If chosen for Jury Duty, then use that power that you have in your hands as a juror!

                                        September 8, 2013  YOU HAVE POWERS AS A JUROR!

                               Letter: Be aware of your rights as a potential juror or defendant


If you are called to be on a criminal jury, knowing your rights in the process will help.

In the U.S. justice system, a jury is our chance as citizens to have a final say regarding a law under which a defendant is being charged.

We are empowered by the Constitution to judge both the law and evidence in question to protect ourselves from unjust or corrupt laws that are passed and from enforcers who might use the law wrongfully.

In our judicial system of checks and balances, this is the people’s opportunity to condone or nullify the application of a law.

You will not be told of your jury rights in a courtroom with the current system. We, the people, traditionally and ideally, hold the power over civil servants through our votes. Like in business, it is not up to a worker to inform their boss what workplace procedures are.

It is up to us as citizens to go to jury duty fully informed. No one will be able to instruct, coerce or bully your decision and verdict to become a guilty one as easily if your sound judgment is to nullify and vote not guilty.

It is important we know our rights as citizens, not only as prospective jurors, but also as prospective defendants in a trial. You could be on trial for anything like being accused of a victimless crime or for defending one’s self against a corrupt law enforcer, etc. Your key to a fair trial would be the jurors knowing their rights and about jury nullification.

For more information to view and share, please visit http://www.fija.org. Awareness will boost your confidence in times of deliberation pressures.



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