August 31, 2013 Old man’s reaction to bombing this September 2013-IS it worth it?
Well, I am sure most of the people in the United States under ocntrol of the Blackhouse, is waatching to see when the bombs start flying to kill thousand upon thousands of innocent people as well as destroy another country. But, is this the beginning of WWW three (3)? All because we refuse to allow the American dollar to be destroyed by any one country. All for oil as I have stated for over many years now. Russia sending subs at this minute and to stop any attacks? Will Russia protect or watch? So many questions that won’t be answered until The Black Leader in the Black house makes his move. Will this Black Leade Obama make that move? John Kerry said there is no question. Federal bankers the rulers of the Black house state there is no question. IMMINENT is no question. So, then what will be the out come. If see bombs flying on CNN then I suggest everyone to fill your gas tanks now. Stock your food supplies and prepare for a future that you never ever seen or dreamed of! Today is the last day of the month. Will The Black house leader Obama wish to start a couple days before September or on 09/01/2013. What will China decide to do? Syria once stopped, then Iran is the last of the ones to be removed. Iran has never had any war in how many hundrds of years? But, there also wanting to do away with the American dollar for oil! America can not allow he dollar not to be the Petro dollar. You know why, and if you don’t then your about to find out why! When you use useless paper for something thata you need, then you don’t want others to destroy your gains or deception.
Who used chemical weapons or poison gas? Ever think CIA has done this to start the ball rolling. Will we allow this missles to fly now or not? Questions and more questions. Congress can take 60 days, will Obama wait? Britian states there is not enough proof, and not joining. France is joining. France? The cowards of the world?

Citizens (SHEEP) of any western country actually join the armed forces/military and help these fuckers destroy the world under the pretense of protecting everybody from evil, especially when the evil comes from their own people.

I DON’T THINK OUR generation is gonna survive WWW3 its deadly.
Now Russia sending Anti Sub Ships over, say they’re going to protect Syria. O’boy it’s real close to The poop hitting the fan. This is like The Cuban Missile Crisis all over again.


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