August 29, 2013 How many innocent people are jailed daily!

August 29, 2013 How many innocent people are jailed daily!
A person would wonder how many innocent people this bad cop ruined-even though he was finally brought to some justice- that’s the problem- not all bad cops are bad all the time, some even stack up a neat pile of positive achiement type recommendations to neutralize complainers. That Jekyl/Hyde routine can work for a cop for a long time until enough complaints pile up-and some people are afraid to say anything at all, so bad behavior can go on for years and never be addressed.
Copblocking in the NYC – The Police Accountability Tour Is In Town
WikiLeaks spokesperson, Kristinn Hrafnsson, joined us live to discuss WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, David Miranda, The Guardian and much more. We’re live every Thursday either one-on-one or a larger debate but we’re open to your suggestions so please do leave a comment below and let us know who you’d like to see on Truthloader and what you’d like us to discuss.
What’s it like Inside a Texas Prison



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