Will Roberts Information-Not good keeping HIS face book up! LOL


                                                                   September 23, 2013—(Will Roberts in gray Hood sweat)

  This old man just learned that one of his family disconnect but still connected because of the great grand children made it to the Wrestling world and is headed for the big times. If he doesn’t get his neck or back broken by these big monsters he seems to take on.
Since family I had to do a lot of research so his kids can follow from beginning to his future.

The first annual PCW “Living The Dream” contest was an instant success! With 12 PCW potential prospects, they were tested in overall fitness, talent in the ring and asked why they deserve to win. It was no easy task to find the 4 best (originally supposed to be 3), but after 3 rounds of cuts the 4 finalists are: Will Roberts (Redding, CA), Nathaniel Joseph (Sacramento, CA), J.J. King (Redding, CA) and Johnny Metzger (Oroville, CA)! More information will be released on the contestants within the coming days, and right here at PCWBecauseItsTime.com you will be able to vote for your favorite “
Living The Dream” Finalist! The winner of PCW “Living The Dream” will be announced LIVE at Extreme Measures on May 7th by a very special PCW persona! To vote for your favorite finalist

Will Roberts Face Book Page!


Professional Championship Wrestling


Main Results listed below


YouTube Videos for Will Roberts & Other wrestlers





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