The Police Are Dogs

Tunisian rapper jailed for insulting police

Ahmed Ben Ahmed, who performed an anti-police song in August, jailed for six months, while co-singer remains in hiding 27 September 2013 17.22 EDT

Ahmed ben Ahmed

Ahmed Ben Ahmed, also known as Klay BBJ. Photograph: Chedly Ben Ibrahim/Corbis

A Tunisian court has sentenced a rapper to six months in prison for singing excerpts of an anti-police song at a concert, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Ghazi Mrabet said he would appeal against the conviction of Ahmed Ben Ahmed, known as Klay BBJ. When Ahmed was led out of court and into a police van to be taken to prison, supporters chanted: “Free Klay BBJ.”

At a concert in August in the coastal town of Hammamet, Ahmed and fellow rapper Alaa Yacoub, known as Weld El 15, sang excerpts of Weld El’s anti-police song Boulicia Kleb (The Police Are Dogs).

Ahmed and Yacoub were convicted in absentia last month and sentenced to 21 months in prison. Ahmed sought a retrial, while Yacoub remains in hiding.


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