What happened to Dana L. Stidham

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                                                                   October 21, 2013

                                                      ASK FOR CAPTAIN CHRIS SPARKS. 1-479-271-1009                                  

This is one of many unsolved cold cases in Bentonville. This one has strange feelings of being those behind the badge from many stories read over the years. Meaning is a badge wearer or wearer’s behind this? If feel you have information then ask the Bentonville Sheriff’s Department if they are doing anything besides driving in circles?

For many of you in the local community of Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Gravette, Decatur, Gentry, Siloam Springs, Pea Ridge and Benton County Arkansas residents, “you might not have known” Dana L. Stidham a young girl from the Gravette-Hiwassee area was killed/murdered in the summer of 1989, and found by a squirrel hunter in Bella Vista, Arkansas just a few months after she went missing, after going to the Towne Center Grocery Store where she worked in the Deli, to pick up a few items for her ill father. Dana L. Stidham and I had only known each other a few short months before this horrible tragedy happened to her, and her family, what a shock it was to our peace and quiet community, something like this had never happened in our area, and it really was a “rude awakening” to what can happened to a nice quiet simple, honest, Christian girl, in a nice area. Over the years I have done a lot of thinking and research on the case, knowing the person(s) responsible for her murder is still out there – and the worst part of this crime, is that he is known, and his name, but why isn’t he being arrested? I don’t know, and I’ve been trying to find out-why it takes 24 years to arrest a man for murder, well a few *reasons why he hasn’t* is in some of the locals thoughts-*the man is friends with a former sheriff’s deputy, and suspicion of a former sheriff has some locals wondering is there more to this STORY of what happened to Dana than we know, or is it like some have said “the former officers don’t want their names brought up in court”, because perhaps the “party” a witness has stated-may have had officers of the law present, and or participating in the cover up of the crime, so I am as a last resort having to reach out to you the PUBLIC and ask you for your help, as a Christian, I can only be so polite to ask you to please call the Sheriff’s Office in Benton County Arkansas and ask them “why isn’t this case being investigated with credible information and witnesses that an independent informant has given you”? What is taking so long, what are we (the people) waiting for? Where is he-the suspect, (as informant has given even his address/information), and it is in the 4 state area-*Please call your local Sheriff, you have VOTED these people in office, you pay their wages-good money for them to bring JUSTICE for ALL people, why is DANA L. STIDHAM’s case waiting so long? Sad thing is, Dana’s father has already passed away, and her family I am sure is just a eager to have closure and bring this man to justice as we all are. CALL AND ASK FOR CAPTAIN CHRIS SPARKS. 1-479-271-1009 *AND IF YOU KNOW ANY INFORMATION please tell them all you know.
This is a serious matter.


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