Feds Approve Marijuana Legalization Laws!

                              August 30.2013 Fed’s state there no longer after states!
                                Feds Approve Marijuana Legalization Laws!
Smoke pot is legal as long as for personal use is what the federal Government states. Now, up to each state as to how they wish to do about it. All fifty states will agree soon even back woods
Arkansas. Weed pot Mary Jane is not a criminal offense so Arkansas what is your stand?
In addition to failing to protect vulnerable patients, Arkansas legislators missed a chance to free up officers’ time to focus on crimes with victims. In 2011, there were 5,665 marijuana arrests reported by state law enforcement. Of those arrests, 89% were for marijuana possession. During the same year, law enforcement solved only 9.3% of all motor vehicle thefts and 8.9% of all burglaries, including home invasions. Law enforcement should stop wasting time on marijuana-related offenses and use its resources to stop real crime.
“We applaud the Department of Justice and other federal agencies for its thoughtful approach and sensible decision. It is time for the federal government to start working with state officials to develop enforcement policies that respect state voters, as well as federal interests. The next step is for Congress to act. We need to fix our nation’s broken marijuana laws and not just continue to work around them.”
Anyone that has been cited for using or having on their bodies any weed, should plead NOT GUILTY if you really believe it helps you in your lively hood or daily living! Take it all the way to the highest court as the federal courts won’t listen any long to private use. Read up and fight for your rights to use what you want. Fight for yourself! Don’t fear anyone that states it is the law when it’s for revenue more than anything else. Besides see that it is easier for badge wearers not to do their jobs as hired for from above. Of course we all know Arkansas law enforcement are lazy as well as thugs. Fight back against these thugs as the fed’s are tired and now decide with all the citizens of America!




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