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<script src=”; type=”text/javascript” data-cfasync=”false”></script><a href=”; class=”rpuThumb” rel=”norewrite”><img src=”//″ style=”float:left;margin-right:10px;” /></a><a href=”; class=”rpuTitle” rel=”norewrite”><strong>Feds Seeking To Silence The Media Over Barrett Brown, After They Locked Him Up For Posting A Link</strong></a> (via <a href=”; class=”rpuHost” rel=”norewrite”>Techdirt</a>)<p class=”rpuSnip”>
We’ve covered the immensely troubling case against Barrett Brown a few times here. Brown is the journalist and activist who was arrested on a series of highly questionable charges, mostly focused on taking the astounding step of copying a URL pointing&hellip;
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