We talk about the history of the terrorist jihad

Aug 27, 2013
Ayssar Midani, a French Syrian citizen and political activist, joins us from Damascus to talk about the latest developments in Syria. We talk about the history of the terrorist jihad i insurgency in the country and their prior use of chemical weapons, the latest attack and claims of satellite evidence proving that the attack was not launched by government officials, and the likely consequences of a US-led strike on the country.
US Fascist Imperialist policy both supports & fights All CIA Duh, calling them rebels, or terrorists, according to political expediency. The non representational US “government” is an Establishment Crime Syndicate, using False Flag propaganda to destroy human rights & liberties, domestically & abroad. Americans who know what’s really happening don’t want any of this madness! Downtrodden, middle class Americans want TRUTH, PEACE, LIBERTY & JUSTICE! If we scream for HELP, who hears us? Not US Gov.


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