What a big two days and still not tired. Life is just that LIFE!

‎                                         Sunday, ‎September ‎15, ‎2013


New video Camera Grandson Corey bought for his grand pa!

Now you really can’t say grandpa isn’t the best looking here. can you? LOL
07:03:38                  What a busy as well as a great day it was!
As everyone knows my day normally starts when everyone else is turning in for the evening. Mine started on September 14, 2013 at 2:30Am. Of course I decided to go to a fast food for breakfast and DE-frosted my windows on the way as well even used the heater of the van to help the windows along with the defrosting. Always open the passage r side of the window for the early morning fresh air as well.
While driving into Rogers, Arkansas and the first McD’s lights were just turned on, so said nope, may as well go on into downtown to the McD’s on Walnut as that place is never closed. Besides people are going in and out at all hours so the food is never greasy as first opening up. Never be the first in line when a McD’s is first starting up. For some reason the food is greasy as all hell or just plain nasty tasting. So, now I do my best to get in line at the hours of heavy serving of customers so not to get that icky meals first. lol
Damn who is calling me so early in the morning, and it was my grand son Corey wanting to know where I was, told him I was going to breakfast and he had already stopped and picked up my sweet ice tea as well as breakfast. I said what a great grand son he was and turned around to head back home since I was going to save a few bucks as well. then Corey calls again and states he cooked sausage rolls at home and get the ice tea from McD’s. Well, I don’t like sausage rolls and even my grand kids as well as every one of my kids can cook anything at all. No one in our family needs to learn to cook. Heck I have a few grand kids that married gals that never learned to cook and they end up doing the cooking and try to teach their old ladies how to do it.
Anyway, I go back and get myself the Big Breakfast without the tea this time and head back home to enjoy my morning breakfast and whatever else the day may have in store for me. After all it was just a surprise to learn my grandson Corey wasn’t working on a Saturday as he normally works long shifts. But, knew I would find out soon enough.
Arrived at the house, and went on inside and Corey sitting on the sofa with his lap top as most anyone in my family will be sitting either with a laptop or a PS3 or something chattering away or playing some silly game that I can’t think of as of this typing. But, remember when it first came out and you could run people over and even innocent bystanders as well as shoot and run down the so called good guys even. That game I also remember took someone at lease 21 to buy it for their kids. Thinking back to those days people were up in arms and wanting to band the game as it turned people into killers from playing the silly stupid games or made them into mental crazies I suppose. Yea, right. May be a lot more fun to run over people on sidewalks in real life I just have no idea, but I did watch my kids play it and when they went to school I did play for awhile and say wow. This is neat, you can be either a good or bad guy. I always liked being the bad guy. No not one at chasing police but running people over especially kids and women nd old men walking with canes. Then get the police to chase you and don’t remember what came from those game days but think I was always caught as never interested until I heard that the game is even more fun than the first one. I need to find it one day from my kids or grand kids and see if it is more fun. After all at 67 your just starting off into your second child hood. lol
Corey said he received some extra money, and he was able to loan his grandpa $200.00 to get his lawn mower out of the shop. Grass is growing high as needed to be cut a couple weeks ago, but still not as high as neighbors use to get so said will wait until payday in October. But, grand son had extra so loaned me the two hundred. Be darn the mower person doesn’t work weekends. OK, so place the money in the safe I have in my room until Monday.
Of course there was a catch that I had to drive my grandson to Missouri as that was where his bank was as he opened an account there when his sister and my great grand kids live with a really nice guy named Sam. Not sure if they will ever get married as both are from another marriage that for whatever reason did not work out. never get into that as it’s their life and also went though the same things when younger or their ages. First time able to finally get any words from her new guy Sam. Well really a shock to Corey’s sister as well as her new man after all grandfather and brother coming to see both still in bed but Jason the oldest in the living room and Corey trying to get him to unlock the door so he could get us in there.
Once inside my granddaughter cleared some things a book from the sofa and I sat down, then said to myself, well going to be stuck here a while. The sofa so nice and soft and low that I already have fears of getting up or down and it’s been mostly down. But, that went away as other great grand kids started to awaken as well as Sam and grand daughter waking up to what the heck is everyone here so early. Only weekend I think Sam had and was going to sleep in. Yea, not with their kids as well as with Corey there. No way. everyone just loves Corey to death and it is play time when he arrives. the play time is rough housing and not just a little. It’s time for Sam to get up and his sister said no let him sleep. Corey when you say something that is to say no to him means attack time. He first gets a couple nephews running and then they come and give grandpa a hug of hello. Then here goes my grandson jumping on this poor Sam and he tells Corey it’ going to be his turn when he gets up. Meanwhile all the smaller kids as well as girl start in waking up mom and dad in bed and that goes on for awhile then here comes Chocolate their dog. be old nice looking dog. So keeps everyone busy for awhile as well as getting Chocolate some treats from the closet in the kitchen as that dog knew it was his special place where his treats were kept. Cory gives him a few treats then hands the rest to me to make a peace offering to him so not to say I am a bad guy. Chocolate and me got along good. Wanted to play but that sofa had me confined for an old fat man. Meanwhile the grand kids are getting chairs out to get the cereal they wanted for breakfast and Sam gets up and then goes back to bed. Corey then tells me watch this. Corey goes over and gives Sam a wedgie and that did get him up for sure as it was not small one but one that would have not just felt but as well as stuck. Guess they been though this a lot as Corey ran out the front door, Sam locks it and sister puts up the block to calm Sam down, but like Sam I would not be even till I got my grandson back and that expression was great to see as could tell Sam was going to get back some how no matter what my grand daughter said. He did say your next or something to that effect. But, Lewis in our family never back down no matter what. This goes on and Corey states I think we should go to the bank now and I said OK, I’ll be there soon. Pushing this big frame of mine out of that comfort space was hard and finally made it to the outside. Where my grand daughter was getting out chicken for lunch from the deep freeze. Hell, told her if I did that where I live that freezer would be empty. Had it out in the front porch and excellent place as winter coming soon and wish I could do that. Have a freezer but fill mine up and it would be empty the following day. Selling to neighbors for whatever even a cigarette even. But, with so many in the family they also have chocolate and could tell he would not allow strangers around his owners.
Sam comes out sneaking upon Corey and grabs him by his nipples and raises him off the ground and said I warned you and smiling went back into the house. Probably back to bed for his winning. Corey once in the van and headed to the bank states he got me good, but next time I will get him again. I am thinking what a knuckle head my grand son is, but we may have words but never remain mad or back off from nothing. But, fun to see as reminds me when younger and as long as this continues on all those great grand kids will be just fine. There all A students even as well as first year for one of them and he loves school. They all love school!
After the hour drive back home we stop and get lunch at Burger king and head home then back to my family and other grand kid as well as great grand kid at home even. Yes, we have a very large family and majority of my grand kids I still have not met since babies, as I worked all the time and moved here to the Clinton state the killing fields I like to call it. But, this state of Arkansas is the most beautiful state around. Your not able to see it unless you have flown as much as I have. You would think California or Arizona would be nice from the air. but, those states I can tell you are dry and dying and fires ruined so badly and fly over Arkansas is so green and the waters so blue and you could never believe how you really live in God’s country unless you see Arkansas from the air. Been all over the world and Canada may be closest to Arkansas. As Viet Nam or Japan or any of the other states I have been in never appeared as great as Arkansas does from the skies. But, that was when I loved to fly as well as take long driving trips and I could never make it to Northern California from here in less than 24 hours now days. But, I use to drive it and fly it so much that it was really fun. Except a few times when you get these bad cops with nothing to do but pull you over because their bored. My son and I was going though Arizona and no reason the punk cop was bored and wanted to use his powers to be. My son, of course said don’t be stupid dad as I am with you and let me talk. Works for a while and I just plain get pissed as my kids even grand kids won’t stick up for their rights as they just want to live and let live. Another long story for some day. But, can say I have got a lot of cops to quit  in my life time and they were all bad power PUNKS. I love that word as it describes exactly how I feel about those that don’t do as given there oath to do. Anyone prisoner can tell you if that word is used it is fist time to defend yourself. I use the word PUNK just for that as it is and always will be a challenge to the PUNKS that abuse that power given to them by us the citizens of this country. So, all you bad dudes  and that oath means nothing then always remember John Lewis is calling you PUNKS!
Back at home with lunch and grandson states lets go to some places like Radio Shack and a few other places as I have to pick up one of our family members that had a madd class or really money to give to this class about drunk driving. All the states games are for money if you have not noticed. Police departments are like 7-11 stores with prices any more going up and up. lol  so,grand son and I pick up Rick  and head home after we went and Corey buys a monster remote truck and as soon as he tires of it, will give it to his nephews. Just as he does with anything at all his sisters kids get them. Ever hear of a five or six year old getting a PS3? Well. let me tell you Corey is the type that loves his family and they get the best after he is done with it. lol He makes good deals as well as trades and money i for bills as well as fun when all bills are caught up. He has learned that work and play can work just need to be careful.
Careful, well, he lost a lot as well as gave out a lot as well even giving forty dollars for a casino in Missouri that all my kids have been to and I never have been then one grand son just turned 21 so I said yes I’ll be glad to go and forty bucks didn’t last me long. Then another twenty and gave back ten or close to it as I was winning towards the end and was going to stay as all winners think they are going to hit sooner or later. well later finally came and had 3 cents left either more money in or cash the ticket out as it needed at lease .16 cents so Corey took the .03 cents ticket and right behind me was machines that would gladly take the last three cents. Good thing his credit card had a limit as he wanted more money. But, said oh well I wonder if it still works for something to eat at 2am in the morning as we pulled into Taco bell and he orders a dozen tacos as well as a couple meals of some type and then said well Now I’ll see if I can pay the food bill or not after ordering. Eleven plus dollars later the credit card allowed grandfather to have two tacos and whatever else everyone ate when we got home. Took my van of course as just had five hundred dollar tires placed on them plus insured each tire for ten bucks anyways. So outside of having a half tank of gas it was a great time.
As I write this my two grand sons went to bed a few hours ago. as for me it’s my get up and go and twelve pills to keep me a going the rest of the day and three pills later to night to keep me alive over night to next morning. Have a cpak as well, and hate the damn thing and try to avoid it as much as possible, but some days I seem to be able to tell I have no oxygen and will use the damn thing. Of course doctor pissed for not strapping on every night as one day I won’t awaken. Oh well, I keep thinking that, but hell between the pills and the machine I may as well be a robot then. lol
Well, see that the Kittie cat came in to eat ad drink water, so may as well close this fun two days off and it’s Sunday and all is asleep and it’s already 8:30am. Oh well, may as well see what is happening around the world.

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