September 10, 2013  Finally the food stamp (S.N.A.P.) cuts in November & 2014!
                OLD MAN’S OPINION ON FOOD STAMPS or S.N.A.P.




  Just look at the amount these lazy people get and why they always vote for more and more because now they may be forced to get a real job or at lease two. Maybe? It’s still not a good enough cut in my opinion. Just like how all these so called poor people as they like to be called and their richer than those of us that have worked two or three jobs for the property that they own.
Because of owning property or even a car over a certain amount your not entitled to help unless you sell all that you worked for first. Who votes for all these give me’s? Everyone on welfare or s.n.a.p. as they call it today. You don’t really think home or property owners vote for all these damn tax increases for new schools, which are not needed. Cut the damn staff as there’s to much spent on useless people now. Teachers unions want and want.
So called poor or those on welfare s.n.a.p. own nothing so they have more votes to approve for higher taxes. Hell look at this 30% tax on weed? Foolish people, just foolish lazy people! Think not? Then look at what these people get. Hell, they live better than I do on my pension after over twenty-two years in one job field alone. With many part time jobs in between all those years. Now, drug test all these welfare s.n.a.p. and make even bigger cuts. After all these cuts are nothing since majority sell the food stamps s.n.a.p. for dollars for drugs and drinking and gambling.
A start but way too much free food is being given away to those on s.n.a.p. when they buy grade A meats that I can’t afford, sodas, candies, that should not be on welfare food stamps or s.n.a.p.


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