Killer murderer cop becomes chief of police? What’s a terrorist again…


September 9, 2013

I agree 100%. They truly do need to be stopped. Everybody remembers Coleman Shootamanintheback Brackney in Bella Vista right? Let me refresh your memories…. This demon, attempted to pull a man over, when the man failed to stop when this PUBLIC SERVANT wanted himto, he decided it would be a public service to shoot him from behind 7 times with an 8th follow up shot to the back of the head. I know right, what a servant he is. Well it took the state a YEAR to figure out there was no way of covering it up because it was such a blatant homicide… Turns out Brackney and His police Queef, i mean chief (notice i capitalized Queef, not chief, lol did it again !) Lied on the report saying the man tried to reverse over public SERVANT brackney, which the dash cam proved quite the opposite… guess what, that queef (chief) is still the queef (chief), ANND public SERVANT brackney got a whopping 30 days in jail and an expunged misdemeanor. LOL funny how that works huh…. ANNNND mr shootamanintheback brackney is now, drum roll please…………, police queef (chief) in Sulfur Springs. LOL

For the fool that says, “i bet your the first one to call the cops when you….. blah blah blah” let me tell you, I have spent years studying all categories of history, main research happens to be TYRANNY…. You know Stalin/Hitler etc… And there is no difference between the tyranny and demonic terrorism of their actions compared to the present day we live in.. THEREFORE, I’ll protect and serve myself, my family, my friends and my neighbors, WITH MY SECOND AMENDMENT. Quit ingesting sodium fluoride and wake the fuck up already! The system has fooled us all, and were in for the slaughter we deserve. America you have spent the last 50+ years being distracted by cool new shiny gadgets, that you failed to realize that the very elected IDIOTS that run this country were funding the slaughter of the Jews and worse, some of them are BLOOD relatives… The blatant tyranny that we see locally by the scum of the earth are hand picked by those very elite. When our officer’s are “tested”to be a SERVANT to the public, they can see by the results who’s a small penis control freak and the give them a fancy race car a badge a shit load of ammo, several firearms and say “good luck out there” as he races off in to the gang ran, hardcore streets of BELLA VISTA. I say no thanks, I READ the CONSTITUTION. OUR Forefathers died protecting this land from tyranny, so would I. OH, BTW, Chemtrail are real morons, have been for over 40 years… Google executive HR 2977.. Google world trade center 7 (THIRD TOWER THAT FELL, NO PLANE)…. Google operation Northwoods ( government false flag terrorist attacks ON AMERICANS by our government signed by the joint chiefs of staff) our government are the TERRORISTS. Don’t even think about debating me, I’ll win, Google those three topics and learn something new before you curl you lips at me… Peace. Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER. Soon it will be to late, and we will all realize the “Beast” was real after all. . .


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