POGO.COM banned from speaking out!


POGO.COM? Do you believe that I have been even banned from POGO, that I pay for even!
Posted on October 16, 2013 under Arkansas Serve & Protect?
  POGO.COM doesn’t even tell you what they ban you for or how long. There like big mommy and tell you, that your no longer allowed to play games here. Doesn’t matter what game as they shut off all games.
  when you call them and they hear just my name they hang up. Seems they know me from other banned sites. lol Yes, I have been banned from many sites. Why not in jail? Never do nothing to go to jail. Just say what and how I feel about the people or sight. Even Google has done it, bu allowed me back after a period of time and talks. Some I just push to ban me. Never cussing or swearing or threats. I am nice about it!

October 16, 2013 POGO.COM bans me and I paid them yearly for more than ten years to play the games against other people on that site. Anyone else that has played games with people, know you have non humans as I call those that seem to be brave and like to mouth off. Just sometimes I have no choice and will access their account to give them a little bit of my own feelings as well as phone number and address and yes even my name. after all if I say something then I am willing to back it up. Well POGO doesn’t want you to do that and they will ban you even if you paid for years. Ben me from playing. Great then I also want my money back. After all I don’t jump onto anyone until they first attack me in one way or another. Why I am so hard on my family. They best be able to tell the truth or don’t say anything without backing it up. Pogo accuses me of nasty speech. Hmm, nope I don’t need to get to people with nasty speech. So am waiting to see what it is I did. Think it’s because I sent my phone number, address and said come in person and say that. after all that is how I am and always have been ever since knee high to a tadpole. lol Here’s the letter minus of course my address and phone. If want it, everyone knows where it’s at.
First I would like to know what I said that was nasty or rude while playing Canasta on October 15, 2013. I have no reason to use cussing or swearing words to tell someone off. I never reply to anyone unless they first reply to me in a rude or nasty way.
This here banning someone without cause is really on someone’s word saying that I did or did not say something rude. Last player was nasty in saying things to me, then accusing me of cheating. As if your able to cheat in Canasta in the first place. As it is nothing more than the luck of the cards if you know the game or not.
This person is like the majority of people that hide behind a screen and challenge people or make it out as if your a cheater so mouth off in a way to challenge people that they do not know. I am a sixty-seven year old man, an ex-Viet nam fighter and don’t take even unknowns to call me names or accuse me of being a cheater and not back it up. I then send them my name as well as address and home phone number to be man enough to come by and say the same face to face. As I stated I am 67 years old and fought for this country and will not bow down to anyone not man enough to face someone that asks them to.
Your childish ways of treating your customer’s as kiddies, and saying your no longer allowed to play games with anyone is just that childish and should be taken to everyone that without any verbal proof as I know I never swear or cuss at anyone. I know what I can do as well as know that this will be brought to all users as to your childish ways of a paying customer has no right to pay for games that they pay for yearly.
So since I have been a member of your childish game system in good standing of paying each and every year for a little more than ten years. I ask that all my monies be given back to me in the amount of $35.00 per year over ten years $350.00. I expect the check to be sent as soon as you read this for not allowing access as you stated in your stop of access this date. I expect a reply as soon as possible to prevent local and national news media knowing that you control people that only reply once they are asked in some way. If over ten years of my service you also accused me of cheating and kept fifty dollars from me as calling me one. That was seven years ago and never won a thing since, and did not care as I like the games period. Again I ask how do you cheat anyways and really like proof as to how your able to cheat in canasta as I know that you lower the scores of good players or just reduce them. I never complain of that either. But, now I want proof as to any such animal as a Canasta cheating device since it is the luck of the cards always!
Consumer Complaints
This Business is not BBB Accredited
Electronic Arts, Inc. (Headquarters)

Phone: (650) 628-1500 When you call press 0 then ask for customer service. Your lucky if you get anyone, Why am I banned!
Fax: (650) 628-1470


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