‎ Monday, ‎September ‎02, ‎2013
Last day for Labor Day, for at lease those having to go back to work tomorrow on Tuesday, September 3, 2013.
Still thousands out of work, and seeking work that will at lease feed their families. Hopefully time will be able to put everyone back to work but for some reason with this leader in office it doesn’t look too promising at all.
In fact those with forty hour jobs will probably be cut to less than thirty hours with the Obama care that is to take effect. A lot of people I have spoken with see this medical rip off plan as nothing more than stealing from all Americans. After all those of us that can’t paid the $200.00 a month for a medical plan will also be fined each month a $100.00 from their income as a fine. Many people will find it’s easier to pay the fine each month than the two hundred dollars for medical care, especially if your one of those that don’t get sick very often.
No matter who you are, the main people that this will hurt will be all small business people that will be forced to cut the forty hour week in order to have the employee pay for their own medical insurance. Those bigger business, will have to cut back on employee’s hours in order to afford the plan. Meaning no one will be able to maintain a livable wage.
Then of course we have Congress coming back to decide if the Black house will attack the people of Syria with missiles to kill more people. The black house is leaving it up to Congress? Only after Britain said no, sir Mr. Obama your black house has fooled us before because of your greed, but not this time. Britain knows that America steals and wants only fake money meaning the USA dollar be the only fake money that the world can use to buy and sell Oil.
After Syria then the last country we need to destroy as well as control or steal from will be Iran. A country that has not had a war with anyone in the world for aoo’s of years. But, the USA is making up stories just to prepare for that countries destruction after Syria. What will the out come be in a few weeks?
No one knows as this coward of the Black house president is so weak that he doesn’t even know what to do, and now whats to set up Congress to blame for any actions if any taken.
As for this last day a couple of my grand kids were driving their Go-Cart all around this area for fun and sport as shown here. As well as a friend of theirs that is not shown and of course the one grand kid that took the photo of his cousin to avoid being shown as well. But, each of you know as to why as to who is not shown because of………
All and all after the turmoil of this three day weekend, things are coming to a close. How I ever made it if unbelievable with all that I had to do on a Sunday and discuss of stupid ass people that were happy to see me broke down as well as having the courage to yell fuck you, but kept going when I showed them I was there and be men to come back after all I could go no place. But, as normal for this area the gray piece of shit truck with boarded sides moved on as most yellow cowards do. Then finally a tow truck arrived and took me to a tire repair center for $88.00, in which I had to call another grand son to loan me $20.00, as I was short. As well told I had a couple tires still in need of replacement as wires were showing. At lease tomorrow my payday is tomorrow, but have a doctors appointment as well early in the morning, hopefully the tires will hold up until after doctor then going to get them replaced afterwards.
Eventful three days it has been for sure for all of us. I am sure just as much for many others from the listening of the news search, and a lot of unhappiness across the USA in worst than what I experienced.
Isn’t it amazing how we are all drawn to the rants and raves bullshit? As humans, we thrive on the negative, flocking to it like bugs to a zapper. Does it really make our day any better knowing that another idiot cut someone off on 540? Reality check…that shit happens every day, nothing new. Do we feel better about the almost collision if a bunch of total strangers know what happened? If we do then that’s just sad. So you have an opinion about whether some guy deserves a handout or not, you’re entitled to it. But when the dust settles you either don’t help him out or you do. Some post that we SHOULD help him out but then do nothing. Which is worse? Oh hell, just opened up the bug zapper there, R&R has already been down that road. My point is, it doesn’t matter what the topic is, it’s the lure towards the conflict that keeps us all here. It is hardwired into our beings from youth, sports or anything else that promotes opposition. And then there’s always someone who is suffocating in their conspiracy theory lifestyles. Everything that goes on has a hidden meaning or alternate agenda for them. The governmental powers that be are out to personally destroy everything that hold sacred. Prison camps, martial law and a million other things. These people never stop to take a breath before moving on to the next NWO atrocity.
Recap: we thrive on the negative, admit it. In all fairness though, we have to break it down. This is called Rants & Raves, right? But what does that mean?

Rant: (1)to talk in a noisy, excited or declamatory manner. (2) to scold vehemently to utter in a bombastic declamatory fashion (1A) a bombastic extravagant speech or language (2) a rousing good time.

Rave: (1A) to talk irrationally in or as if in delirium, (B) to speak out wildly, (C) to talk with extreme enthusiasm (2) to move or advance violently; to utter in madness or frenzy

If everyone on Rants & Raves praised someone or something then half of us would move on, wouldn’t we? Admit it people! We feed on the dirty laundry.

“BBW means fat. If you’re fat, say you’re fat.”
Who the hell cares, I mean, seriously? The same person bitching would post in casual encounters using the term HWP (height weight proportionate.) Does that mean you’re fat or not? If you’ve got a problem with someone using 3 letters to describe themselves then how hypocritical are you for doing the same? Some of us are overweight, yes, some of us are not. That’s life, it is what it is. It’s food for the Rants & Raves section of Craigslist. Just another thing for us to bitch about and feel like our voices have made a difference. Maybe they have … maybe they have not, who knows? Who cares? None one does. It’s more important for the conflict to take place than for anyone to be right. Anyone agree with me? Oh hell, there I go sounding like I’m wanting to be right. Just an observation followed by a statement, that’s all. So …..after all of the typing…. what have I accomplished? Absolutely nothing! Aside from keeping your attention this long. You’ve made it this far, you’re obviously committed to finishing the post. “No I’m not!” you say. True, but hang with me just a little bit longer because I’ll end it with something awesome. Don’t take this site too serious. Don’t allow your daytime thoughts to be consumed with any of the negative bullshit that you read here. Focus on something positive that will ACTUALLY make a difference in someone’s life, maybe even your own. Don’t be so dam quick to pull the focus towards your ‘Greatness’ stepping on someone else the whole time. There, something awesome. Now I’ll do what many of you have already audibly voiced to your monitors ….”STFU”. Thanks for hanging with me til the end. Peace!
Obama has faced resistance to the proposed strike both internationally and domestically, but France has backed the American position. On Monday, the French government released its own intelligence estimate, concluding that the Assad regime launched the attack involving “massive use of chemical agents” and could carry out other strikes of a similar nature in the future. The confirmed death toll cited in the French estimate – based in part from dozens of videos culled by French intelligence services – was at least 281, lower than the American toll.

Assad dismissed the findings from both countries.

“It is for those who are making the accusations to provide the proof. We have challenged the United States and France to put forward a single proof. Obama and Hollande have been unable to do so, even to their own people. … I’m not at all suggesting that the Syrian army does or does not possess such weapons. Let’s suppose that our army wishes to use WMD: is it really going to do so in an area where it is actually present and where soldiers have been wounded by these weapons, as the UN inspectors found during their visit to the hospital where they were being treated? Where is the logic in that?”

U.N. chemical inspectors toured the stricken areas last week, collecting biological and soil samples, but it is not clear when they will present their findings.
A multiday electronic music festival that drew tens of thousands of people to Randalls Island over Labor Day weekend was canceled on Sunday, its last day, after city officials said two concertgoers had died and at least four others had fallen critically ill during the first two days of the event, known as the Electric Zoo.Both deaths were consistent with use of the drug MDMA, also known as Ecstasy or molly.


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