What strange stories and gadgets this old man has and still see’s all the time! WOW!

                                                         September 9, 2013 More truths from The Old Man!
I see so many love me, we love each other more than anything in the world. I love her, I love him, I love her more than he loves me. I love him more than he loves me. Daily and almost always someone that probably arguing over what else. Money, jealously or whatever it is their is always one or both accusing one or the other or both of something that neither has control over. But, who are these people trying to prove to one another or everyone else that are love is real and the truth.
Great! but who are you really wanting to convince yourself s or everyone else in the family or is it a warning this is mine and stay away from him or her. Matters not the age either as even one of my ex’s does the same thing every so often. In fact I will start with myself on this, the difference is that I have nothing to prove after all my kids as well as even grand kids are all adults now. Just a few not because it was a surprise at forty plus that one of my kids would have another grand child as well as another great grand child a week apart.
At my age, I can only say thank the Almighty it is not me. Don’t get it wrong as I am a proud grandpa for sure. The idea that a son will be 18 when my son will be turning sixty. Yikes is what I have to say is all. That can and never thank the almighty is not me. I could never adjust at my age.
In fact I have seen so many murders by so many families just in this area because the so called adults are having babies and there not ready to even start. then I see others that handle this stress very well. My wife and even girl friends were young an well adjusted as we took turns on getting up with our kids. Never did we blame one or the other not ever being their for any of our kids. I always knew it had to be because the kid wanted mom more than dad. After all mom was the food source, but sometimes it was play time at 3 or 4 in the morning. Those times were dad’s turn so mommy could sleep before time to eat again. Babies make their own meal times.
One day I was watching my great grand kid and I was having as much fun as he was with playing finger tag or belly tag and seeing his eyes grab for this old man’s fingers was so much fun. Then all of a sudden I see this blur line appearing in the middle of his diaper. What the hell. After all in my days we took the dirty diapers and dumped the number two in the trash and hand washed the rest and placed all the diapers in what was called a baby diaper ( had to ask mom what that was, as could not re call what we did at the time) But, we would have a weeks worth of cloth diapers every week in that bucket for washing. Then we would re-use the diapers each and every time for the babies. The old days as my kid’s and grand kids call it as I did with my parents who still also used cloth diapers. But, I be dammed if that blur appearing line meant that the kid took a piss or a number two. Diapers to tell you it’s time to change your baby? What the hell.
You kids now days have the greatest discoveries than anyone. A diaper that tells you time for a change? Wow! We always could tell by how they cried or yelled when it was meal time or play time or diaper time. Each cry had a different meaning and we parents knew what each cry was for what. This old man was surprised and I suppose I should not have been after all they now have throw away everything now days. A waste of money, but a lot cleaner as well to just get a brand new diaper and throw the other away would have been so much fun today if we had such inventions. But, back in my time the radio was the family time for such things as Hop a long and the shadow or whatever other radio programs came on at a certain hour of the evening. We never had but one television station when we were finally able to afford that new invention called the television. Now, your able to carry your phone every place with you. We had phones that were called party lines , not like they are today which are party lines. Our phone ring was two shorts and a long when it was our car. Two shorts when it was some neighbors call and a long ring for another caller on your party line. We had real live people to place a long distance call and some calls took a day to get to you depending on where you were. Today, you call anyone at any time, of the day or night and you may be on the shitter and get a call and the phone is in your pocket or some on the wrist as a watch which also is a phone. Car phones were for really rich people and they were a regular phone that only a hand full of people had in my time. In fact I have one of those still in my junk pile of do Dada’s useless as even phone lines and systems change from one way to another.
I know I can’t stand people driving or even walking and talking. Hell, we always used the phone when we came home after work or a day of whatever. Never knew who called unless one of us were home to answer a call. then it was fun as I got my kids there own phone for their friends to call and we had our adult phone when they were teens. Not like today where everyone has a cell phone and talking at all times and maybe just a next door neighbor even. Today people message and text or use a computer and never see each other in person unless it’s over the computer or the cell phone. Worst or best thing ever invented? Depends on how they have affected your life. Many in a bad way and others in a good way. Now, you have phone numbers appearing on the television screen to let you know if you want to take the call or continue watching a television program. I just got that one a few weeks ago myself. Only because it was $10.00 a month for a two year contract. Hell, I think I can live another two years with no problem. Even if I don’t why would I care. But, this has been out for sometime and this old man just found out. All these gadgets just like this letter that I am typing on is a computer. Use to be called typewriters and still took time to get the message across town to someone and days across the United States and weeks to another country. Now, e-mail gets there in seconds depending on your server and who and what you are with speed of service. Hell if I don’t feel like reading a book or a letter, I just turn on my little lady voice and the computer or even television will read the letter or book to me. I can read so many books in a day now compared to one a day depending on the size of the book.
Doing a book report would be a whiz today is how I see it. I see class rooms that have a computer at everyone’s desk and they take these computers home with them to do what is called homework. Homework? I hated that, as we did it in pencil and normally number 2 pencil at that. We had to take tests using only a number 2 pencil as that was the only way that these machines could read your answer’s. yes, we had computers back then but they were state or college computers and for only certain people’s eyes to see as well as use. The computers in our newspaper office took up two stories and they were cables and wires and ten inch and twelve inch metal disks with words on them. These disks do what your little note books now have as small as 3″ disks. My first computer was a 300 baud one even slower than that, but took days and weeks to get a lot of stuff I was interested in at the time.
How the hell did I get from babies to all this crap? Well, easy as you kids today have so much to learn in a very short time and I am learning every day things I was never taught in school. Things that I am amazed to learn about even. Brain washing there called today and people are brain washed easy by all these machines controlled by others wanting to control others. Never seen how easy it was until I started doing it myself years ago. But, I have and still brain wash people the way I want to all the time. A lot of people say that is nuts and crazy. Really? If you only knew.
Secrets? Really is there anything a real secret any more or just to make you think there is a secret? All I will say is that we as Americans have no secrets to speak of, those of us that have been taught to control others, know just what to say and how to say it to make anyone do what you want them to do. Your told daily what to do and your also watched all the time. Did you know that anyone could see into your house anytime from any place? Yup, I was at a radar station once called Castle Air Force base as well as Stephenville, Newfoundland called Harmon air force base. We use to direct satellites into people’s homes to see what they were doing. Of course people never knew it but some things you see are what today people get into trouble with if they download such things. Believe me these photos are downloaded if you were having a sex affair or anything going on. We were able to see all sorts of things though those walls as if we were there in person. Believe we were and you never knew it. Now today, I wonder if anyone is watching this fat old man. If so, then wow, never knew I would be so interesting. As when we were younger and just pee on’s in the service of our country we wanted to see what else. Don’t have to tell you but we wished. lol
An Area 51 and such other things are so funny. Yes, been there also in my military days, and laugh whenever I come across such things on the computer. Secrets? You want to know the truth, your able to get it anytime if able to keep that little mind open and learn. After all a blue stripe on a baby diaper. That was something I never knew until just a few days ago. Not news to many of you younger people, but you had the need to know and always felt it’s been there. I never had the need to know and didn’t get to know until a blue line started to appear. Maybe after reading in between the lines you are getting the message that it’s on the need to know, but if your interested then your able to get the answer. Secret spies planes drones and so on. Hell, I am still looking to catch my first bee drone and clip it’s wings and place it in someones home so the need to know people will be able to watch what ever goes on there. Get the message yet?
Secret cameras? I have every one of those as many know, or at lease the babysitters of Bentonville Sheriff’s department does as they are laughed at still all across the country as the stupid things they try to pull on people. No, I am not a favorite of there’s but believe it or not never broke a law in my life and end up going to jail over whatever there able to dream up. They wonder how I can afford what I have and tell you one thing nothing costs if able to make em yourself and knowledge is great with computers. My funniest was the ass of the deputy looking under my bed. Oh I was outside with a gun swing back and forth as a reminder that we are under control. They never knew that I was in control at all times and still am as I write this. People asked why I was the only one not hand cuffed. Well, I told them no way, and they heard me in their minds. Believe it or not. Four cars then a fifth all for what? Giving out two citations for weed. Of course those that got the citations are pleading no contest or guilty to get over and done with. What would I do? Well if someone fines me a five foot coke bottle as I want so badly, I will get real weed from friends in California or Mexico and show you what real true weed is and even same on some of these heart and blood pressure pills I take daily. One of my doctors stated with the attorney general giving up on weed wars with the states it will be legal in all states soon. the police gangs are very unhappy as this was a great money maker not to mention over half if not more people are in prison for selling or using weed. A weed that grow wild once and now raised by just about everyone. But, I would fight this in a court of law if I was doing something in my own home to myself only. But, that is where I am different than many of you as I know what my rights are. There not to be controlled by people with badges that think they are more powerful than I am. As one day we all go back the same as we came into this world naked and with nothing!
Well, been up again for past few days and it’s  4 am so time for some breakfast. Hmm what should I have? Remember send donations as I do use them and you be surprised for what?
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