listen to our phone calls, read our text messages and emails, and track all of our locations in real time.

 This should scare the shit out if you.

Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own

The implications of this are frightening. 
Soon there will no longer be human soldiers who can refuse orders to turn on the very people they are supposed to be protecting and defending. 

Our “National Security” has been turned inward and is now used to spy on us, listen to our phone calls, read our text messages and emails, and track all of our locations in real time. 

Our Air Force pilots are being replaced by automated drones that fly not only over seas but right here over our heads. Even the A-10’a in Ft Smith are being replaced with drones. 

They have turned war into a video game so the ones in control never have to fear death, they just take control of another drone and try try again until their target is destroyed. 

Now watch these videos of land robots that are being created by DARPA (the military) that will replace the human foot soldier. 

WildCat Robot: Meet The Creepy New Galloping Four-Legged Robot Created By Boston Dynamics [VIDEO]

What happens when these things are controlled by the same psychopaths who control our government today? Or worse what happens when they are fully automated to communicate with each other and make their own decisions, and they decide all humans must die in order to protect themselves. 

I’m no crazy paranoid conspiracy theorist, but with just a few news stories is doesn’t take much to connect the dots and see what direction we are headed. 

The fact is the wars will never end if we allow them to become like video games. And one day it may become a war of humans vs our own creation, the robots. 

Some times technology can be exciting and dangerous at the same time. At some point we will have to take a step back and say yes this is neat and possible but not worth the risk.


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