PUNK KID’S or young Adult PUNKS! That’s what I call them as to how they act. Sissy PUNKS!

                                                                   Friday, September 13, 2013

                                                                 What do I consider a PUNK KID?

  Anyone that is younger than I am, that’s also a  disrespectful, rude, or otherwise unpleasant person.
Your kid is a real punk. a weak person; “sissy”. a law breaker. prison slang for a bitch – i.e. a weaker inmate used for sex. to insult. to intimidate.  To take advantage of; treat another as an inferior.
A bad punk. a younger punk who is homeless or pretends to be homeless.  A low-class hooligan.
  I am sure there’s much more slang language used among many people that run into this type of person or person’s. I try my best to ignore them to see if just maybe they’ll become more like a teenager or young adult. Especially if someone in my family cries that he’s a good friend and he is just being himself and so on.
  I still have to see a punk kid or young adult or just any kid that may be 18-25 that has been rude even to his own family to the point their own family slaps them in front of there peers even. Yes, I have heard of this from others telling me that their kid is just plain lazy and nothing but a screwed up punk. Rather steal from others than work, then those he steals from are afraid to say anything because he is a ruthless piece of shit.
  Well. This worthless piece of shit came and called upon someone in my family, and I know this worthless piece of crap that people say is human, but I have my doubts. But, since my grand son turned 21 after midnight and he wanted to give a ride to this piece of shit. Well, I said OK, only because it’s your birthday, then I said your own cousin even stated he’s a lazy piece of crap and I did not want him on the property again. Well, this grand kid just turned twenty-one, so we’ll see how it goes. Besides grand son forgot his ID or lost it some place, so his PUNK friend only one with ID. Mean’s this piece of shit PUNK is over twenty-one. Which is common knowledge since my other grand son went to school with him, and he’s over twenty-one.
  Told grandson after the bullshit last night, I want him out of here, go visit with him at his grand pa’s as I can’t take a punk on my property. Seems that they got drunk and picked on others here, nope not me, as I would sit on their fucken punk ass heads. One was so fucken scared that he had to come and awaken me. Finally said that was it. Seen the punk ass leave when he called someone to pick his sorry ass u. Then said great finally things back to normal.
  Wrong, here comes this punk ass in a black truck that needs water each time it is driven. I went told my grandson’s wife to tell her hubby to tell that piece of shit punk to leave this property since he has not changed at all from what I could see. Here comes grand son huffing and puffing because I sent his old lady out to tell him to get the hell off this property. Was ma l0ot better than me having to go out there, as when I do it, I am not polite or nice in any way.
  So, was some words from grand son and it was all the others lie’s even if I knew no one was drinking but this punk ass so called friend, as well as twenty-one year old and they could not leave others alone without starting something. So, off they both go peeling out in my driveway, and that pissed me off, and said to myself, that piece of shit ass punk bitch best never show up here again.
  Be damned here comes that damn black punk ass in his black pick up truck and went to the yard water hose. I said well, don’t want to listen to his wife, then maybe a few words from me will calm this down. I am slow as hell at having to get dressed and said hopefully they will be gone before I get out there. No such luck, I said what the fuck our you here on this damn property for. I don’t like disrespectful punk ass bastards tearing up my drive way. Can’t drive like a normal punk then stay the fuck out in the street. Of course grand kid said he was driving and did it, and was sorry. I then proceeded to say, I don’t want you ever on this property ever again. Told grand son he can go over to the punks house and see if his grand father wants to put up with his punk as crap. The punk tried to say he was sorry and all that other crap as if he really meant what he was saying. But, knowing punks as I do he was full of bullshit and I knew it, as well as he knew it. Finally grand son came said he was going to play basketball. Yea right as if I am also stupid. Hopefully they will both get picked up for just being punks, but I am sure it will be for far much more as one punk seems to have control over another. Fed up? Damn right I am and warned them I am not putting up with the crap any more. Think I made a great impression this time and sure the punk will stay clear from now on. Sure as hell better!


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