October 1, 2013 Old man sounding off as usual – WOW! Black House finally closed!

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                          ‎Tuesday, ‎October ‎01, ‎2013
  Missed the reaction on what is happening in real life with my family? Well, a few of you left some comments, but all I can say is as I always say this old man doesn’t need to leave his room and there will be something happening all the time. Not just because we have bad clowns always wanting to come by and play their silly games. Everyone knows my address, just take a trip up the hill and find a quiet spot and just watch after all that is what the fun thing is now days since they conned me out of my house with the help of my grand son. They know it will never work again, not only because I say so, but my grand kid has learned a little more as well. At lease hopefully. But, my day started at a few minutes before midnight. After all I need to sneak out on the road or get pegged by a clown wanting to play games. Enough on the clowns as more will be happening soon enough and just way too soon for this old man. But, then the clowns do keep me smiling and LMAO as they are so silly at doing what they do.
  Well a couple months back I have  someone in this family that takes in any stray he can and I did my best to find them a home and no one wanted them. probably the reason they were dropped off here, as no matter how ugly they are, this grand on takes them in. Gives em a bit to eat and let’s them know that this is their new home. Then later forgets to feed or even water and then soon they end up disappearing. Need to be careful ass to how I word this as those clowns looking for any excuse, as we all know it’s a felony for animal meanness. Which I love by the way. Just that I am not going to take on whatever everyone else does in my family. Take in two three four and five dogs and then  for whatever reason they need to move and they end up here for this old man to care for or get rid of.  This also goes for most family members as I tried taking two dogs over to apartment and left them after all not mine and didn’t want the problems at my age. Besides already had mine that was murdered by the clown department, and  just glad I was to ill to get out of bed. there would have been another murder, and it was needed to. Everything this clown did was against the law even. But, I knew it was going to take place as these clowns are good with letting you know what there going to do next. Why, I laugh when I see their circus train coming by every so often and stop for a bit and continue on.  Since last letter, that has stopped and rolling faster now by here.  But, so far we had three dogs that have departed in the last week, another this morning was found as well this morning. So, we took care of it’s remains after all with being a felony and found dead these clowns would use that for something as they do every time there here.. Now down to just a few left, and another looks as if may go any day also. Either there being killed with rat mice chips or worms are eating them inside out, which the latter is what it appears to me. That means anyone that loves whatever dogs left hopefully are worming or at lease putting a piece of Garlic down it’s throats if can’t afford a vet. Just a suggestion kids if really love those animals. Love, yea right. Like if they really did after all calling the catcher to pick up your animals and saying there not yours. Yea, right. How bad and mean. Oh well, people do the same with their kids and now even see there is a big underground market for that even. Even around here. How sad!
  Any how as my one grandma always said when she was disgusted with things and just went on with her business and tune out the BS being spread around the house. Same as I do but also still say here we go with another story and when will the real truth come out? When I discover what it is then everyone gets pissed, and I do mean pissed. Truth is how I am known and the stories still keep hashing out all the time.
  Anyway with only a few animals left hopefully someone will come by and pick them up before it’s lets say too late. If not then I suppose it is what the Almighty wanted to take place after all things do work in strange ways. Even for an old man like myself to know what is always happening I get e-mails and phone calls all the time. Over three hundred e-mails today in one box alone, that I can never get to and will just delete as no time to get to them all. Then all it takes is one real nasty one and I delete all of them so never see any good ones that way.  Gave the one phone number to the grand kids as tired of it, so set up another one and now have three of mine and two others floating around if and when they answer it or use it. Same as e-mails some I never been into for years and always go delete and let it fill again. Now into games to relax and does good at times even. love a challenge so will always try to be number one, but there’s always someone better that comes along.
  One grand son is doing great as well as trying to get my other into working as him, but his old lady I just not sure what it is. Afraid if he works then he is cheating. Wow, what a relationship.  Could never have lived that way, and they will never make it until something breaks one day. I worked way too much more time at work than at home with family. Bad but I wanted things to be good for mine. Which there were for years. Now, it’s called surviving and that is on them all now as well as even myself.But, over time i suppose everything will come to work out or come to an end.
  Hell even my neighbor finally made his property look nice by removing the rocks and dirt. So, guess I’ll mow my yard in a few days one last time before winter. Two hundred dollars for repairs and get to use it one time this year. Oh well, at lease water bill went back to fifty from a hundred. No idea, how or why, but same goes with all these bills. never know what is going to happen.
  Was told by another family member he is moving back in November 15th with his old lady that I can’t stand as she calls the clowns all the time just to keep things excited. She’s not all there in the head, then again I don’t think this kid is either for wanting to be with his brother’s ex and who’s carrying another dudes kid and then this kid is willing to even claim it even when it’s not his. Sick sick sick! Hell he hasn’t seen his own kid in a year or more and she married some older guy even and talk about messed up and all I can do is shake my head and go back to my small room and wait for an e-mail or call as to what is happening. They of course blame everyone else and never themselves. I suppose if I had all the drama these kids make for themselves back in my time, I would never get to work either.
  Did you all sigh up for Obama care? Best do it as a fine takes over in March 2014 for those that haven’t. What a fine for not signing up for medical? Yup, Don’t you people love this new dictator system. Have I? Nope, I am a vet so do as my doctor tells me after all I live because he allows it.  Besides as I have mentioned before only 10% of the people are in the armed services. Hard to believe isn’t it? Same as I said the federal government has more workers than the private sector. America wake up as soon as all these fed’s are back there will be hell to pay for. look at food prices. Milk by the way is more than gas now. Last year it wasn’t. But, who really cares as your not the America that I want or headed for. I am fighting as well as many other lone wolves are. Will we win? Hard to say, as at lease we have placed 80,000 at home for how long? Do your part and fight and take back what has always been yours freedom. Don’t allow this dictator to rule and fine you as well. More hardships are coming people. Next step all you food stamp card holders 65% cut in November. I love it, after all never could afford prime rib beef myself even when I was working three jobs. Sure can’t now either. Have a freezer if wish to fill it for free. LOL Heck I beg for a buck and get a few now and then. But, just think if a thousand or just a hundred would send daily I could afford to eat like those on welfare. am I against welfare? YES! Makes people lazy as all hell and not working as hard. But, I picked on people taking that welfare crap enough this year. Now, it’s going to hurt finally and get worst as time moves on. What about me? Oh i am great! so far anyways. After all I have family that brings me paper steaks and burritos or tamales every so often. But, need to tell my son next time I want a big steak as his son stated they all had for $60.00. But guess I should not complain. Would not be doing so if not for grand son telling me how big yours were Jennie. LOL
  Corey thanks for getting your younger brother on baby food finally. Hope that she keeps it up! As know it was needed! Of course mother is mad as a wet hen, but was concerned now could see the change in him after a couple days even. Great!
  Well need to close as have to run around town and pay bills as need to save every way possible.


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