one they get on love to read these true life stories.
Ok, so you tell me that your old ex lady that came back to be with her son was all bullshit and lie. Really in what way? ” She has maybe seen her son three times since he was born and that came from her old man’s mouth even.” Well, then I did wonder why she had her son as well as her own picture up on face book for a few weeks then she Tracee Marrs removed that and placed up her sister or best friends with her instead. No idea what to think as to why she did that. But, the photo of mother and son did gain a lot more respect from me. Now, you tell me she has only seen her own son sice he was born maybe a few times. Well, my is not to judge, as I just say as I am told. But, now you say she got into your face book and you can’t get any information. Damn Darrell those must be great drugs as I went into different face book accounts that are all connected to and able to enter with no problem. In fact went up many other accounts as well and the messages she as well as her friend or whatever she is also there. Even when she can’t wait to go to work even. So just use this and you’ll have free range to read all that is said.
Even your own sister’s facebook carries what I have to say.
Not to mention your own one sided love afair here.
I need to stop giving away these trade secrets as to block anyone also means blocking anyone connected to them. So, don’t want to hear that I do not understand. Oh still calling, in fact got one of my grand kids wondering why I am not answering. Yup, just as I thought all from you Darrell Christy. I was told that a long message as well. Ok, let me see what it is…….Would just re-record what you said, but going to put word for word what messages you just left after hanging up on me. Hanging up and being silly won’t make this old man accept any more calls for awhile, you should know better.
First message: John you stupid banana head she hacked my fb page I can not access it that’s why I’m frustrated, I know she didn’t have her mind made up and will wait because I can’t throw away love and I know she can’t either. Her mother and sister are controlling her. She’s sweet and very dumb or gullible I’ve got sleep and clarity and just want to tell her personally tell her she’s my one and only and if tickets still in hand I will never make her choose between me or family because I truly care about her feelings enough to share time. Please post this for me. Love Darrill William Christy Jr.
Ok, now let’s see what this second one is; Please make sure she knows I’ve been prescribed Valium and don’t ever be afraid of the one person she she knows in her heart or whats left of it would give own life for Tucker who Darrill loves because he knows what growing up without a mother did to him and would not want Tucker to feel that way my number is still the same and I may cry but I promise to hear her out whenever shed be willing to have heart to heart. Thanks for help Grandpa I won’t stop loving her EVER!
Well after those two messages, as any good reporter would do, the story will stop hear and that way see where this goes for another follow up in the future.
Donations still accepted as you well know or even a book of McD’s Wendy, Kentucky , Ar-beys, Taco Bell or any fast food tickets even accepted.
Your (kid’s ) (wife-jessica) new Facebook page by the way.


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What is really wrong with these pictures?


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