Bentonville sheriff wants news do ya! Look how many murders committed 2013

                             September 26, 2013

                                          Sheriff’s really busy peeping on me. Why?
Hell wait until someone is out of jail or prison after all you need an excuse. Wait, no you don’t as your going to force me to move. That is a joke in itself. Force? That will be a cold day in hell for someone that really thinks that there that far above the law to even try that. You silly rabbits. lol
Arkansas Sets 30-minute Statute of Limitations for Crimes Committed by Police
September 12, 2013, 2:55 pm
Seriously, I am not joking. The Arkansas State Police apparently reserve the right not to consider any complaints of police brutality or mis-use of force if they are not filed within a half hour of the incident:

The killing led to a town hall meeting Monday, and the city prosecutor, Kyle Hunter, was assigned to investigate, saying his job was to determine whether the actions were justified. Hunter requested an investigation by the state police, who were not called in following the killing of the 107-year-old Isadore, but, theArkansas Times reports, state police declined Hunter’s request:

With the lapse in time, [Arkansas State Police’s Bill] Sadler said, the crime scene has been compromised, the local law enforcement agency (the Pine Bluff PD) has already processed the evidence, and the witnesses were (long since) no longer sequestered. “It’s a credibility issue and a forensic issue,” he said.

“APB routinely responds to those requests when they come in in a timely matter,” he said. He said that requests typically come within 30 to 40 minutes after deadly force was used. Sadler said that there was no law or protocol requiring local authorities to call in the state police in a situation in which an officer uses deadly force. “That is the choice of the local jurisdiction,” he said. If called, they could have arrived within half an hour, he said. “We would have immediately responded.”
Twice yesterday your pee on patrol unit or little baby face kid stopped in front of my place, just know he wanted to drive in and try something, but was too scared I suppose? After conning people as well as writtering false citations that were illegal in the first place. you scum buckets are so funny that your able to make up your own circus and make a lot. Let’s call it what it is. The Bentonville County Sheriff’s Department Circus with all the clowns known across the USA as allowing photos to be taken of there jail and not even know it. you clowns are funny as hell! See, I am really afraid of you dumb ass’s. Let’s see what has been happening lately in Arkansas with you silly clowns.
09:47 PM Shooting 600 BLOCK OF CADBURY DRIVE,ODENTON The Victim/Homeowner, A 25-Year-Old Male, Who Said Unknown Person(S) Fired Shots Through His Front Window. The Victim, His 26-Year-Old Wife And Their Three Children (A Seven-Month-Old Girl, A 19-Month-Old Girl And A Four-Year-Old Girl) Were Inside Of The Home At The Time Of The Incident. The Victim?S 19-Month-Old Daughter Was Injured By Glass Fragments As The Window Shattered. The Child Was Treated At The Scene For Minor Injuries.
09/24/2013 Other YORK ROAD AND EAST NORTHERN PARKWAY,BALTIMORE Three people were killed in a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of York Road and East Northern Parkway in North Baltimore early Tuesday morning after the driver of one of the vehicles fled from Baltimore Police. Police said plain clothed officers “followed” the vehicle for some period of time, but would not confirm whether they were actively chasing the vehicle at the time of the collision, or whether the officers in pursuit had activated sirens on their vehicle. The intersection was closed in all directions until about 11 a.m., or about 10 hours, as police investigated the circumstances of the collision, police said. The closure stalled traffic in the area for hours — and through the morning commute — as officers directed cars around the intersection.
01:04 AM Shooting 400 BLOCK OF SECRET BEND,GLEN BURNIE The 21-Year-Old Male Victim Who Indicated That He Was Shot While He Was A Passenger In A Vehicle At The Sunoco Gas Station.The Vehicle Was Exiting The Lot When A Second Vehicle Pulled Alongside. At That Time, A Suspect Got Out Of The Driver?S Side And Shot Twice Through The Driver?S Side Of The Vehicle The Victim Was In, Striking The Victim Once In The Abdomen. The Suspect Then Entered Back Into His Vehicle And Fled The Scene In An Unknown Direction. Several Officers Canvassed The Area, But Were Unable To Locate The Suspect Or Suspect Vehicle.
2013-09-07 Isadore, Monroe (107) Arkansas (Pine Bluff) Police arrived at a residence in response to reports of a disturbance. Isadore confronted them with a handgun and retreated into a bedroom, firing on them when they attempted to enter. SWAT officers arrived as backup and, after failed negotiations, released gas into the room and broke down the door. Isadore fired on them as they entered, and they returned fire, killing him.[3]
List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States
This is just for 2013, and I have lists all the way back to many other years. But, just look at what these murders do for things as drunk or back talking or defending your Constitutional rights. Your shot by these COWARD CLOWNS! Read and defend yourself as these are nothing more than government gangs!
September 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-09-16 Alexis, Aaron (34) Washington, D.C. Alexis was killed in an alleged gunbattle with police during the Washington Navy Yard shooting.[1]
2013-09-14 Ferrell, Jonathan (24) North Carolina (Charlotte) Police were responding to a 911 call of a suspicious man outside a woman’s home. Three officers arrived, and Ferrell allegedly began running toward them. One officer fired a stun gun, which police say malfunctioned, and then Officer Randall Kerrick shot Ferrell several times, killing him. Ferrell was unarmed, and had apparently walked to the woman’s house from his severely crashed vehicle nearby and was looking for help. Officer Kerrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter.[2]
2013-09-07 Isadore, Monroe (107) Arkansas (Pine Bluff) Police arrived at a residence in response to reports of a disturbance. Isadore confronted them with a handgun and retreated into a bedroom, firing on them when they attempted to enter. SWAT officers arrived as backup and, after failed negotiations, released gas into the room and broke down the door. Isadore fired on them as they entered, and they returned fire, killing him.[3]
August 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-08-31 Worrell, Vergel Ricafrente (46) California (Union City) A man reportedly fired 10 to 15 gunshots in a neighborhood in Union City. The gunman refused to comply with the officers’ demand and was then shot.[4][5]
2013-08-29 Greer, John (46) Virginia (Springfield) After police responded to a call of a domestic dispute at a house in Springfield, an officer fired a shot at John Greer, killing him. Greer was reported to be armed with a firearm. The case is being investigated.[6]
2013-08-27 Germaine, Korey Marcel California (Antioch) Germaine was shot and killed after pointing a gun at officers during a police chase.[7]
2013-08-20 Procell, Tony (24) Louisiana (Many) Procell was allegedly kidnapped and beaten to death by Robert Barthelemy, a Natchitoches police officer. The officer burried the body in Winn Parish, where it was found on August 25, 2013. The officer and the victim both served in the Louisiana National Guard and apparently had a dispute over a woman.[8]
2013-08-18 Carll, Charles G. (59) Wisconsin (Madison) Charles Carll was armed with a knife and reportedly attacked his wife with the knife. Police officers initially Tasered the man, but it failed to restrain him. The man ignored the officers’ verbal commands and was fatally shot by the officers.[9]
2013-08-18 Beckham, Seth (19) Maryland (Forest Hill) Seth Beckham broke into a 7-11, a McDonald’s, and a gas station, while displaying aggressive and bizarre behavior. After the police officers drew their guns, Beckham reportedly tried to attack the officers. Seth Beckham was shot by a Harford County sheriff’s deputy.[10]
2013-08-15 McClanahan, Thomas (46) Kentucky (Fleming County) Fleming County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic call. Thomas McClanahan came out of the house and pointed a gun at the officers. A state trooper fired his weapon, killing McClanahan.[11]
2013-08-14 Simmons, Donny (37) California (Hayward) A domestic violence suspect was fatally shot by police in his apartment after charging at officers with a knife.[12] [13]
2013-08-13 Harvey, Allen, Jr. (23) Maryland (Baltimore) A burglary suspect ran into a van and sped off with it, striking and injuring a police officer. Three officers fired at the van, killing the driver.[14][15]
2013-08-13 Ahmed, Fuaed Abdo (20) Louisiana (St. John) Fuaed Abdo Ahmed took three bank employees hostage inside a bank for several hours. Ahmed released one hostage and, hours later, shot two of the hostages; one died, and the other was injured. Police then shot and killed Ahmed.[16]
2013-08-12 Brill, Steven M. (46) Pennsylvania (Manheim) Steven M. Brill called 911, resulting in officers arriving at his home. Brill pointed an air rifle at the officers and refused to drop it after officers demanded him to. Two officers fired their weapons at Brill, killing him.[17]
2013-08-12 Duckworth, Martin A. (31) Washington (Seattle) Martin A. Duckworth barged onto a bus and shot the driver five times in downtown Seattle. Duckworth then ran on foot and entered another bus, where he was followed by several police officers. Duckworth aimed his gun at officers, which led the officers to shoot the gunman at least a dozen times, fatally wounding him. Two officers were injured and several passengers on the bus were superficially injured from flying glass.[18][19]
2013-08-11 Donohue, Russell (44) Illinois (Poplar Grove) Russell Donahue attempted to break into a home and shot through the door. Officers were called onto the scene, and two deputies fired at Donohue, killing him.[20]
2013-08-11 Edwards, Wayne (23) Massachusetts (Springfield) Edwards was fatally wounded by a Massachusetts State Police trooper during an altercation. After the officer approached Edwards’s vehicle at a traffic stop, Edwards reportedly became combative. Police began firing. Edwards then attempted to flee and crashed his vehicle. He was brought to Baystate Medical Center, where he died. A female passenger in the vehicle was treated for minor injuries and released the same night.[21][22]
2013-08-10 DiMaggio, James Lee (40) Idaho (Ada County) On August 4, 2013, an Amber Alert was issued for 16-year-old Hannah Anderson and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan, after they were reported missing by their grandparents. Their mother was found burned to death along with Ethan Anderson at a house owned by James DiMaggio, in Boulevard, California. James DiMaggio was named a suspect in the murders and abduction of Hannah Anderson, which lead to manhunts being executed across the western U.S. On August 8, DiMaggio’s car was found in central Idaho. On August 10, DiMaggio was found with Anderson at a campsite at Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness and was fatally shot by an FBI agent during a confrontation. Hannah Anderson was unharmed.[23][24]
2013-08-09 Nehez, Michael (68) California (Sunnyvale) Michael Nehez stabbed his 55-year-old wife to death and then called 911. As police officers surrounded his house, Nehez ran towards them and charged at them with a knife. The officers fired at Nehez, killing him.[25][26][27]
2013-08-08 unnamed male Missouri (Kansas City) A man wanted for an alleged parole violation was resisting arrest and then was shot by police. Information has not yet been released on whether or not the man shot had drawn a weapon.[28][29]
2013-08-07 Hendricks, Roudy (21) Massachusetts (Boston) Boston drug control unit Officers Harry Jean and Terry Cotton were observing two men. An alleged shootout between officers and the men ensued. Both officers were wounded by gunfire, and one of the men was shot to death.[30][31]
2013-08-06 Hernandez, Israel (18) Florida (Miami Beach) At 5 a.m., Miami Beach police officers spotted Israel Hernandez spray-painting the side of a vacant McDonald’s restaurant. After Hernandez saw police officers approaching him, he fled the area, leaving officers on a foot chase. According to Miami Beach police, Hernandez ignored the officers’ commands to stop and then ran towards officer Jorge Mercado. An officer shocked Hernandez with a Taser, and he was unresponsive afterward. Hernandez was sent to a hospital and died at 6 a.m.[32][33]
2013-08-06 Leija, Hector (61) New Mexico (Carlsbad) Police were responding to a disturbance when they encountered a man who was allegedly armed with a gun. Officers shot and killed the man.[34][35]
2013-08-05 unnamed male Texas (Houston) Officers M. Alanis and M. Newman were responding to a report of shots fired. They located a male suspect who fled on foot and allegedly shot at officers. Officer Alanis shot at the man and missed. Officer Newman located the man with a K-9 and shot and killed him.[36]
2013-08-04 unnamed male (49) Arizona (Mesa) A man in a wheelchair was killed after Mesa police shot him during an altercation. The man pulled out his gun and officers responded by firing shots.[37]
2013-08-04 Douse, Shaaliver (14) New York (New York City) Shaaliver Douse was shot by NYPD after he fired a gun at another fleeing male on a Bronx street.[38]
2013-08-03 Marquez, Eric (26) California (Huntington Beach) Marquez was shot by a Huntington Beach police officer after he was exiting a vehicle while brandishing a firearm.[39]
2013-08-02 Sides, Jon M. (32) Oklahoma (Warr Acres) Jon Sides was shot and killed by a Warr Acres Police officer after a motorcycle chase that began in Warr Acres and ended in southwest Oklahoma City.[40]
July 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-07-30 Arellano, Kevin (22) California (Santa Ana) Police officers say the unarmed homeless man got into a “confrontation” with a Santa Ana police officer and took off running. What led to the police officer opening fire is under investigation. [41]
2013-07-28 unnamed male (27) Illinois (Chicago) A man was fatally shot by Chicago police after stabbing and injuring his estranged wife at her home in the Gage Park neighborhood.[42]
2013-07-27 Vargas, Pedro Alberto, 42 Florida (Hialeah) Pedro Alberto Vargas fatally shot six people inside his Hialeah apartment complex and then took two people hostage for about three hours. After negotiations reportedly broke down, a SWAT team entered the building and fatally shot Vargas after a brief shootout; the two hostages escaped unharmed.[43][44]
2013-07-27 Wrana, John (95) Illinois (Park Forest) Wrana allegedly threatened the staff at an assisted living center with a shoehorn and a kitchen knife, so the police officer tazered him, and shot him with a bean bag round. [45]
2013-07-26 Jackson, Larry Eugene Jr. (32) Texas (Austin) Jackson was shot and killed by Charles Kleinert, a police detective who was investigating a bank robbery. The detective shot Jackson in the back of the neck after he allegedly fled and then struggled with the officer, according to an initial report. An amended report has since been filed which does not state that Jackson fled or fought with Kleinert. An investigation is pending.[46][47]
2013-07-24 Wheelihan, John (43) Arizona (Tempe) 43-year-old John Wheelihan walked out the back door of a house with a .22 caliber air rifle and approached detectives with it. After officers demanded Wheelihan to drop his weapon down multiple times, Wheelihan raised the rifle. The officers then fatally shot Wheelihan.[48]
2013-07-18 Walker, Kendall (24) California (Vacaville) Walker was shot after he got out of his car and charged towards officers with a hammer and a knife.[49]
2013-07-11 Simms, Brian Jr. (24) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Simms was shot and killed by off duty OKCPD officers working security for a concert. It was reported that Simms had a firearm in his waistband and failed to comply with the officers orders.[50]
2013-07-05 unnamed male (28) Washington (Seattle) A man fired a pistol at Seattle SWAT team officers. The SWAT team members responded with gunfire, fatally hitting the man.[51]
June 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-06-19 Cooper, Kenneth Dewayne Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Cooper was shot and killed after officers responded to a possible disturbance call[52]
2013-06-18 Walker, Jaquaz (17) North Carolina (Charlotte) Walker was shot by an undercover officer during a drug sting operation. The officer and an informant were meeting Walker and another teenager at an elementary school for an alleged marijuana deal. Police say Walker shot the informant in the shoulder, prompting the officer to shoot and kill him.[53]
2013-06-17 Wallace, Sammie (37) Oklahoma (Midwest City) Wallace was shot and killed while holding a toddler hostage with a knife.[54]
2013-06-11 Premo, Zachary (26) Minnesota (Duluth) Police officers shot Zachary Premo following a confrontation that began while officers looked for a driver who had fled the scene of a one-vehicle crash.[55]
2013‑06‑08 Morales, Urbano Moreno (48) California (Windsor) Urbano Moreno Morales stabbed and seriously wounded the mother of his adult son with a knife outside a Starbucks store in Windsor’s Town Green neighborhood. Morales walked away from the neighborhood, and started stabbing himself before police approached him. Morales then charged at the officers with the knife and was then shot to death.[56]
2013-06-08 Witham, Renee (24) Arizona (Tucson) Witham was suicidal and called 911 to report that she was going to kill herself. The police officers attended the scene and found her outside with a man. They reported she took a gun out of a holster, and the police officers told her to drop the weapon. After she refused police officers opened fire, killing her and injuring the man. [57]
2013‑06‑07 unnamed male Georgia (Acworth) Officers were responding to a domestic dispute where they were told shots had been fired. They encountered a man who was allegedly armed and uncooperative with their commands. Officers shot the man, killing him.[58]
2013‑06‑07 unnamed male California (Santa Monica) A man was killed in a shootout with officers in the Santa Monica College Library following an alleged killing spree that left four people dead and at least five wounded. Witnesses said the man wore body armor and a helmet and carried several firearms.[59]
2013‑06‑07 unnamed male Nevada (Reno) Police were responding to a home invasion when at least one responding deputy shot and killed the suspect.[60]
2013‑06‑05 Mayes, William Daniel (37) California (Escondido) Police received a report of elderly assault and suspected Mayes of abusing his father. They also received information that Mayes was building explosives, so they used undercover officers to lure Mayes to a park-and-ride lot. Mayes attempted to flee and crashed his car. He allegedly got out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at officers who then shot and killed him. Police say they found explosives in his vehicle.[61]
2013‑06‑04 Peeler, Shirley Jean (51) California (Mad River) A realtor was showing a property to prospective buyers when they encountered Peeler, whose parents had once owned the property, armed with a rifle. Police say Peeler had been ordered off the property when it went on the market. Peeler allegedly fired a shot at the realtor who then called the police. Officers shot and killed Peeler after they say she threatened them and fired a shot.[62]
2013‑06‑04 Hartman, David (32) Texas (Highland Park) Hartman was killed by officers after allegedly escaping handcuffs and pointing a pistol at them. Police had tracked him after a woman reported a suspicious man on a motorcycle.[63]
2013‑06‑03 Wilkins, Tyler W. (16) Missouri (Kansas City) Officers shot Wilkins multiple times after he allegedly brandished a handgun at them while they pursued him on foot. Police say Wilkins matched the description of someone wanted in a recent crime.[64]
2013‑06‑03 Murillo, Pedro (25) California (Huron) An officer approached Murillo, who was on a bicycle, for an unknown reason. Murillo fled on the bike and then on foot. The officer shot and killed Murillo after he allegedly pointed a small handgun at the officer.[65]
2013‑06‑02 unnamed male California (Gardena) A man was killed by police for an unspecified reason. Another man was injured by police gunfire.[66]
2013‑06‑01 Cargnoni, Giacomo (21) California (San Diego) Police were responding to a report of a man threatening to shoot another man. They pursued the suspect’s vehicle and pulled him over. Officers shot and killed the man after he allegedly got out of his vehicle and pointed an object at them. Police say they recovered a gun from inside the vehicle but did not state what object the man was holding.[67]
2013‑06‑01 Riedisser, Justin Tyler (26) Arizona (Phoenix) Several officers shot and killed Riedisser after he allegeldy pointed a gun at them. Police were initially responding to a domestic violence incident at an apartment. They tracked Riedisser to another location less than a mile away before killing him.[68]
2013‑06‑01 Jacobs, Roy, Jr. Washington (Spokane) Jacobs called police to his apartment to turn himself in on a child support warrant. Family members who were with him in the apartment said that when officers arrived, Jacobs got up and stepped forward and was shot. Police recovered a knife from the apartment, although witnesses say Jacobs was not holding it.[69]
2013‑06‑01 unnamed male (21) Texas (Corsicana) Police were responding to a report of a suicidal man in a trailer park. Officers shot and killed him after he allegedly fired more than one shot towards them.[70]
May 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013‑05‑30 unnamed male California (Santa Ana) Officers suspected four men of suspicious activity and approached them. A fight ensued between an officer and one man, and the officer shot and killed the man. The other three men fled, and officers pursued them by vehicle. The chase ended when the men crashed, killing a pedestrian.[71]
2013‑05‑29 unnamed male Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Police shot and killed a man who allegedly refused to drop a weapon. This incident marked the seventh person shot by police in Philadelphia in one week.[72]
2013‑05‑29 Harper, Douglas (62) Montana (Helena) 62-year-old Douglas Harper was shot and killed by a deputy who was conducting a welfare check. Harper pointed a handgun at the deputy and failed to comply with orders to drop his weapon, and the deputy fired his handgun as a result.[73]
2013‑05‑29 unnamed person California (Oakland) A man was shot multiple times by officers in an incident that began as a vehicle chase.[74]
2013‑05‑29 Scott, Mhai (38) Virginia (Sterling) Two deputies were responding to a disorderly conduct complaint in a Costco store. Officers say Mhai advanced on them with a knife and scissors. They first used a stun gun and then fired several shots, killing her.[75]
2013‑05‑29 McRae, Nathaniel (24) Washington D.C. McRae was killed in an alleged exchange of gunfire with officers who were pursuing him as a suspect in a carjacking.[76]
2013‑05‑28 Waller, Jerry (72) Texas (Fort Worth) Officers were responding to a burglary alarm when they encountered Waller armed with a gun in his garage across the street from where the alarm was sounding. Feeling threatened, at least one officer shot Waller multiple times, killing him.[77]
2013‑05‑26 unnamed male Colorado (Salida) A man was killed after allegedly firing at officers who arrived at a home in response to a disturbance call.[78]
2013‑05‑26 unnamed male New York (New Rochelle) Police responded to a report of an emotionally disturbed man who wouldn’t let a relative into his apartment. When the man refused officers’ attempts to talk him out, they first tasered him and then shot him when he allegedly lunged at officers with a knife.[79]
2013‑05‑25 Toretti, John (42) California (Sacramento) Police were called when a man frightened a Metro PCS employee with “intelligible(sic) statements.” A struggle ensued with the officers, and the man was pepper-sprayed, kicked, and repeatedly beaten with batons. Officers noticed he had stopped breathing once he was in police custody.[80][81]
2013‑05‑25 unnamed male (23) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Police were responding to a report of a man in the middle of the street holding a knife. They used their vehicle to knock him down and then pepper-sprayed him. He then ran toward them, and they shot and killed him.[82]
2013‑05‑25 Mitchell, Ajani (21) South Carolina (Columbia) Mitchell was shot by officers who felt threatened when he refused to drop a gun he was holding. Police had been called by Mitchell’s mother.[83]
2013‑05‑25 Foote, Jeff (39) Utah (Washington Terrace) Foote was killed by officers after allegedly firing a shot at them with a small handgun he was brandishing in his parent’s front yard. He was threatening to shoot himself.[84]
2013‑05‑24 Tovar, Adolpho Vargas (47) California (San Diego) Tovar was fatally shot by officers after he drove a car in reverse towards them. He had allegedly robbed a nearby gas station.[85]
2013‑05‑24 Valluzzo, John (75) Connecticut (Ridgefield) Police were responding to a domestic incident when an officer shot and killed Valluzzo, head of the Military Museum in Southern New England. Police say an officer fired on Valluzzo after he allegedly refused to drop a weapon and raised the weapon at police.[86]
2013‑05‑24 Hilger, Thomas (49) Montana (Worden) Hilger was killed by sheriff’s deputies Martin Stuart and Tony Watson behind the bar he owned. Police were responding to a report of suspicious activity and questioned Hilger, who allegedly pulled out a gun. Investigators later found Hilger’s girlfriend’s body in a vehicle.[87]
2013‑05‑22 Todashev, Ibragim (27) Florida (Orlando) Ibragim Todashev interview and death
2013‑05‑19 Labaki, Naim “Keith” (43) Wyoming (Evanston) Labaki was shot after allegedly pointing a rifle at an officer from inside a vehicle. Labaki had allegedly fired one shot outside a home and another into a store earlier that day and was fleeing in an SUV when he lost control and was rear-ended by an unmarked police vehicle.[88]
2013‑05‑18 Laffitte, Terry (50) California (Los Angeles) Police say officers saw Laffitte riding a bicycle while intoxicated and holding a handgun. They confronted him, and a struggle ensued in a driveway. Officers shot and killed Laffitte when he allegedly pulled a gun from his waistband. Multiple witnesses say that Laffitte was unarmed. Police say they recovered a revolver at the scene.[89]
2013‑05‑17 Smith, Dalton (30) New York (Mineola) Andrea Robello was at home with three other people when Dalton Smith, wearing a ski mask, entered and demanded valuables. He allowed one woman to leave to withdraw money from an ATM, and she called the police. Officers arrived and found Smith with Robello in a headlock, holding a gun to her head. Smith allegedly threatened the officers who fired eight shots, hitting Smith seven times and Robello once in the head. Both were killed.[90]
2013‑05‑17 Robello, Andrea (21) New York (Mineola) Robello was at home with three other people when Dalton Smith, wearing a ski mask, entered and demanded valuables. He allowed one woman to leave to withdraw money from an ATM, and she called the police. Officers arrived and found Smith with Robello in a headlock, holding a gun to her head. Smith allegedly threatened the officers who fired eight shots, hitting Smith seven times and Robello once in the head. Both were killed.[91]
2013‑05‑17 Brozek, Brent E. (43) Wisconsin (Madison) Brozek was shot and killed by Officers Ryan Finnegan, Ryan Orvis, and Scott Templeton after allegedly charging at them with a sword. Police say bean bag rounds were fired first. The shooting concluded a day-long standoff that began when sheriff’s deputies tried to evict Brozek from his condo.[92]
2013‑05‑16 Darden, Jermaine (34) Texas (Fort Worth) Darden, a 300-pound man with breathing problems, died after being tased multiple times during a drug raid. Police say he resisted them, while his mother, who witnessed the incident, said he was trying to lay on his side because laying on his stomach made him unable to breathe.[93]
2013‑05‑14 unnamed male Colorado (Denver) Police say a suicidal man was holding a gun to his head in the middle of a street. Officers killed him after he allegedly threatened a firefighter.[94]
2013‑05‑10 Romero, Ivan (24) Minnesota (Minneapolis) An officer, responding to the shooting involving Terrance Franklin, ran a red light and struck Romero’s motorcycle, killing him and injuring his passenger.[95]
2013‑05‑10 Franklin, Terrance (22) Minnesota (Minneapolis) Franklin, a burglary suspect, was cornered in a basement by officers after fleeing police. A struggle ensued between Franklin and at least five officers and one K9, during which Franklin allegedly pulled the trigger on Officer Mark Durand’s gun, shooting Officers Michael Meath and Ricardo Muro in the leg. An unidentified undercover officer shot Franklin multiple times, killing him.[95][96]
2013‑05‑09 unnamed male (21) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Police killed a man when he allegedly pulled out a gun while they were pursuing him for an unspecified reason.[97]
2013‑05‑08 Silva, David Sal (33) California (Bakersfield) Silva was repeatedly beaten by several officers with batons as well as bitten by a K9 dog in front of multiple witnesses. He was intoxicated, and officers say they were attempting to subdue him after he resisted arrest. A coroner listed the primary cause of death as hypertensive heart disease and ruled the killing as accidental.[98][99][100]
2013‑05‑06 Saeteurn, Saan Pao (32) California (Suisun City) Saan Pao Saeteurn was shot and killed by police after brandishing a pellet gun at them. The pellet gun was designed to look like an authentic rifle.[101]
April 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013‑04‑30 Vigil, Jesse (19) New Mexico (Tularosa) An officer checking on an elementary school during a blackout claimed to recognize Vigil, believing there was a warrant out for his arrest. The officer shot Vigil to death after the teenager did not obey the officer’s orders to stop walking and was allegedly digging in his pockets. A .22 Cricket rifle was reported to have been recovered at the scene. This case is being presented to a grand jury for investigation.[102]
2013‑04‑29 unnamed male (32) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Police say they responded to a domestic violence call to find a man with a knife to his girlfriend’s neck. An officer shot and killed the man after he allegedly lunged at officers with a knife.[103]
2013‑04‑24 Ball, Cary (25) Missouri (St. Louis) Ball was shot after allegedly pointing a gun at officers. Police say they recovered a loaded .40 caliber semi automatic gun with an extended magazine at the scene.[104]
2013‑04‑24 Smith, Rick Illinois (Manchester) Rick Smith shot and killed five people (3 adults and 2 children) and wounded another person. After driving away, he engaged into a gunfight with police. Smith was killed in the shootout.[105]
2013-04-24 Lopez, Robert (33) Arizona (Tucson) Lopez was hiding in a doghouse in the backyard of a woman’s residence. The police officers attended the scene, saw the he was armed with a handgun, and opened fire. [106]
2013‑04‑19 Tsarnaev, Tamerlan (26) Massachusetts (Watertown) A suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with officers. Police say that his younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ran him over with an SUV in an attempt to escape,[107] but ER doctors who treated him said he did not appear to have been run over.[108] A medical examiner stated the cause of death as gunshot wounds to the torso and extremities and blunt trauma to the head and torso.[109]
2013-04-09 Stout, Christopher Lee (23) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Stout was shot and killed by OKCPD officers after attempting to flee the scene where a warrant was being served by US Marshals.[110]
2013-04-09 Stout, Stacy (20) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Stout was shot and killed by OKCPD officers after attempting to flee the scene where a warrant was being served by US Marshals.[110]
2013‑04‑04 Courtier, Mark (50) California (Los Angeles) Courtier was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving and allegedly attempted to flee the scene. He was tased and also suffered a facial laceration in a struggle with officers to arrest him. Courtier became unresponsive at the scene and was pronounced dead after arriving at a hospital.[111]
March 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-03-26 Stahl, David “D.J.” W., II (20) Ohio (West Lafayette) Three officers in two vehicles attempted a traffic stop on Stahl who was driving at a high rate of speed. Stahl allegedly rammed one of the cruisers. Two officers from the other cruiser approached Stahl’s vehicle on foot in an attempt to arrest him. Sheriff’s Deputy Ernest Snyder shot and killed Stahl when he accelerated toward them, police say.[112]
2013-03-18 Meija, Elias (27) California (San Jose) Police were looking for Meija in connection with a homicide and spotted him in a stolen vehicle and blocked his car. Meija allegedly tried to ram his way out. San Jose officer Bruce Barthelemy shot and killed Meja after getting out of an unmarked police vehicle when Meja drove toward him.[113]
2013-03-17 Bailey, Kevin M. (22) Ohio (Solon) Bailey was shot four times by officers after fleeing a traffic stop, crashing his vehicle, and shooting at officers still in their cruisers.[114]
2013-03-13 Jones, Wayne Arnold (50) West Virginia (Martinsburg) Jones was stopped by police while walking on South Queen Street. He told officers he was carrying a weapon. Jones did not comply with a search for the weapon and reportedly threatened the officers with a knife. [115]
2013-03-12 Johnston, Daniel (58) Connecticut (Willimantic) Police were responding to a report of a man acting in a threatening manner. Officers arrived and found Johnston armed with a hatchet, and after a confrontation where Johnston refused to drop the hatchet, they shot and killed him.[116]
2013-03-10 Whiting, Horace (61) Tennessee (Memphis) Police responded to a call reporting an armed person. On arrival they found Whiting standing in the street holding a shotgun. Police stated that Whiting refused to drop the gun and, in fact, fired it instead, at which point they shot and killed him.[117]
2013-03-10 Salameh, Taleb Hussein Yousef (28) Iowa (North Liberty) Police responded to a 911 call reporting domestic violence. When they arrived at the scene gunshots were exchanged, and Salameh was shot and killed.[118]
2013‑03‑10 Rawls, Anthony (49) Georgia (Warner Robins) Police allegedly received a call that Rawls had a gun and was threatening his wife. Officers shot and killed him outside his home.[119]
2013‑03‑10 Dixon, Arthur, Jr. (43) Florida (St. Petersburg) Police were responding to a 911 call from a woman who said her son was threatening suicide. Two officers shot the man to death after he allegedly threatened them with a pair of scissors.[120]
2013‑03‑10 Gilkerson, James L. (42) Ohio (Middlefield) Gilkerson was pulled over for a routine traffic stop when he got out and began shooting at two officers with an AK-47, police say. Both officers returned fire and killed him.[121][122]
2013‑03‑10 Allen, Clinton Texas (Dallas) Police were responding to a disturbance call involving Allen, whom they had dealt with before. Officer Clark Staller shot and killed Allen during a struggle between the two.[123]
2013-03-09 Gray, Kimani (16) New York (Brooklyn) Gray and some other people were standing outside a building when they were approached by plainclothes officers. The officers stated that Gray attempted to leave the area when he saw them. They stated that he adjusted his waistband and “continued to act in a suspicious manner.” The officers said that Gray then drew a gun and pointed it at them, at which point they shot and killed him.[124]
2013‑03‑09 Wright, Jeffrey Allen (55) Florida (Navarre) Wright was shot and killed by SWAT members Sgt. Nathan Hall, Deputy Brian Miller, and Detective Jerry Nash after allegedly pointing a pistol at them inside his home. Police were attempting to serve a felony warrant for counterfeiting. Wright barricaded himself in his home, and SWAT was called in.[125]
2013‑03‑08 Saenz, Daniel (37) Texas (El Paso) An officer shot and killed Saenz, an inmate he was escorting to a hospital for a medical release. The two men allegedly got into a struggle before the officer shot him several times. Saenz was handcuffed at the time.[126]
2013‑03‑07 Ayala, Ramon (27) Washington (Sunnyside) Officers responded to a report of a man shooting a gun into the air on a busy street corner. An officer shot and killed Ayala when he ignored their commands and allegedly pointed the gun towards them.[127]
2013‑03‑06 Eckel, Brandon Wesley (27) California (Livingston) Police pulled Eckel over after witnessing him littering and threatened to tow his truck because of a suspended license. Eckel drove away and a high-speed chase ensued, ending when Eckel crashed his truck. Police say he pulled out a rifle and pointed it at officers, who fired at him.[128] Officers later stated that Eckel shot himself when the police began firing at him.[129]
2013‑03‑06 Kelley, Troy (47) Georgia (Columbus) Police were responding to a domestic dispute. Officers shot and killed Kelley after he allegedly fired a weapon at them.[130]
2013-03-05 Dennison, Parrish (41) New Mexico (Albuquerque) Dennison ran from police after being confronted while allegedly trying to sell stolen property. Police claim that he pointed a handgun at them as he was running. The Albuquerque SWAT team locked down the area. Police stated that when they located Dennison he ran toward them with a gun in his hand, at which point they shot and killed him.[131]
2013‑03‑04 Cisneros, Santiago A., III (32) Oregon (Portland) Cisneros was shot and killed by Officers Brad Kula and Michele Boer in a parking garage after allegedly firing a shotgun at them.[132][133]
2013‑03‑04 Garza, Jimmy James, Jr. (31) Texas (San Antonio) Garza was shot after a SWAT standoff when he reportedly bolted from his home toward officers while holding a rifle. Police were responding to a report that he had assaulted his ex-girlfriend.[134]
2013‑03‑04 Meeks, Anthony Desean (22) North Carolina (Concord) The U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, and local police were responding to a tip about a wanted suspect and allegedly found Meeks at a window with a gun. They shot and killed him after he reportedly came out of the window with the gun.[135]
2013‑03‑03 Stoddard-Nunez, Shawn Joseph Jetmore (19) California (Hayward) Stoddard-Nunez was riding with 24-year-old Arthur Pakman to a friend’s house when police attempted a traffic stop and Pakman allegedly rammed his car into a police cruiser. The officer fired into the vehicle and hit Stoddard-Nunez twice, killing him. Police say they seek to charge Pakman with his friend’s death.[136]
2013‑03‑02 McMillan, Jesse Ray (26) Washington (Kelso) Police were investigating a hit-and-run incident where the driver, McMillan, had fled into a nearby residence. He eventually came outside and allegedly began firing, striking Kelso officer Ralph Hines in the leg. Hines and Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny O’Neill shot and killed McMillan.[137]
2013‑03‑02 Smith, Amos G. (26) California (Union City) Smith was pulled over by officers and attempted to flee, police say. Police shot and killed him after he allegedly pointed a gun at officers.[138][139]
2013‑03‑02 Aduddell, Ronald (28) California (San Jose) Police attempted a traffic stop when they felt a vehicle looked suspicious, and a chase ensued. After reportedly ramming several police cars, Aduddell got out of the vehicle and was shot to death by Officers Ian Cooley and Adam Jenkins, who say his hands were on his waistband area. Police did not locate a weapon at the scene.[140]
2013‑03‑02 Sawyer, Aaron (23) California (San Francisco) Daly City police spotted Sawyer behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle and chased him into San Francisco. Sawyer eventually abandoned the car and fled on foot. After Sawyer allegedly raised a gun at officers, a Daly City officer shot him in the torso, killing him.[141]
2013‑03‑01 Patterson, Marcus Dewayne (35) Oklahoma (Oklahoma City) Police say they were responding to a call about a possible drug deal when Sgt. Charles Schamel, an undercover officer, shot and killed a person driving a car. Patterson, the driver, allegedly attempted to run over Schamel.[142]
2013‑03‑01 Schaefer, John (70) Texas (Austin) Schaefer called police to report being attacked by a pit bull in his yard that was not his. Officer Jonathan Whitted shot and killed Schaefer when he refused to surrender his pistol to the officer and allegedly pointed it at him. Schaefer was an instructor at the Austin Rifle Club.[143]
2013‑03‑01 Myers, Daniel John (47) Texas (El Paso) Myers was killed in a shootout with El Paso police and a US Border Patrol Agent. He was wanted for robbery charges in Michigan.[144]
February 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013‑02‑28 Shreckengaust, Richard (37) California (Guerneville) Police received a call from a woman whose friend was sending her text messages saying she had been kidnapped. Police located the vehicle and attempted to pull it over. Shreckengaust, the driver, refused to stop, and eventually crashed into an embankment. A deputy shot Shreckengaust several times, killing him, when he allegedly leaned to the right of the car. Police did not find a gun. The woman, an acquaintance of Shreckengaust, was not harmed.[145]
2013‑02‑26 Jurgen, Adam (24) South Carolina (Columbia) Police were responding to report of a man assaulting a woman. The man, Jurgen, fled the scene and then fired at officers, striking deputy Sheila Aull. Aull and at least four other officers returned fire and killed Jurgen.[146][147]
2013‑02‑26 Keewatinawin, Jack (21) Washington (Seattle) Police were responding to a call that a man was armed with a knife and holding his father hostage. When officers arrived, Keewatinawin used his father as a shield and attempted to flee, police say. Three officers shot and killed Keewatinawin when he allegedly threatened an officer with a steel pipe.[148]
2013‑02‑26 Goulet, Jeremy (35) California (Santa Cruz) Goulet was shot and killed during a police pursuit after allegedly fatally shooting Santa Cruz officers Sgt. Loran Baker and Detective Elizabeth Butler. Baker and Butler had come to Goulet’s home to follow up on assault allegations.[149]
2013‑02‑25 unnamed male (39) California (Riverside) The man was shot to death by officers in the parking lot of an apartment complex. Police were responding to a report of a car theft in progress. Police say they shot him when he rammed a police cruiser with the stolen vehicle.[150]
2013‑02‑23 unnamed male Nevada (Reno) Police were responding to a domestic disturbance call. An officer shot and killed a man from whom he “perceived a threat.”[151]
2013‑02‑22 Potts, Martin Y. Missouri (Springfield) Police were investigating two burglaries and attempting to execute a search warrant on a property when they encountered Potts, who fled. Potts was killed by members of a Special Response Team after allegedly firing at officers.[152]
2013‑02‑21 Taylor, Christopher (19) California (Long Beach) Officers spotted a stolen vehicle and pursued it until it crashed into a garage. Taylor was shot and killed by officers after he allegedly fired at them. Police say they recovered a handgun at the scene.[153]
2013‑02‑21 Thompson, Clifton (72) Pennsylvania (Conewago) Thompson called a crisis line to say he was armed and suicidal, and police were contact and sent to his home. Officers were allegedly trying to negotiate with Thompson when he fired one shot at them with a rifle and ran outside. He encountered another officer who fired at him four times with a patrol rifle, killing him.[154]
2013‑02‑19 Bowie, Carl Richard, III (25) Alaska (Anchorage) Police received a call about a man looking into cars in a parking lot. When they arrived he fled in a stolen truck, and a chase ensued. Two officers opened fire on Bowie after he allegedly hit two police cars with the truck.[155]
2013‑02‑18 Sellars, Taft (30) Virginia (Alexandria) Police arrived at a home and shot and killed Sellars, who they say had a gun. The Alexandria Police Department refuses to release any other information about this incident, citing department policy.[156]
2013‑02‑15 Franco, Emmanuel (25) California (Monterey Park) Police were responding to a domestic disturbance between a couple at a motel. The couple left in a vehicle, and police followed them and initiated a traffic stop. Officers shot and killed Franco after he allegedly exited the vehicle and brandished a handgun at them.[157]
2013-02-08 Torres, Robert Antonio (33) Nevada (Las Vegas) Torres was killed during an exchange of gunfire with Metro officer Joseph Parra and Detective Scott Thomas in an apartment parking lot. Two bystanders were hit by gunfire; one was hospitalized and in critical condition.[158]
2013-02-04 Dykes, Jimmy Lee (65) Alabama (Midland City) Six days earlier, subject killed a school bus driver and abducted a 5-year-old boy, then took refuge in an underground bunker on his property. After negotiations broke down, FBI SWAT team raided the bunker killing the subject.[159]
2013‑02‑03 unnamed male (80s) Texas (Harlingen) Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. They arrived to witness a man shoot a woman in the chest. The officers fatally shot the man.[160]
2013‑02‑03 Gagliardi, Kristofer Charles Texas (Copperas Cove) Copperas Cove officer Billy J. Ray III shot and killed Gagliardi while responding to a domestic violence call. Police say Gagliardi had a knife.[161]
January 2013[edit source]

Date Name (Age) State (City) Description
2013-01-30 Morales, Ronette (30) Colorado (Denver) Two plain clothes officers attempted to arrest Morales for charges of burglary, assault and harassment. Morales shot one officer in the hand and was subsequently fatally shot.[162]
2013-01-29 unnamed male Texas (Fort Worth) Officers responded to a police report that a fugitive was behind a building they happened to be at. Upon discovering the suspect, he opened fire wounding an officer. The officers returned fire, fatally wounding the suspect.[163]
2013-01-28 Muhammad, Ishmael (29) Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) Officers responded to a report that Muhammed had assaulted his girlfriend. He barricaded himself inside the apartment and using a machete kept a 2-year-old and a disabled 26-year-old as hostages. Officials report that Muhammad “was obviously under the influence of some drugs.” After a standoff of a few hours he was fatally shot twice when his waving of the machete prompted officers to fear for the lives of the hostages.[164]
2013-01-28 Schroeder, Thomas E (50) Missouri (Craig) Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper stopped a vehicle on I-29 for speed. After noticing an odor of alcohol, Trooper began asking about DUI and the driver tried to flee. During a struggle, subject was pepper sprayed and when not subdued and still struggling, he was shot fatally.[165][166]
2013-01-28 Harris, Anthony (38) Florida (Jacksonville) Responding to a call for a domestic dispute, officers encountered the subject who tried to take one officer’s weapon. During the struggle, he was killed by the second officer.[167]
2013-01-27 Anderson, James D (32) Washington (Seattle) Subject was ejected from a club, after which he returned and shot two people, including his girlfriend. When responding officers contacted him as he was leaving, shots were exchanged and subject was killed.[168][169]
2013-01-27 Culpepper, Brandon (30) Illinois (Homewood) Police were called to an apartment building for a disturbance. On arrival, there was a confrontation with the subject who was shot by officers.[170]
2013-01-25 Combs, Douglas (16) Washington (Vancouver) Authorities with Vancouver Police and Clark County Sheriff’s Office were investigating a home invasion shooting that injured one and two armed robberies from earlier that day when they confronted Douglas E. Combs and another 16-year-old near East 19th Street and E Street in Vancouver. Officers believe Combs is the primary suspect in the three crimes.
After attempting contact with the two 16-year-olds, police say an officer shot Combs. Officers said Combs had been armed at the time of the shooting, and was pronounced dead at the scene.[171]
2013-01-25 Unnamed Male Maryland (Baltimore) Authorities said two officers who are part of a gun and drug enforcement group in that area approached a group of people. One of those men started walking in the opposite direction, and when one of the officers tried to approach him, the man turned and started shooting at the officer, police said.
Investigators said the officer chased the man on foot for six blocks while the man continued to fire shots at the officer. Officials said the officer eventually returned fire and shot the man, who later died at a hospital.[172]
2013-01-25 Davis, Willie Jr (23) Arizona (Tucson) An officer responded to a report of an armed robbery. A suspect matching the description was chased in a vehicle until the suspect crashed. An altercation ensued during which the officer fatally shot the suspect.[173][174]
2013-01-24 Grassley, Jabob Michigan (Kalamazoo) Grassley was killed when Sergeant Sean Gordon shot him twice in the back at a Best Western hotel. Police had lodged his girlfriend and daughter there after a domestic abuse complaint, but the girlfriend told him where they were. Grassley had a handgun in the car, but was not armed when Gordon shot him. This shooting was ruled justified on May 24, 2013.[175][176]
2013-01-24 Hatcher, Jordan (22) Texas (Grand Prairie) Grand Prairie police responded to a felony theft call around 3:50 p.m. at the Target at Camp Wisdom Road and State Highway 360, police said. One of the suspects fled on foot and crossed city lines into Arlington, according to Arlington police spokesman Sgt. Christopher Cook.
During the chase, the man ran across a freeway and into a parking lot at the Tarrant County College Southeast Campus. The man got into a physical altercation with police that ended when a Grand Prairie officer shot him, Cook said.[177]
2013-01-22 Walters, Kathryn (46)
Walters, Maximillian (5) Nevada (Boulder City) Both killed during a domestic dispute incident by their husband/father who was a Las Vegas Police Lieutenant. Subject then set fire to the house, called 911 and waited for officers to arrive after which he stepped inside and shot himself.[178]
2013-01-22 Bondo, Craig (20) Colorado (Woodland) Officers pulled over a suspected stolen vehicle. When the officers attempted to detain the suspect, he drove away, hitting one of the officers with the vehicle. An officer opened fire on the vehicle, fatally wounding the suspect. A witness reports hearing five shots and that the back window of the vehicle was shattered.[179]
2013-01-21 unnamed male Louisiana (Addis) Officers responded to a report of robbery in progress at a store. The suspect took a customer hostage at gunpoint and stole a police cruiser. The suspect crashed the cruiser at a police roadblock. As officers approached the vehicle, the suspect threatened to kill the hostage and himself. An officer fired three times, killing the suspect.[180]
2013-01-18 unnamed male Alabama (Oxford) Officers responded to a report of a burglary suspect with several arrest warrants who was spotted in a store. When the officers asked the suspect to step outside, the suspect produced a knife and began slashing at the officers. A Taser was ineffective and the officers fatally shot the suspect when he charged at them.[181]
2013-01-17 Ramsey, Eric (30) Michigan (Mount Pleasant) Officers were searching for Ramsey as the prime suspect in a recent abduction, rape and arson. Ramsey rammed his vehicle into a squad car and fled in a stolen garbage truck. He was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy.[182]
2013-01-17 unnamed male California (San Diego) Officers surrounded an apartment complex after receiving a report that two wanted parolees were there and at least one was armed. After several hours the men fled and one was cornered. One was fatally shot after refusing to show his hands and reaching into his pockets. The other suspect was arrested after an hours-long search.[183]
2013-01-16 unnamed male Arizona (Buckeye) An officer fatally shot a man after he shot at police.[184]
2013-01-15 Weber, Todd S Missouri (Kansas City) Officers attempted to stop Weber’s vehicle. Weber led officers on a low-speed chase at no faster than 35 mph. Stop sticks slowed the vehicle, but it continued for several miles. Weber eventually stopped, exited his vehicle, pointed a gun at officers and began firing. Officers returned fire, killing him.[185]
2013-01-15 unnamed male Hawaii (Honolulu) Officers responded to a truck driving fast the wrong way. Police fired multiple times when the driver rammed five marked police cruisers. The deceased suspect was a soldier at Schofield Barracks.[186]
2013-01-14 Roberts, Karlando (32) New Jersey (East Orange) Officers responded to a report of a stabbing in progress. Roberts was found to be stabbing his father-in-law and refused to drop the knife. Officers shot Roberts who died at a local hospital.[187]
2013-01-14 Swilling, Wesley (31) South Carolina (Greenville) Swilling was in the Law Enforcement Center parking lot and approached an officer and deputy in a “threatening manner” with what appeared to be a weapon. Fearing for their safety, they both shot at Swilling, hitting him at least once. Swilling fell down, but continued to approach them, so they took cover behind a vehicle and both fired again, hitting him at least once more. Swilling was pronounced dead at the scene.[188] After further investigation, it was revealed that Swilling was “armed” with a hot glue gun.
2013-01-14 unnamed male Tennessee (Memphis) Officers responded to a report of loud music. They found a man slumped over inside a vehicle. As officers approached him, he pointed a gun at them and they fatally shot him.[189]
2013-01-12 unnamed male (21) California (San Diego) Officers attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding. A high speed pursuit ensued. After the suspect drove into a vacant lot, he U-turned and drove towards the officers. The officers opened fire, fatally wounding the driver and injuring a passenger.[190]
2013-01-12 Saylor, Robert E. (26) Maryland (Frederick) Three off-duty officers moonlighting as security guards confronted Saylor, a mentally ill man with Down’s Syndrome, when he refused to leave the theater after a movie. He was handcuffed when, according to police, he became “medically distressed.” His death was ruled homicide by asphyxia due to officers sitting on his chest while subduing him.[191]
2013-01-11 Moretz, Chad Georgia (Savannah) Officers approached Moretz at his home to question him about a missing man who was a friend of his. A standoff ensued which ended when Moretz walked out of his house with a rifle in hand and was fatally shot by a SWAT sniper. The dismembered remains of the friend were found in the house.[192]
2013-01-11 unnamed male California (Santa Ana) Officers on patrol attempted to speak to a suspicious person in the back seat of a car. The suspect jumped into the front seat and drove towards the officers who then fatally shot him.[193]
2013-01-10 Dempsey, John Edward (37) West Virginia (Logan) Officers pursued Dempsey as the prime suspect in a recent murder and carjacking. Dempsey was fatally shot after “pulling a gun on troopers.” [194]
2013-01-10 Ozeir, Rabih (18) Oklahoma (Cushing) Officers responded to a gym after an employee reported Ozeir confronted gym staff. When officers arrived, they report Ozeir confronted them with a handgun and refused commands to put it down. The officers shot Ozeir who died in a hospital the next day.[195]
2013-01-09 Simons, Kelly Fay (38) Utah (Salt Lake City) Shot and killed by police after allegedly driving toward a JCAT (Joint Criminal Apprehension Team) officer. Police say she was a suspect in a series of robberies.[196]
2013-01-08 unnamed female (24) Florida (Palm Beach) Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance. They found a woman holding a knife to the throat of her boyfriend. The officers shot her when she refused commands to drop the knife and “turned to stab him.” She died from her injuries.[197]
2013-01-07 Jimenez, Vincent Arizona (Phoenix) Officers attempted to stop a driver who seemed impaired. The driver fled and led officers on a chase that ended at the suspect’s home where he crashed into a retaining wall. When officers approached the driver, the suspect rammed two cruisers and accelerated towards officers who opened fire. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. A five-year-old child was discovered unharmed in the passenger seat.[198]
2013-01-07 unnamed male (35) California (Fresno) An officer attempted to stop a pedestrian suspected of being a wanted parolee. The suspect fled, jumped several fences, then confronted the officer with a knife. After a short fight, the officer stepped back and shot twice, fatally wounding the suspect.[199]
2013-01-07 Autenrieth, Daniel (31) Pennsylvania (Coolbaugh Township) Officers responded to a report that the suspect had abducted his 9-year-old son and was armed. A 40 mile chase ended following unspecified police intervention. Officers and the suspect exchanged gunfire which killed one officer and the suspect.[200]
2013-01-06 Mims, Spencer Rollins III (55) North Carolina (Charlotte) Officers responded to a report from Mims stating that he was having trouble with his son. When officers arrived at his home, they found Mims holding a box-cutter to his own throat. An officer fired a stun gun intending to prevent Mims from harming himself. Mims instead lunged at the officers with the box cutter. An officer shot Mims at least once. Mims died at a local hospital.[201]
2013-01-05 unnamed male Colorado (Aurora) Officers responded to a report of multiple homicides. A woman had escaped from a home and called police after discovering that three people in the home appeared to be dead. A six-hour standoff ensued with the home surrounded by SWAT officers. A man in the home was killed when he shot at police.[202]
2012-01-04 Banks, Darrell (47) Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Plain clothes officers in an alley were investigating an armed home invasion when they spotted a man who matched the suspect’s description. The man fled. Police report they fatally shot him when he pointed an object at them. No weapons were recovered at the scene. Family members report Banks was walking home from a birthday party.[203]
2013-01-04 O’Donnell, Seth (26) Pennsylvania (Mt. Pleasant) Police responded to a report of a disturbance at a store. The suspect had a pair of scissors and was acting violently. O’Donnell slashed an officer’s head with the scissors and was then fatally shot.[204]
2013‑01‑01 Chavez, Mark (49) New Mexico (Farmington) An officer responded to a report by Chavez that he had killed a woman. Chavez aggressively approached the officer with a blunt impact weapon. The officer used a Taser, which was ineffective. The officer then shot Chavez in the leg and torso. Chavez died at a local hospital. Investigators could not find evidence of a woman having been killed and suspect that Chavez made the call to lure police to his residence.[205]
2013-01-01 Fuentes, Victor (22) Texas (Tyler) Officers responded to reports of numerous gunshots at a home on New Years Eve. Officers arrived and heard more gunshots. A man was seen with a weapon and commanded to drop it. He instead went inside the house. After again refusing commands to drop the weapon, Fuentes pointed the handgun at an officer who fatally shot him.[206]
2013-01-01 Tavares, Christopher (21) Colorado (Pueblo) Officers were investigating a neighborhood after hearing gunfire. They pursued a suspicious vehicle that crashed after a short chase. A passenger in the vehicle shot an officer in the shoulder and three people fled in different directions. Officers found the shooting suspect less than an hour later. They fatally shot Tavares when he refused to listen to the officers’ commands and attempted to flee. The two other persons in the vehicle were arrested.[207]


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