News people write for profit as well as for getting the information out to those that don’t learn quickly!

                                                                         October 18, 2013
  Great e-mails from many as well many unhappy with so many postings. Great, means I did get your attention! Now, if I was able to attract you to something wrong, then you now understand how to fight back as well.
  Maybe Pogo is great with all the games. But, how many of you looked for the games that your interested in as well and found that they were free as well as even able to play against anyone in the world without having to pay a yearly membership of $39.95.
  Look for your self and you will be very surprised, and find that even having to put up with ad’s if you wish to stay with pogo will cost pogo when people besides those of you that I have reached.
  Yes, I know you tube as well can be used as well as many other world sites. But, here is some news that many people really don’t understand, just us that still write for certain newspapers as well as donate free news an photo’s even. But, read on and learn how money does not bring you the news. And above all Be
the vast media industry consolidation, much of what you are allowed to see conforms to the wishes of a very few people, such as Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp.
 private voices are barred, censored, from corporate media. Only institutional representatives and views are given a forum.
It is critical to understand that if the media do not show or publish something, the public – you and I – will not know that it exists.
Even worse, The Times of London, one of the oldest and most prestigious newspapers in the world, truly one of the last bastions of objectivity in the face of overpowering commercial pressure, has also been acquired by Murdoch. It refused to report on the dispute between HarperCollins and Patten, and now the objectivity of its coverage of China, and anyone else with whom Murdoch has dealings, is suspect.
As to your message, you obviously want to describe the institution and its misdeeds, the costs that have been incurred, and the corrective action that is required. However, you also want to focus on the institution’s executives. This is because a gaping loophole exists: institutional executives are able to escape personal responsibility. They hide behind the institution’s large, impersonal facade. They are cloaked in anonymity, and never held to account.
Corporations in general are large and faceless; it is very difficult to find anyone specific to blame. The underlying reason for this is as follows. When a company engages in an unethical action, such as polluting the environment, the actual employees who do it, who open a valve to allow the discharge of waste into a river, or the atmosphere, do not feel as if they, personally, are responsible. To them, they are simply following orders from above. (The anonymity of such an employee is like that of a soldier shooting into an unarmed crowd, or of a lab scientist torturing an animal, splitting a gene, or working on a weapon of mass destruction.) Furthermore, this failure to accept responsibility continues. Their bosses feel the same. And this goes on all the way up to the executives, who themselves believe that they are not to blame, since they are merely following the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer. But the CEO also is not to blame, as he is subject to the Board of Directors, which in turn must report to the shareholders, the owners of the company, which is the world of financial institutions, meaning “Wall Street.” But Wall Street responds: “Hey! It’s not us. We just apportion investment capital to the most successful companies. We have no impact at all on their day-to-day operations.”
boycott all goods “made in China,” and continue to do so until the nation becomes a democracy. For additional information, please see, and also the reasons given for this boycott on Dictator Watch.

As a personal incentive, you should also recognize that China is the most significant factor driving higher energy costs around the world. Demand for cheap Chinese goods, produced in sweatshops and with no environmental safeguards, particularly such demand from the U.S. (where the largest retailer of such goods is Wal-Mart, please boycott them as well) has fueled the explosive growth in the Chinese economy, and hence its abruptly increased appetite for oil. The more you buy Chinese goods, the higher your energy costs will be.

(Energy prices are of course also increasing because the world, again foremost the U.S., is not improving its energy conservation and efficiency, and because of manipulative speculation in the oil market.)
McDonalds: the best symbol of unrestrained commercial globalization, which has become known as “McDomination.
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