Young man to the OLD lady! October 23, 2013- That is what you said, That’s what they all say really that old!

‎Wednesday, ‎October ‎23, ‎2013
  I have an ex that loves to send me comments plus other things every so often in the mail. The problem is it gets here in parts and pieces. So, of course I send them back along with the postal package it comes in. Matters not if a box of candy from one of my favorite or even home made cookies and all letters are always hitting me in a postal plastic bag with Sorry!
  But, it’s none of the other mail from the same area or miles a part just with ths gal. Last package before this letter was a package of candy of some type, which i also packaged up and sent back. I know this OLD GAl was feeling the same as I was and wondering WHY?
  But, everything that has ever come from her was opened or as they say torn and we at the postal service triedto repair as much as possible and of course “sorry”. Now, as I stated no other mail is ever checked. Read her letter back to me and surprise first one in an neat long envelope and made it. Why? Because no money or candy? She states not a machine and I know age does get to you as it has me. I would wonder who is checking out the mail and why? Maybe I am just jumping to conclusions, but never heard if the Candy made it back as well. First letter that made it in what many years and not tampered with? Well, I know it’s not on my end, as I have a mail box that takes a key. She doesn’t. Wonder who it is and why? Since you read this site Pat, this letter will make it with no problems. Well, then again depends on how often you also check. LOL



  No Pat, no one has key to mail box except me. My kid and grand kid have their own places. Sorry! as the post office does say, I don’t have access to post office baggies such as you have received back the mail. This was second one that you did at lease reply to. Meaning I wonder if you did get the others that I sent back now. As for money, never has or will ever concern me, since this is human done, then would say it is your end and not mine. Thanks just the same, but when I play games, people know of them just a few minutes after. Never take days or even hours. Love reading the notes and young man stuff. I feel that way if I am sitting and sleeping or even eating. But, to walk to get in van then I wonder how I made it that far. LMAO!




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