Just some bad badge wearers across the USA caught being bad, bad, bad!

                                                           ‎Sunday, ‎October ‎06, ‎2013
  Let’s pick out a half dozen bad badge wearers from all over the United States that were caught being ass holes and not being such good guys as you sheep believe!

A 23 year veteran of the Florida Highway patrol has been arrested on theft charges and fired.  Lt. Robert King Purser, also ran a side business under which he scheduled troopers and other officers on off duty security jobs.  It was this business that he allegedly used to overcharge a Hialeah engineering firm.

Lakeland Police Detective Crime Analyst Sue Eberle was fired this week at the conclusion of the investigation of the Lakeland Police Sex Scandal.  Eberle was at the center of the investigation after reporting thaat she had had sex with 10 officers in the past  years. Eberle’s firing makes the total of employees disciplined, fired, retired, or resigned due to the scandal to 20.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter only 19 hours after an on duty shooting.  Officer Randall Kerrick along with 2 other officers responded to a burglary in progress call.  Upon arrival in the are they confronted  former FAMU  football player Jonathan Ferrell.  Ferrell charged at the officers and one of the other officers fired at Ferrell with a Taser.    After the taser was ineffective in stopping Ferrell from charging them, Kerrick fired his service pistol at Ferrill killing him.


Former Hollywood, FL police officer Dewey Pressley has turned himself in at the Broward County Jail to start serving his 90 day sentence.  Pressley was convicted of falsifying records in regards to a crash investigation of a fellow officer.  Pressley told the officer involved in the crash and other officers that he would “Walt Disney” it and make it appear that the other driver was at fault. 

South Miami Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro was effectively fired by the city on Wednesday, when the Council declared his contract no longer in effect.  They state that his few stints as acting city manager while chief of police effectively voided his contract.

Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell disbanded her traffic unit and moved the deputies into schools after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.  Now the number of civil and criminal traffic citations have plummeted as have the number of DUI arrests.


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